Bring the Salon Home to Your Bathroom!


All of life’s myriad ups and down can do a real number on your body. Between shuffling kids around, pulling late hours hunched in front of a computer screen, partying a little too hard or getting back into the slog of the daily trip to the gym — sometimes we simply can’t find the time to treat ourselves well. Enter the spa, the ultimate relaxation haven, where you can scrub and buff and massage your stresses away. But, sometimes little things like, oh, you know, time and money, get in the way and we forget to make an appointment. Who doesn’t like to just kick back and be pampered after a long week at the office? What if you could recreate the best parts of the spa within your very own home?

Maybe you’re a spa junkie who just can’t get enough of the facials, scrubs, and those perfectly toasted towels. Or maybe you just want to upgrade your shower experience, with the kind of details that make cleaning up feel more like an event than a chore. Either way, save yourself a little time and money, and get stocked up on the spa goods. We all know the importance of balance in our lives, but how many of us actually put it into practice? Set aside an hour after work, or a few this weekend and kick back at home with some serious spa treatments, guaranteed to recharge those internal batteries and give you a good night’s sleep when all’s said and done.

We’ve put together a guide to the best at-home salon essentials, from surprising beauty finds from the kitchen to candles and oils right down to the tunes and towels. It’s clear you need to relax, so let’s go ahead and commit to the whole spa thing once and for all.

The Essentials

To recreate the feeling of your favorite salon or spa in the comfort of your own home, you’ll want to upgrade a little. Aim to make your bathroom feel like a serene oasis, this can be done with small tweaks like a new shower curtain or some high-end soaps, or a full blown remodel touching on everything from the tile to the sconces.


 Whatever your budget, here’s a few things that’ll take your bathroom from blah to spa (sorry, not sorry).

  • Towels — First things first. Above all else, you’ll want to upgrade your bathroom towels ASAP. No high-end salon skimps on the towels, so why should you? Think fluffy white for the classic spa experience. Maybe even throw in a matching bathrobe, plush hand towels and a luxurious bath mat to match. Not sure what towels to get? Stock up on wholesale salon towels, so you’ll always be well supplied.
  • Flowers — Or really any kind of greenery. An extra touch of a live plant really brightens up a room and adds a refreshing scent to the air. A few potted plants or cut flowers go a long way. Furthermore, they won’t break the bank. Even if you thumb isn’t especially green, many plants, like orchids, do well in humid environments like the bathroom.
  • Heated Towel Rack — This sounds like something you think you don’t need, that perhaps it comes along with the kind of house with fountains out front and perhaps the kind of built-in spas that rival the famous bathhouses of antiquity. But hear us out, especially on winter days, nothing keeps the spa momentum going like a toasty towel after a hot bath or shower.
  • Showerhead — Invest in a nice showerhead, preferably one with good water pressure. While a bath tends to represent the ultimate in relaxation, sometimes a shower is all you have time for. Here are several options at varying prices, so you can get the most bang for whatever buck you have.
  • Essential Oils — Essential oils are a real spa, ahem…essential. Available in just about every scent on the planet, essential oils can be used to pump up everything from massage oils and lotions, to exfoliating scrubs. Not to mention, they’re the perfect way to make your bathroom smell a bit more like an invigorating spa and less like a bleachy mix of cheap shampoo and soap scum.

Though it might be a touch more expensive, try to invest in “natural” essential oils rather than synthetic, as those extracted from real plants offer benefits to your skin, and even stimulate cell growth. One way to reap the benefits of natural essential oils in your own home spa is to fill a bowl with hot water, then add a few drops of your favorite oil — tea tree, for example is a natural cleanser and can help clear up problem skin. Grab a washcloth and soak it in the mixture, and then press the washcloth to your face and neck for about 5 minutes. You’ll be absolutely glowing after just one soak. One thing to note, never apply undiluted essential oils directly to your skin. They can be rather potent and may cause a burning sensation on sensitive skin.


Now that we’ve established a list of basics to bring your bathroom up to speed, here are a few things that will make your bathroom really feel like your favorite salon or spa.


Set the tone for your home spa with a lineup of beautiful, scented candles. They’ll provide an extra layer of relaxation with warm romantic lighting without breaking the bank — though price is contingent whether you want soy candles, standard tea lights or anything in between. Go for soothing scents like lavender or mint, or for a more energizing feel, opt for citruses like orange, lemon or grapefruit. If you’re worried about the flammability factor, try reusable battery-powered candles. Sure, they’re missing your favorite smells, but add some essential oils to the scene and you’ve got a spa situation you can reuse any time — not to mention no worries about kicking over candles and lighting your house on fire.


Part of that spa ambience is those oh-so subtle sounds playing faintly in the background, and there’s good reason for that! Music is known for its ability to slow down the mind and relax the body, decreasing your heart rate as you listen. And per the advice we all know in our hearts (but generally ignore), relaxation has powerful health benefits. So adding some subtle tunes to the spa mix provides more than just that extra bit of spa-authenticity.

Relaxing sounds aid in serotonin production, which boosts moods, alleviates anxious feelings, naturally lowers blood pressure, and gives you a sense of happiness. Try something with a slower beat, or even relaxation sounds like white noise, ocean sounds or recorded rain. You probably have a good sense of what kind of music relaxes you best, but if you really want to find your optimal relaxation playlist, try checking your pulse as you listen to different music. If you find it speeds up with certain songs, you might want to add those to your workout playlist. On the other hand, if your pulse slows, you’ve got yourself a winner! Check out relaxation playlists on Spotify, or one of many white noise applications.

Step Up Your Hydration Game

Remember to hydrate. Your skin will thank you — you know how you always roll your eyes when celebrities say the secret to great skin is drinking “tons of water.” Well sure, they have a team of expert groomers on hand at all times, but don’t don’t dismiss the power of good-old-fashioned H2O so quick. Drinking 8-10 glasses a day helps keep your system clean, as well as preserving skin and lips from getting dry and cracked — which of course, is responsible for maintaining that youthful glow. Take your water game to the next level by infusing it with your choice of fruits and vegetables. Refreshing cucumbers are always a hit. Or try some alkalizing lemon with mint. Cut up some fresh berries, watermelon, herbs from the backyard or whatever other seasonal fare strikes your fancy. If you’re really feeling contrarian and water’s not your jam, sip some green or herbal tea. It’ll calm your nerves and really bring the spa environment home.


Soaps and Shower Gels

With soaps and body wash, pick the scents that make you feel the most relaxed, and don’t just settle for a multi-pack of bar soap. Try Dr. Bronner’s soap if you prefer going natural — it comes in a variety of scents like peppermint and lavender. Despite its no-nonsense packaging and multi-functionality, it’s a great addition to the home-spa of your dreams. For a classic shower gel that smells clean and crisp, try Philosophy Pure Grace Shower Gel


Your face is a whole ‘nother beast, and needs to be treated with a bit more care than the rest of your body. The skin on your face is thinner, and needs to handled with a gentle touch. Take a fresh washcloth or salon towel and soak it in hot water. Wring it out and apply to your face. Use either a few drops of essential oils or a gentle cleanser (we like Boscia’s Detoxifying Black Cleaner or Neutrogena Deep Clean Cream Cleanser), and drape over your face. The steam will open up your pores.


Okay, sometimes you’re trying to squeeze in a little spa quality pampering in a short time frame, but if you ask us, you’re missing the spa experience if you skip the facial mask. Whether you DIY it or go for something on the luxurious end of the spectrum, a weekly mask is an amazing tune up for your face.

Try Kiehl’s Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mask, which contains skin soothers like aloe vera, kaolin and bentonite clays to get rid of blackheads and excess oil. If you’re looking for a bit of a moisture boost try, Glamglow’s Thirsty Mud Treatment. This mask helps brighten skin and gives it instant hydration.

If you’d like to skip the Sephora run, or want something both affordable and natural — try luxurious, rich ingredients like yogurt, avocado and oatmeal. Here’s a few mask options that only require a short walk to the kitchen.

Whatever mask you choose, rinse with cool water and follow up with a moisturizer of choice.

Borrowed from the Kitchen

Not a big planner? Think you need to spend a fortune on beauty products? Wrong. Some of the best beauty treatments don’t come cloaked in lavender or in fancy bottles with French-sounding names. We’ve rounded up some staples straight from the pantry that’ll take your plain-old bathroom to tranquil spa retreat in no time at all.

  • Baking soda — For more than just cookies and cakes, add just a cup or two to a hot bath to give skin a special softness. Perfect if you only have time for a quick recharge in the spa.
  • Epsom Salt — A real bath time staple, add to a hot bath just like the baking soda. Epsom salts are perfect for easing aches and pains, as well as healing bruises, sprains and tired, sore joints. Additionally, they work great as a natural detox, drawing out excess water and toxins to keep you healthy. Just remember to drink plenty of water afterwards, as the detox process tends to dehydrate the system.
  • Oatmeal — This perfect whole grain breakfast item does more than keep you full through lunch time. Add oatmeal to baths or mix or make a classic at-home facial mask. Either way, you’ll exfoliate and soothe tired skin at the same time.
  • Olive Oil — The healthy fats in olive oil give dried out skin, hair and nail beds a new lease on life. Upgrade your bath by adding a hefty dose to make your skin deliciously soft and moisturized, and yes maybe a little bit savory.
  • Coffee — Your morning brew has a newfound purpose. Mix some leftover coffee grounds with a little brown sugar and your choice of oil for an invigorating scrub, that’ll eliminate any excess cells.
  • Coconut Oil — A sweeter smelling alternative to olive oil, this all-purpose powerhouse is perfect for the kind of dry damaged hair you aren’t quite ready to part with. Add to your bath for extra silky skin, or rub on those elbows that are starting to look more gator than human,
  • Honey — Sticky, sweet honey is an unlikely candidate for clearing clogged pores. But don’t write it off, honey has anti-bacterial properties that help banish unsightly blemishes and soothe sensitive skin.


Of course, we can’t promise to fix your life, clear your calendar or find a babysitter so you can sit back and enjoy the slow, sweet ride that is the home spa. Perhaps you have some other ideas that make your spa the perfect place for you to unwind after a long week. Whatever your situation, get to it, it’s time to treat yourself, or at least turn your bathroom into the salon sanctuary of your dreams.

If you’re in the market for towels that bring the salon experience home, help recreate your favorite spa, or just for an upgrade to something a little bit fluffier, check out Towel Super Center, where you’ll find the right towel for every situation. We’ve got you covered, no pun intended.

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