Your Guide to Bath Towels

Your Guide to Bath Towels

Do you ever think about how often you use or need a towel? It probably isn’t a stretch to say that without a few well-placed towels in our home, most of us would be incredibly inconvenienced. 

We use towels to dry off after showering, bathing or washing our hands, but we may never take the time to think of them beyond that. However, there’s plenty to know about towels, and by taking the time to learn these things, we can become more informed about these invaluable items and better able to buy quality models for ourselves and our customers.

We’ve created an overview of one of the most useful and versatile types of towels out there — the bath towel. In our bath towel buying guide we’ll talk about materials, uses, sizes and plenty more — keep reading this bath towel buying guide to learn everything there is to know about these essential towels.

What Are Bath Towels?

Two categories make up what we call bath towels — bath sheets and bath towels. Bath sheets are larger than bath towels. They use more material, are weightier and take longer to dry. Bath towels are the towels you use to dry off after a bath or shower. Because of its size most of us keep a tall stack of them in a linen closet, a shelf in our bathroom or on the towel rack. 

Bath towels and bath sheets vary in size depending on the manufacturer, brand or materials used. But the general rule is that they will be somewhere around 24 inches by 48 or 50 inches.

Anytime you buy a bath towel, check the dimensions. If you’re ordering online, check the listed dimensions. If you’re buying in person, unfold the towel or ask an employee for help. Otherwise, you may end up with a towel that isn’t large enough for its intended purpose.

What Do We Use Bath Towels For?

You can use bath towels for anything you can imagine. They’re large and versatile enough to meet your needs with no problems. Here are a few common uses for bath towels:

1. Drying off After a Shower

This is the number one use of a bath towel. They’re large enough to dry your entire body without running out of dry surfaces. Most bath towels can handle several uses before they need a wash. Soft bath towels like cotton are not harsh and help dry your body faster.

2. Covering up After a Shower

At a hotel or spa, your clients can cover their bodies with a bath towel or bath sheet if they do not have a robe. It’s large enough to cover their body. This allows your clients to walk back from their bathroom to the bedroom while preserving a little modesty. You can continue to hang out in your towel as you comb your hair, apply makeup and get ready.

3. Keeping Water Off the Floor

You can lay a towel on the floor as a bath mat before showering. You can stand on this towel as you dry off, preventing the water from dripping onto the floor. This makes cleaning up after the shower easier.

4. Wrapping Your Hair

Keep wet hair wrapped up while drying off and getting dressed after a shower. Wrapping hair in the towel helps it dry faster giving many people a jump-start on drying and styling it. Even without wrapping your hair, pat your hair dry before the styling process.

5. Hanging Out at the Pool

Bath towels will work equally well as beach towels at the poolside. If there aren’t enough or all the beach towels in the wash, bath towels are an excellent backup solution. At an Airbnb or hotel, this is a softer and alternative option for your guests.

6. Using a Towel During Spa Treatments 

Bath towels are a versatile item during spa treatments. You can roll it up to support your client’s neck as they lie down or cover their chest and hair during treatments.

7. Drying Client’s Hair at a Salon

Instead of a smaller hand towel, use bath towels to dry clients’ hair at a salon. Wrap the towel around their shoulders to prevent water or hair products from ruining their favorite shirt.

8. Stocking a Professional Space

You’ll need to stock up on plenty of these handy towels if you own one of these businesses:

  • Spas, salons and barbershops
  • Hotels
  • Gyms
  • Fitness centers and yoga studios
  • Country clubs and golf courses

What Are Bath Towels Made Of?

What Are Bath Towels Made Of?

There are a few common materials for bath towels that you’ll frequently encounter in your shopping:

1. 100% Cotton

Towels made from 100% cotton are notable for their softness. They’re terrific for drying off with, as they feel luxurious and cozy. It’s made from natural fiber, so there are no toxins or chemicals added. This makes 100% cotton a gentle option suitable for your skin. There are many different types of cotton used for towels. The major types of cotton include:

  • Cotton: This is the standard type of material for bath towels. Towels made of this material are inexpensive but don’t last very long. So take extra care when washing or drying them. 
  • Egyptian cotton: This is a popular choice for bath towels. It produces fine yarn and long fibers that are soft and more durable than ordinary cotton. This allows them to keep their luxurious shape and feel far longer than the average cotton towel. 
  • Turkish cotton: This is highly soft and luxurious and outperforms ordinary cotton almost every time. The long threads make for a tightly woven fabric that is absorbent. Turkish cotton is also known for having a fast drying time.

2. Cotton/Poly Blend

A polycotton bath towel material is a combination of cotton and polyester. The exact appearance and performance of these towels will be different depending on what percentage of each material is used. The higher the percentage of cotton, the softer the towel will be. Polycotton can be as soft as a 100% cotton towel. Adding polyester also provides extra durability. Polycotton towels last longer and perform better. They also have a quicker drying time than 100% cotton.

3. Bamboo

Bamboo is a renewable resource and is seen as the most eco-friendly option. These towels are soft and absorbent, although not quite as luxurious-feeling as high-end cotton towels. They are naturally antibacterial and mildew-resistant, making them a sustainable choice and gentle for anyone with sensitive skin.

Other common bath towel materials include:

  • Linen
  • Microfiber
  • Terrycloth
  • Pima cotton
  • Modal

Even though it’s also possible to make towels out of materials like microfiber or linen, these are more common in hand towels or smaller towel varieties. 

Bath Towels Buying Guide

Your guide to bath towels is not complete without a list of things to look out for. Let’s take a look at some points to consider when choosing to buy the best bath towels to stock your home or business.

1. Where Will You Buy?

Choose between buying bath towels in person at your local department store and home goods center or buying wholesale towels online. Buying in-person is a great option to replace one or two bath towels. It becomes impractical if you’re looking to buy in bulk. Most stores only stock a few towels of a matching set, and local department stores can have limited stock.

Where Will You Buy?

When you buy towels wholesale online you’ll have access to as many bath towels as you need. You know that they have perfect matches and they will have your favorite selection in stock, even in larger quantities. Additionally buying bath towels online is a convenient option because they’ll be delivered to your door, without needing to head out to the store yourself.

2. How Much Does the Towel Weigh?

The heavier a towel is, the more absorbent it will be. The difference in densely packed loops making up the soft and fluffy pile can impact various towels and their functionality. This is the surface we use for drying off. The more loops a towel has, the more water it can absorb. Whenever you buy a towel in-store, test the weight and how heavy it is. Check the product details for the weight of online purchases.

3. Density

Towel weight and density are connected. You calculate towel weight in grams per square meter (GSM). A higher GSM creates a denser, thicker, heavier and plusher towel because of the increased cotton or polyester.

GSM measurements range between 300 to 900. Check the towel’s tag for a measurement rating:

  • 300 to 400: A lower GSM towel is lightweight and dries faster. They are rougher on the skin, making them less suitable for bath towels and a better choice for towels like cleaning, kitchen, gym or beach towels.
  • 400 to 600: This is the ideal range for bath towels. They’re soft enough for sensitive skin, less absorbent and quick-drying. For a plusher bath towel, choose a higher GSM spectrum, around 500 or 600.
  • 600 to 900: These are the densest and plushest towels. Towels with a GSM higher than 600 take longer to air dry. They are less suitable for bath towels, as the dry time could promote mildew growth or an “off” smell.

You can find luxury bath towels that are ideal in the 400 to 600 GSM range. You can also find suitable towels in the 300 to 400 and 600 to 900 ranges. For a multi-use bath towel that’s durable and long-lasting, a smaller GSM might work best. For a luxurious and plusher feel, opt for a bath towel with a higher GSM.

4. How Well Is the Towel Constructed?

A good towel will show signs of excellent construction. The finer intricate details are the difference between a good and a luxury bath towel. Double-stitched edges to prevent fraying, there will be no loose threads or loops and the hems will show signs of complex stitching to better hold the towel together against the strain of many uses and washes. A well-constructed towel will last longer and remain absorbent.

5. Material

The material you choose affects the functionality of your towel. So before you make your choice, consider where you will use your bath towel. When you run your hand over the fibers, you want the bath towel to feel soft and plush. Companies mainly use two materials to craft towels:

  • Cotton: This is a natural material that’s soft, breathable and absorbent. 
  • Polyester: Polyester is a fabric made of different synthetic compounds that are versatile and durable. 

Polycotton creates a soft, durable and long-lasting towel. During your search for the best bath towel, you may find the term 86/14 blended towels, describing an optimal blend that’s 86% cotton and 14% polyester. Bath towels made from a polycotton blend make great beach and gym towels. As you need to wash these towels on a regular basis, they are great since they are fast-drying and durable.

Cotton has many variants, with the top three being as follows:

  • Pima: United States manufacturers mainly make Pima bath towels. This standard option doesn’t require importing. It’s also crafted in Australia and Peru. There’s no significant difference but it might influence the towel’s price. Pima has extra-long staples and longer fibers than other materials, making it plusher.
  • Turkish: Turkish towels have all of the staple qualities you want in a bath towel. They have long, soft fibers and are very absorbent.
  • Egyptian: Egyptian cotton isn’t as suitable for towels as it is for bedding. That’s because Egyptian cotton works well at absorbing and retaining water. This can prolong drying towels promoting mold and mildew growth.

When searching for a bath towel, opt for an 84/16 cotton-polyester blend or 100% Pima or Turkish cotton. Bath towels made from Turkish and Pima cotton make great bath towels for guests. You can use them in businesses including spas, hotels, guest houses and Airbnb rentals. The soft feel will give guests and clients a luxurious experience.

6. Absorbency 

Multiple factors affect a towel’s absorbency. Aim for a slower absorption rate to use the towel longer. A slower absorption period means a shorter drying time because the fabric has a lower water retention rate.

A common term you’ll hear when describing towels is “pile.” It refers to the upright loops of fabric, which are twisted. The higher the pile length the more absorbent the towel. The tightness of the twist affects the density and absorbency. For the best bath towel, pick zero- or low-twist towels.

7. Size

Bath towels are typically around 22 inches long and 44 inches wide. You can find larger sizes — 27 by 54 — or smaller sizes — 20 by 40. If it’s any larger, it’s considered a bath sheet. If you want to have a smaller towel in your bathroom, choose a hand towel. The size of a hand towel ranges between 15 by 25 inches and 18 by 30 inches long.

Bath towels should have a large surface area that allows your clients and guests to dry their bodies after a shower or bath. So ensure that your towel has a large surface area. The bigger the bath towel, the better. 

8. Color

There are many colors to choose from when picking the best towel for both commercial and individual purposes. Businesses that shop wholesale buy lighter or darker colors. 

Black and white are also versatile colors that match any color scheme of your home and business. For a clean and sophisticated look, choose light colors such as white, light gray, light taupe and sea foam green. These colors also pair well with a natural and rustic look that compliments earthy decor and designs. Choose these colors for spas, hotels and guesthouses.

For a more modern look, black, navy or charcoal are a great fit. This works well in your kitchen, salon, gym and yoga studio. Black can also hide stains, like hair dyes after coloring hair at a salon or wiping equipment at a golf course. They look great in bathrooms using grey tones for a clean and seamless aesthetic. It is also a bold choice if you want to skip the traditional white color.

Purchase colors that match your brand. When in doubt, choose a crisp white or black and charcoal item. For home use, any color works. It’s up to you!

9. Price

The price of bath towels differs from brand to store. Higher-quality towels are more expensive. Both businesses and individuals can benefit from buying in bulk. Prices for bulk high-quality 100% cotton towels will cost less than purchasing them individually and becoming more affordable. Stocking up on bath towels saves time and money. Buying in bulk is an investment and if you look after your towels properly, they can last for years to come.

Checklist for Choosing the Best Towel

Here’s a quick recap with a simple checklist to help you find the bath towel that’s best for you:

  • Material: Choose 86/14 cotton-polyester blend or 100% cotton. Pima or Turkish cotton is the best material for bath towels because Egyptian cotton has a prolonged drying time.
  • Weight and density: This is measured in GSM. It ranges from 300 to 900. The ideal range is between 400 to 600 as it has a nice balance between soft and absorbent. They’re gentle to sensitive skin and fast-drying preventing mold and mildew buildup.
  • Absorbency and construction: Choose a slower absorption rate to use your towel longer. The fabric will have a lower retention rate, creating a fast-drying process. For the best bath towel, pick one that’s less dense and more absorbent. You can identify it by a zero- or low-twist.
  • Size: Find a bath towel that’s around 22 inches long and 44 inches wide. Anything smaller is a hand towel and anything bigger is a bath sheet.
  • Color: Choose either light or dark colors. Lighter towels will help you identify messes, while darker towels will hide any stains. Pick a color that aligns with your brand. Homeowners can pick colors that complement their bathroom interiors.
  • Price: High-quality towels skew higher in price compared to moderate- or lesser-quality alternatives. Your best option when buying bath towels is to buy wholesale, where prices for a dozen 100% cotton towels range around tens of dollars.

Shop Wholesale Bath Towels Today

Shop Wholesale Bath Towels Today

Get high-quality wholesale bath towels from Towel Super Center. We provide a wide selection of towels in bulk, allowing you to stock up on the best items for your business and family. You can stock up on high-quality towels that will become an investment in your business and help you save costs in the long run. 

We provide bath towels suited to various businesses including gyms, hotels and spas. Give your clients the quality they deserve and the experience they have always dreamed of with high-quality bath towels. To shop our selection of bath towels, explore our online store today. 

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