How to Arrange Hand Towels on a Towel Bar

How To Arrange Towels On A Towel Bar

There are many times when a bathroom is more than a bathroom. When you work in places like hotels, spas, salons and clubs, it’s another opportunity to show your clients about your commitment to quality. You can make an impression with everything from the toiletries you provide to, yes, the way your bathroom towels are arranged.

Keeping the towels nice and neat makes them much more visually appealing to your guests. The way you fold a towel can also make it look extra fluffy or crisp and clean, ensuring your guests can see the care you put into your business. Pay attention to the way you approach towels in your bathroom, sauna, locker room and other locations. Here are a few methods for arranging your towels neatly and professionally.

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Ways to Hang Your Towels

Knowing how to hang hand towels and bath towels can help you make them more appealing to your guests. Some of these folds are quick and easy, so you can perform them en masse once you or your employees get the hang of them. Others take a little more work but will be completely worth it when your guests see how much care you put into making their experience special.

Ways To Hang Hand Towels

One tip to keep in mind for all of these folding methods is to always flatten out your towel as much as possible between folds. Smooth out any bumps or wrinkles as you work so your result looks crisp, clean and spa-worthy.

Another way to improve the look of your arrangement is by looking closely at the quality of the towels you purchase. Higher-quality towels will have exceptional softness and durability. You can see this kind of texture when it folds, and you get fluffy, pillowy edges. Durable towels won’t wear or lose their softness over time, which could cause them to look dingy or flat as they hang. If you want the best results — and don’t your clients deserve that? — opt for premium-quality bath and hand towels.

1. A Basic Fold

This is the simplest fold that looks neat and clean in any area. It’s a classic look that gathers the edges of your towel behind it, so guests only see the smooth, fluffy face of it. You’ll have a broad towel face, and adding a decorative washcloth can give it some depth. If you’re using towels with an embroidered design, this fold is an excellent way to show it clearly.

  1. Take your bath towel and spread it out on a flat surface, such as a table, bed or counter. Just make sure the surface is clean and free of any dust, dirt or other contaminants.
  2. Fold each of the long edges toward the middle. You can fold it in fourths or thirds, depending on how thin you want your towel to hang. For quarters, fold both long edges in so they meet in the middle. For thirds, fold one side in and the other over the top of it.
  3. Drape the towel over the bar so that both ends align along the bottom. If you’re hanging multiple towels, give them some space between each other to avoid mold and mildew growth.
  4. You can also hang a hand towel over the center of the bath towel. Fold it into vertical thirds and drape it over the other towel for a lovely layered look. Just make sure that if you’re using colors, they’re coordinating.
  5. Optional: To add a little pop, find a coordinating ribbon, and wrap it around both of the towels with a neat bow on top. An alternative approach is to use your ribbon to cinch just the hand towel about halfway up.

2. A Bandana Tie

For an extra bit of flair and a more complex design, you can wrap up your bath towel in a washcloth. It’ll look a little fancier and shows you’re going the extra mile.

  1. Lay your bath towel flat again and fold the long edges in so they meet in the middle. Fold it in half once more and hang it over your towel bar, so the edges are straight and even.
  2. Fold your washcloth in half from a diamond shape. When you fold the top end to meet the bottom, it should look like a wide triangle or a bandana.
  3. Take the side of the towel that’s closest to you, the front half, and wrap it up in the washcloth bandana, pulling the edges of the triangle behind the towel half. Tie the washcloth into a ribbon behind the towel.
  4. Optional: You can also tuck small items like flowers or informational cards into the washcloth to make things pretty. If it’s tight enough, you could place toiletries here as well.

3. A Pocket Fold Towel

This fold is a two-in-one. You get a nice, neatly draped hand towel for a display that can hold additional items like shampoo, conditioner, soap and other toiletries. This design can save space in other areas. You won’t have to fill up a cabinet with these items, and you can keep the counters neat and uncluttered.

  1. Lay a hand towel flat across a surface. Pull up one of the short edges toward the middle, about a quarter of the way up. Fold that same edge again, but backward halfway, to make a “lip” on the edge.
  2. Flip that hand towel over, so the lip is facing down. Fold one of the long sides, so the edge reaches the middle, and the lip is now facing you again. Fold the other side and tuck it into the fold you’ve created. When you flip the towel back over, you should have a handy pocket in which you can put extra toiletries and items.
  3. Fold your bath towel so that the long edges meet in the middle. They should be touching. Drape your towel over the bar, so the bottom edges align. Drape the hand towel, the one with the pocket, over the bath towel.
  4. Optional: If you’re not going to fill the pocket with toiletries, you could decoratively fold a washcloth and tuck that in instead. Lay the washcloth flat and fold the edge inward just a little. The length of this fold depends on the size of your washcloth and your preferences. Keep folding accordion-style until you’ve got pleats going across the whole thing. Press it down tightly on each end and then fold it in half in the direction opposite of your creases. The edge of the cloth should show the edges of your pleats when placed in the pocket. You’ll have a fan-like shape sticking out.

Where to Hang Your Towels

The layout of your rooms can significantly affect how attractive your bathroom towel decor can be. If you don’t have much space or don’t have a towel bar at all, you’re somewhat limited. Thankfully, installations aren’t expensive and can class up your bathroom hand towel display. Take a look at your area and see where a towel bar or rack could go. Here are a few ideas for hanging arrangements, many of which work well in small spaces.

1. Behind the Door

Put that unused space to work to store some towels. Over-the-door racks are easy to find and can go on your shower or bathroom door. Get a tiered one, with multiple bars at different distances apart, for more room and a layered display for hand towels and bath towels.

2. Wall Space

This classic option is perfect for making use of open wall space. If you have lots of space horizontally, you can spread out a bar and drape your towels neatly over that. If you don’t, you can always shoot for a vertical rack. You may have to get more creative to keep your presentation neat and tidy, but it can certainly help you cleanly display your towels.

Where to Hang Your Towels3. On the Cabinets

Grab an over-the-cabinet rack and put it in place. These little racks are handy for smaller towels and put them in a convenient spot by the sink. You can also install a bar on a cabinet for a more permanent option.

4. On a Ladder

Towel ladders are an elegant way to set up your towels that spreads them out vertically. A towel ladder consists of a large, wide ladder that you lean up against the wall. Then, you can drape your towels over the bars and even hang things like baskets over them. With the right design, you can use them like over-the-toilet racks and use that space to your advantage. A wooden towel ladder looks especially at-home in a more rustic-themed bathroom.

5. By the Shower Curtain

There’s already a rod there, so why not double up and make it extra useful? You can add a tension rod in front of the shower curtain rod or permanently install a second rod. Double rods are also an option that looks particularly nice.

6. On a Rack

Buy a standing towel rack that works like a coat rack. With a long vertical pole that branches out into shorter poles, you can hang towels elegantly without using wall space. Plus, these fixtures are easily moveable, and in some designs, you can swing the poles out as needed in an attractive tiered display. It also leaves space for people to hang their garments and doesn’t take up much room.

7. Custom Racks

If none of these options work, you can even build your own rack that works with your interior design. You can create space for toiletries and whatever else your operation needs.

8. On a Cart

Get a mobile cart with bars on it, and hang your towels on that. You get the added benefit of being able to store toiletries and extra supplies in it. Plus, it’s mobile, and you can easily move it around or redecorate.

Why Should I Worry About Towel Arrangements?

Towel arrangements may seem like a silly, little step, but it’s those small additions that can really add up and make a hotel room, a spa or whatever service you offer feel special to your guests. The way you arrange your towels reflects the aesthetics of your business. Even without any experience with a hotel’s service, people tend to associate beautiful photos and visuals with a quality experience. It works off of the halo effect, in which physically attractive people, or, in this case, businesses, are seen as having positive and desirable traits and qualities.

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Why Should I Worry About Towel Arrangements

Like the interior design of your building, the aesthetics of your business tell the customer more about you in subtle ways, even if they might not register it. A visual towel setup is just one component of your building’s overall look and feel. In the hospitality industry, perception is everything. You want your guests to feel a certain way when they enter your facility. Perhaps you might want them to feel at-ease or energized. Maybe you want them to feel cozy or pampered. Whatever it is, the look of your building, including your towels, can help inspire these feelings.

  • Hotels: Guests that stay in a hotel look for more than the same amenities they get at home. With bathroom towel decor that looks like it came straight out of a spa, they’ll feel more pampered and may associate your hotel with a higher level of class and refinement.
  • Salons: In a salon, you’ll use all kinds of towels. Arranging them neatly and creatively can help you stay organized and help your clients know which towel is for which purpose. Plus, you can show them how you put a unique touch into even the little aspects of your business.
  • Spas: Spa guests want you to pull out all the stops while they’re with you. Putting your bath and hand towels on display shows them that your business can reach the level of pampering they expect.
  • Other businesses: Whether you operate a gym, country club or other business where you use and display your towels, the way they’re arranged can help send your clients the message you want. A gym, for instance, might do better with an easy-to-grab basic fold, while a resort could use a fancier bandana tie to convey a sense of luxury.

Quality Towels for High-End Results

If you want your towel arrangements to look as good as the services you offer, you have to start with high-quality towels. They should be fluffy, durable and absorbent, and they shouldn’t break the bank, of course. The products at Towel Super Center fit those requirements, with terry towels made from 100% cotton at wholesale prices. We also have a large selection of sizes and colors so that you can coordinate your towels with your interior design, your marketing colors or other elements. Our bath and hand towels come in Economy, Premium and Premium Plus lines.

We design products that help you send the right message to your clients and guests. You can drive that message home in the way that you display them. Whether you want something simple and clean or elegant and sophisticated, our towels are an excellent canvas. Check out our product offerings today to see how.

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