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Obviously, being the Towel Super Center, we might be just a little bit biased in our unabashed love, but simply put, we think towels are just awesome. From hand towels to spa towels to towels that head to the beach, we’re all about towels, towels, towels. But hear us out. Now they might be the unsung heroes of the bathroom, the gym and the salon, but there’s no arguing that nothing beats wrapping up in a big fluffy towel after an exhilarating swim or a hot, aromatic bubble bath. Towels might not be the first thing you name on your list of things to be thankful for, but not many other items are always there to keep you cozy, dry, and clean up after all those messes you made. Let’s give credit where credit is due already, and celebrate the good old-fashioned cotton towel.


So What Kind of Towels Should I Buy?

Because towels are such a big part of our lives, you probably want to give a little thought to the ones you decide to outfit your home with. We get it, sometimes shopping for towels is a bit of challenge, what with all the different fabrics, colors, weights, sizes, we could go on forever. Trust us, we’re the Towel Super Center after all. Nevertheless, as far as a good classic towel that’s easy to care for and reasonably priced, is concerned, you truly can’t beat cotton.

Yeah, Towels are Great, but What’s So Awesome About Cotton?


There’s a reason cotton is the so-called “fabric of our lives.” At first blush, you might not think there’s anything especially exciting about this. Saying you love cotton is just like saying you like unseasoned chicken, or that your favorite flavor of ice cream is vanilla. You know, “basic.” But you know what, this logic couldn’t be further off base. If you’re not already in on the secret, there are as many benefits as there are uses for this fluffy plant.

  • It’s Breathable — There’s a reason cotton is the fabric of choice for underwear and the T-shirts you wear on the hottest days of the year. Unlike synthetics, which are often composed of mysterious, plastic-y components, cotton fibers allow air to pass through keeping you sufficiently cool throughout the day.
  • Affordable — Unlike luxury fabrics, cotton is pretty darn affordable. Sure, you can upgrade to Egyptian or Turkish Cotton. But if all your budget allows for is regular old cotton, you’re in luck, we’ve got wholesale cotton towels to suit every price range.
  • It Just Feels Good — Sensitive skin, rejoice! Cotton towels never irritate or rub skin the wrong way. It’s soft, not itchy like wool and not stiff like some synthetics. With cotton, you’re guaranteed a certain level of comfort from your pants to your favorite T-shirt — you should expect the same from your towels.
  • It’s Low Maintenance — Literally all you have to do to take care of cotton is wash it. Like, throw it in the washer with detergent and take it for a spin. Now, we do recommend you take some care (see below) in looking after your towels, especially if you plan to keep them in peak condition for the long haul. However, if you aren’t a housewares perfectionist, we think things will be just fine.
  • It Comes in Every Color of the Rainbow — Cotton knows no bounds when it comes to colors. If you’ve ever noticed how many things that are “made with natural fibers” are kind of… well, “natural” looking, it’s because they don’t exactly hold dye all that well. Cotton is both natural, and highly receptive to different dyes, making it a versatile choice in fabric. Whether you’re looking for neon pink or a conservative earth tone, cotton can handle anything on the color wheel.
  • It’s Naturally Free of Chemicals — Cotton does not contain any chemicals and is therefore a natural product. Unlike synthetic fabrics like microfiber, cotton is absorbent, with some natural texture built into the surface. This texture comes in handy when exfoliating in the shower or washing your face, but it’s also super helpful when used for some tougher cleaning jobs, like to remove some stubborn food waste from kitchen counters or cleaning the bathroom sink.

Towel Weight and Why It Matters

Cotton towels come in a wide range of weights. Think of this as you would thread count in sheets. Fabric weight is measured by GSM, grams per square meter. Understanding the GSM content when looking at towels will give you a sense of how thick and absorbent they are. Basically, the higher the GSM number, the thicker and more luxurious the towel. Think of those big, heavy towels you get at a high-end hotel. On the other hand, towels with a low GSM number are lighter, thinner, and generally dry much faster, so associating the GSM number directly with quality isn’t quite cut and dry. Low GSM towels are the types you’ll find when towels need to be efficient, and generally come in high volume—places like gyms, salons and kitchens, where function trumps comfort every time.


Here’s a quick breakdown of cotton towels by weight

  • 300-400 GSM (lightweight and thin) utility towels are ideal for the gym, salon or car.
  • 400-600 GSM (medium) are your run-of the mill weight. Not too thick, not too thin. Perfect for bathroom hand towels, the beach or the pool
  • 600-900 GSM (luxury towel territory, heavy-weight) are great for the shower, spa, hotel or even as a viable substitute for a heavy, winter blanket.

Different Types of Cotton Towels – This is Where Things Get Luxurious

Some types of cotton are quite different from others. We carry a wide selection of 100% cotton towels in a range of quality that suits every price. While cotton towels in all colors, patterns and weights always float our boats, sometimes a little luxury goes a long way. As we mentioned above, high GSM rates don’t always equate to “better towels.” The top towel is generally always what is best for the situation. Sometimes light and airy hits the spot, while others you just want to snuggle up in a big fluffy towel after a relaxing dip in the tub. In any case, we’re talking high-end cotton towels here.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the more decadent iterations of the humble cotton towel:

Pima Cotton — Popular as T-shirt fabric as of late, Pima cotton has really taken over the towel scene due to its strength and absorption capabilities. Joining the ranks of noted quality towels like Turkish and Egyptian cotton, Pima cotton towels are especially light and fluffy due to their long fibers.

Egyptian Cotton — Hefty, durable, and oh, so soft, Egyptian cotton towels have the kind of long fibers that make them the epitome of luxury. Egyptian cotton is popular in hotels due to its high quality long threads and solid durability. This kind of cotton is handpicked to assure its level of purity. It’s also very dense, so it produces a durable, absorbent and plush towel. Egyptian cotton towels can last for many years if you take proper care of them and wash them correctly (we’ve got you covered, check out our care directions below). Keep in mind that these high GSM towels are really quite heavy, and as a result, take considerably longer to dry. Fortunately, drying Egyptian cotton towels is relatively low maintenance. Stick them in your home dryer and be sure to give them enough space, they’ll be in there for a while. You can’t rush perfection, so be patient. There’s truly nothing more relaxing that wrapping up in a warm, heavy-duty towel after a long day at the spa, or even just a hot shower.

Turkish Cotton — Turkish cotton towels are absorbent and soft, as well as incredibly lightweight.
What’s cool about Turkish cotton, aside from its light-as-a-feather softness, is its ability to dry in a short amount of time. Perfect for the poolside or a day at the spa, Turkish cotton is both absorbent and durable, without the fluffy density of an Egyptian cotton towel. If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t have the time to sit around and wait for your towels to dry, Turkish cotton may be for you. Insider secret, the reason Turkish cotton towels are so well regarded in the luxury hotel space, is the fact that, the more you wash these towels the fluffier and more absorbent they become. As with many of the finer things in life, cheese, wine, a nice bottle of scotch, the Turkish cotton towel just gets better and better with age.

Keep ’em Fresh, How to Care for Your Towels

A high quality towel can maintain its softness and absorbency for years down the line. If properly cared for, that is. If not, then even the kind of towels suited for royalty can degrade at the speed of light. Above all else, actually read the care label on your towels, it’s a good starting point for basic towel care guidelines.

For maintaining that sense of “awesome” we have some DIY care tips for getting the most out of your towels for as long as possible.

  • Wash Before You Wipe — This rule technically applies to all store-bought textiles. However, towels often come coated with a bit of a sheen that gives them a more vibrant look from the shelf perspective. This coating actually affects the towel’s ability to properly absorb moisture (you know, its actual job…). After that initial wash, the color is set in place and lint reduced.
  • Use White Vinegar as a Laundry Boost — Try adding some distilled white vinegar to the load every now and again. Don’t worry, it won’t make your laundry smell like an open jar of pickles. Cleaning with vinegar is a natural solution for tough messes around the house, and offers a ton of benefits — like preventing your favorite towels from fading and wiping out any musty smells leftover from the gym. This can be a problem is epically prevalent in thick towels, which take longer to dry.
  • Fluff Those Towels — This tip seems a little silly, but fluffing towels both before and after doing a wash keeps the fibers in tiptop shape. A fluffed towel is a happy towel that will loyally absorb for years to come.


  • Stay Away from Bleach (even if the towels are supposedly “bleach free”) — Your trusty stain remover is great for keeping your whites looking their brightest. But, there’s a bit of a tradeoff when it comes to towels. Bleach can weaken fabrics, which takes away from the “fluff factor” of your towels. If you’re worried about dodging inevitable staining, opt for a dark color instead of white.
  • …And Fabric Softener — These laundry room staples make your textiles feel good and smell even better. Unfortunately, they leave behind a residue that gets in the way of optimal absorption.
  • Don’t Let ’em Get Too Hot — Too much heat can really take it out of an otherwise awesome set of cotton towels. Extreme temperatures make the fibers become brittle, and ruining the softness and absorbency that makes them so special. Try drying on a lower heat setting (especially for thinner towels) or making use of the good old-fashioned clothesline to avoid the risk of towels becoming thin and lackluster.
  • Wash Towels by Themselves — New towels shed. Old towels shed. Whether they are Turkish, Egyptian or plain old American-grown cotton, you’re going to run into some lint, regardless of quality. The reason for this is actually not so bad. Cotton is a natural fiber, and when it gets overworked, maybe from a few too many spins in the dryer or you gave it more affection than it was bargaining for, you’ll begin to see some pilling.

*A quick note, here — your cotton towels will be fine going through the usual wash cycle, without much thought. We’ve included these tips so you can fully optimize the look and feel of your towels for generations to come (well maybe not that long).

Ready to Buy? Check out Our Extensive Line Up of 100% Cotton Towels

Now that we’ve extolled the virtues of life’s trustiest companion, the cotton towel, we know you’re starting to think of all the absorbent possibilities. Well, not to worry, we have plenty of affordable options in stock that’ll keep you dry, cozy and step up your home décor game. Our wide selection of towels from salon to fingertip and hand to luxury cotton in every color of the rainbow offers something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the kind of beautiful towel set that will take your bathroom décor to the next level, some plain cotton towels to take to the gym or use to keep your home looking sparkly clean, save money when you buy cotton towels wholesale from Towel Super Center. Because the more you order, the more you save.

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