What Every Yoga Studio Needs

Whether you’re opening a yoga studio, revamping your existing space or have had a studio for some time, it’s critical to keep the necessary supplies on hand. Buy the right tools and products to ensure your clients feel supported and welcome.

The Essential Yoga Supplies

You need the proper supplies to lead safe and comfortable yoga sessions. Every yoga studio needs:

  • Mats: While many people who walk through your doors will have their own mats, newbies might not have their own or may not even realize mats are necessary. Choose simple mats in different colors to have extras on hand if someone needs a mat or forgets their own.
  • Accessories like yoga straps, blocks and bolsters: While not every class will require them, keep plenty of these accessories on hand. A backup supply of these items allows you to lead a wider variety of sessions, from beginner classes to more advanced sessions.
  • Cushions: Meditation cushions are also excellent items to keep nearby because they offer added support for meditation and sitting at the beginning of classes. Some studios choose regular cushions for these uses.
  • Yoga towels: You can use yoga towels to wipe down mats and other surfaces or roll them up for added support. Towels can double as yoga blankets to keep practitioners comfortable after a session or clean them up during a cool down. In your studio washrooms, extra towels add a luxury feel to your space. While many people attending a class at your studio might bring their own gear, they often forget a towel, so keeping some on hand is vital.

The Importance of Yoga Towels

Some yoga studios overlook towels or order too few. You should keep an eye on your towel supply and buy more than you think you need, especially if you offer Bikram yoga or hot yoga. In those sessions, you’ll need extra towels to help wipe down surfaces to prevent slipping.

Even if you don’t offer hot yoga, any intense yoga session can mean sweating, and towels help keep everyone comfortable. If you provide communal mats, many people will want to set down a towel over the mat for hygiene purposes. Towels also offer extra cushioning on a mat for another layer of comfort.

While your yoga studio can use any towels, yoga towels offer unique advantages. Yoga towels fit perfectly over yoga mats and stick, so practitioners can safely use the mat with confidence. These towels are also made with sweat-wicking fabric to keep yoga users comfortable and clean.

Buy Yoga Studio Supplies Wholesale

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