How to Fold Hooded Baby Towels

As a new parent, you may feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless number of baby care products, wondering which items are essential and which you can go without. Hooded baby towels are an excellent item to put on your list. Learn why these are so helpful to new parents, how to fold them and how to make them yourself with this step-by-step guide. 

Why Do Babies Need Hooded Towels? 

Though it may seem excessive to get newborn baby towels if you already have some, there are benefits to having towels specifically for your baby. Firstly, babies have sensitive skin, and regular bath towels can be too rough and heavy for them. By design, towels made for babies are much softer and gentler, consisting of materials like terrycloth.

Additionally, consider how exhausting parenting a newborn can be, especially in terms of laundry. Babies soil things frequently, so hooded baby towels’ smaller size will help keep your laundry loads from becoming insurmountable. Having a dedicated set of baby towels will allow you to keep your baby’s laundry separate from the rest.

How to Make a Hooded Baby Towel

Though you can purchase manufactured hooded baby towels in stores and online, some parents find it satisfying to make them themselves. Learn how to make a DIY project with this simple hooded baby towel pattern. You will need: 

  • Terry cotton cloth bath towel and hand towel
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Pins
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine

Step 1

If your original towel has any tags, cut them off. Fold the towel lengthwise with the longest sides touching at the edges. 

Step 2

Measure a strip of ribbon that is just a little bit longer than the hand towel’s longest side. 

Step 3

Place the ribbon on the edge of the hand towel, leaving approximately one inch of space between the ribbon and the edge. Pin the ribbon to the towel, only through the top layer. 

Step 4

Unfold the hand towel and attach the ribbon using a sewing machine. Stitch the ribbon along both sides, following along and keeping as close to the edge as possible without going over. 

Step 5

Fold the hand towel in the opposite direction. Touch the short sides together on the edges while keeping the ribbon on the inside. 

Step 6

Pin the long sides together. Try your best to keep the stitching approximately a quarter-inch away from the finished, manufactured edge of the towel. If done correctly, there should be a pocket where the short sides touch. 

Step 7

Cut the finished edges off the pocket’s sides. Be cautious not to cut through your stitches. Turn the hand towel right side out, so the ribbon is on the outside. Straighten out the towel flat on your working area. 

Step 8

Fold the towel into thirds by folding the far right side in and bringing the left side over that. Evenly align the edges. Turn the towel and refold it along the center seams. Bring the top down to form a triangle, which will be the hood. 

Step 9

Position the hood on the center of the bath towel and overlap the edges by approximately one and a half inches. Pin the hood to the towel. 

Step 10

Sew along the hood’s bottom edge. Ensure your seams have at least a quarter-inch edge of the fabric on the left side of the seams while you sew. The hood should be on the right side of the sewing needle while the towel is to the left. 

Step 11

Once you have sewn one side, flip the towel over and pin the bath towel flap to the back of the hood. Backstitch a couple of times to reinforce the seam. 

Folding a Hooded Baby Towel

Hooded baby towels are undoubtedly useful, not to mention cute. However, it can be tricky for even the most organized parents to find a way to fold them so they stay tidy and don’t take up much space. Learn how to efficiently fold your newborn’s hooded towels with these easy steps. 

Step 1

Place the hooded towel flat and straight, with the hood at the top. 

Step 2

Fold the towel lengthwise into thirds, starting from the bottom and working upward. 

Step 3

Fold each side of the towel in half so that the top inner corner of the square meets the bottom corner of the hood. 

Step 4

Tightly roll each side of the towel toward the center until they meet in the middle. 

Step 5

Tuck the hood over the rolled portions of the towel. If you choose, you can tie it off with an extra piece of ribbon to be sure it stays together. 

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