Best Towels for Your Face and Body

Every time you use a towel, you rub whatever is on that towel onto your skin. While keeping your towels clean and dry is key, you also want to ensure you’re using the right type of towel for your face and body. That’s right — using specific towels made of certain materials is the best way to protect your skin. In other words, it’s time to leave behind that one towel you use for showers, washing your face and drying your hands.

Let’s take a look at the best towels and washcloths for your face and body.

What’s the Difference Between Face and Body Towels?

Should you dry your face with a towel? This is a common question, and the answer is generally no. That’s because the kinds of towels you use to dry your face and body need to accomplish different abilities.

For instance, you likely want your washcloth to be gentle against your face, as your facial skin is most delicate. However, you might also want washcloths with exfoliating capabilities to remove dead skin cells. On the other hand, a body towel must be soft yet absorbent, as you’ll use it to dry off most of your body.

Additionally, using different towels for your face and body is also a matter of cleanliness. By only using dedicated towels to dry your face after washing it or remove your makeup before doing your skin care routine, you can ensure you’re not transferring germs from your body to your face. Keeping your face and body towels separate from one another is helpful to ensure your skin stays clean.

Best Towels for Your Face

A towel that is made fully or partially out of cotton is best for washing your face. This material makes for the best face towels for a number of reasons, including:

  • Affordability: Because cotton is such a widely used material, you won’t have to break the bank to afford quality cotton washcloths.
  • Comfortability: A cotton face towel is ideal for sensitive skin. For people with textile contact dermatitis, where they experience a skin reaction when touching certain fibers, cotton has proven to be non-irritating in most cases. Choosing a cotton washcloth will ensure you’re as gentle as possible with your skin.
  • Absorbency: The fibers inside of cotton towels make them incredibly absorbent, so you can easily dry your face after washing it.

Ultimately, the best kind of washcloth for your face is one that will quickly dry your face without causing irritation.

Best Material for Washcloths 

The best material for your washcloth depends on what you’re using your washcloth for and what kind of skin you have. As stated, the best kinds of towels for your face are made of cotton, as they’re super gentle. However, you may want to exfoliate your face using a washcloth or purchase washcloths for use on your body.

Here are a few considerations to make when choosing washcloths.

Best Washcloths for Sensitive Skin

If you have sensitive skin, look for washcloths that are hypoallergenic and made of low-linting cotton material.

Often, sensitive skin can be allergic to the different chemicals that might be used to make a washcloth. That’s why choosing the most gentle material possible is crucial. The skin on your face is delicate, so you want to treat it with care. A hypoallergenic material such as cotton is perfect for sensitive skin. Furthermore, low-linting cotton material results in less material that can grab onto germs.

Because the skin on your face is more sensitive than the skin on your body, look for washcloths made of 100% Aegean cotton, which is a version of Turkish cotton. While Turkish cotton is perfect for body towels, you’ll find that Aegean cotton specifically is a wonderful option for your face.

Aegean cotton features strong, fluffy fibers that get softer over time and won’t split or break as easily as other forms of cotton. Aegean cotton is also absorbent, and its lack of synthetic fibers and chemicals is ideal for sensitive skin. This type of cotton dries quickly so germs don’t have time to accumulate amongst the moisture of the wet washcloth.

Best Washcloths for Exfoliating

If you’re looking to use a washcloth for exfoliating your face or body, you should choose a material that dries quickly — and microfiber is the perfect option. This is the best washcloth material for exfoliating, as it’s capable of holding quite a bit of weight, so it’s great for soaking up any excess oil your skin may have. The texture of a microfiber cloth is just rough enough to buff away dead skin cells while not irritating your skin.

Best Towels for Your Body

A soft and absorbent towel is best for use on your body. For example, Turkish cotton and micro cotton are great choices for drying off after a relaxing bath or shower.

  • Turkish cotton: Turkish cotton towels are soft, lightweight and absorbent. These towels also dry quickly, which is perfect for when you step out of the bath or shower soaking wet. The best aspect of Turkish cotton towels is that they become fluffier and more absorbent as they’re washed, which means their quality will only improve over time.
  • Micro cotton: These towels are made differently than standard cotton towels. A micro cotton towel is spun using a process where the loops aren’t twisted. The untwisted loops of a micro cotton towel are softer and more absorbent than a regular cotton towel’s loops, which ultimately result in a towel with a much quicker drying time.

Either option will serve as a wonderful body towel — soft and fluffy with high absorbent abilities.

Best Material for Towels

When choosing towels for the rest of your body, you usually have a wider variety of options. However, you’ll likely find that the best material for the skin on your body is cotton, just like for your face.

As stated, towels made with cotton are best for the body, as they can absorb moisture quickly and dry just as fast. As a result, you won’t be stuck with permanently wet towels that make your bathroom smell. Additionally, cotton towels are soft and fluffy, making for a truly luxurious bathroom experience.

If you have sensitive skin on your body or deal with a skin condition like eczema, cotton towels are naturally hypoallergenic, so they shouldn’t irritate your skin.

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