How To Heat Up Towels

Customers visiting salons, spas and barbershops want to be pampered. What’s a more luxurious welcome than a warm towel? 

Though it may seem unnecessary to learn how to heat up towels, there’s a bit more to it than people realize. It’s a strategy with a big payoff as well. After all, most patrons have to make do at home with cold towels. A shop that offers heated towels allows them to indulge. 

Heating up towels takes just a bit of planning, so the fabric stays toasty and warm but not uncomfortably hot. How do you do it? Here are some of the most effective methods to heat up towels for immediate use. 


Fluff the Towel in the Dryer

Do you have a little extra time and want to get a hand or bath towel hot? Dampen it by misting the cloth with plain water. 

Pop the slightly moist towel into the dryer and run it on low heat for a few minutes. Depending on your dryer, heating up the towel can take only a few minutes. Be sure to experiment ahead of time so you know exactly how long it’ll take. 

After the towel is dry and toasty, pull it out. Either use it immediately or carefully fold it to give to a customer right away.


Use Your Salon Microwave to Heat up the Towel

Do you have a moistened barber towel that you want to heat up rapidly? A great way to get some heat flowing is by using your salon microwave.

First, either spray the towel with plain or essential oil scented water. Your other option is to saturate it under the tap and then carefully wring it out until it’s only damp.

Next, fold your semi-wet towel and place it in a microwave-safe pan. Heat it on high for approximately 30 seconds. Then, remove it and check the towel thoroughly. Towels that may feel just a bit warm on the outside can be very hot inside. 

Never use a towel on anyone before you carefully inspect it for super-hot spots. If you need more heat, microwave the towel again in 10-second intervals. Examine the heat thoroughly. If the towel is too hot, simply allow it to cool down.


Grab a Teapot as a Method for Heating Towels

Maybe you’d rather not use your dryer or microwave as a method for heating your hand, face or hair towels for customers. No problem! If you have a stovetop or electric hot stove and teapot, you are in business.

Simply place your towel in a large baking dish. Depending on the towel and dish size, you may need to fold it a few times. Mix a drop or two of your favorite aromatic oil in a large spray bottle. Spray the towel well to saturate it.

As you are spraying your towel, bring water to boil in your tea kettle. When the water is boiling hot, pour it onto the towel. You should be able to smell the oil and see the steam.

Let the towel steep for a few minutes. Using tongs, relocate it to another baking dish to cool down. When you can safely handle it, wring it out and then use the towel to apply moist heat.


Differentiate Your Salon or Spa With Heated up Towels

Who knew it was so simple to differentiate your salon, spa or barbershop from the competition? You can build a reputation for treating customers like superstars by using some of the best methods for heating your towels.

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