How to Wash Bath Mats

Bath mats provide a warmer, softer step than the cold bathroom floor so you have a comfortable and absorbent surface to stand on after bathing. They protect the floor from excess water and help prevent slips. You can keep your bath mats looking and feeling their best by washing them properly.

From easy ways to get rid of mold to the right washer settings, we are breaking down everything you need to know about cleaning and maintaining your bath mats.

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Do New Bath Mats Need Washed?

New bathroom linens often come with a coating that manufacturers put on to affect the texture. This coating can impact a bath mat’s absorbency, so you should wash these linens before use so they can work their best.

When washing new bath mats, it can be beneficial to keep them together rather than combing them with other laundry items. If you do wash bath mats with other pieces, mix them with alike colors and materials if possible. For example, you wouldn’t want to wash a new, brightly colored mat with white towels, because the color could transfer. From there, you can wash your new bath mats according to the tag or as you would with other linens.

How Often Should Bath Mats Be Washed?

Even if your bath mats aren’t growing mold, you still need to wash them to keep them fresh and sanitized. In a gym, resort, hotel, spa or other business, you should wash bath mats after every use for sanitation purposes. For home and personal use, how often you should wash bath mats depends on how often you use them.

If you have a lot of individuals in your home, your bath mats will see frequent use. You should wash these mats weekly to prevent mold and bacteria. If you are the only one using a bath mat, you could wait to wash it every two weeks as long as you don’t notice mold, stains or other problems like an unfresh scent.

To help your bath mat dry off between uses and stay fresher between washes, you can take some steps to help maintain it:

  • Have adequate ventilation in your bathroom when you shower.
  • Dry excess water off yourself before stepping onto the bath mat.
  • Be careful not to splash water out of the tub or shower onto the bath mat.
  • Drape a used bath mat over the tub or a shower railing to help it air out.

If you start with a high-quality bath mat and wash it regularly, you should be left with a soft and absorbent linen that lasts about two years.

Other Washing Tips for Bath Mats

The following are some general tips for washing your bath mats:

  • Avoid fabric softener: Fabric softener can build up on the fibers of your bath mats. When that happens, the build-up makes the fibers less absorbent, impacting the efficiency and lifespan of your mats.
  • Use dryer sheets only on occasion: Like fabric softener, dryer sheets can contain wax and other ingredients that build up on bath mats. Use a dryer ball or tennis ball instead to keep your linens fluffy and absorbent.
  • Choose cotton: There are a lot of materials out there for bath linens, but cotton may be your best choice. It is more absorbent and releases stains easily. In bathrooms and shower areas, cotton will work the best.
  • Don’t pile damp bath mats in the hamper: When it is time to launder your bath mats, don’t pile up damp mats, especially in a hamper. The moisture won’t be able to evaporate if the material is bunched up, and that could lead to mold or mildew.
  • Make sure they are completely dry: Whether you machine or air dry your linens, check that they are fully dry before you fold them up and put them away. Damp bath mats could develop mildew or mold along with a less-than-fresh scent. Thoroughly dried towels will be fluffy and warm, perfect for you or a guest to enjoy, but be careful not to over-dry them as that may damage the fibers.

What Setting Should I Wash Bath Mats On?

One of the keys to keeping your linens lasting a while is laundering them on the right setting. The correct setting varies between different colors and materials, so again, the tag is your guide. If your bath mats don’t have a tag or care instructions, you can follow some general guidelines:

  • Use gentle detergent.
  • Do not wash bath mats that have rubber backing in hot water.
  • Wash colored linens in cool or warm water, not hot.
  • Wash white bath mats in warm water.

Always follow what’s printed on the tag for the best results, especially for white bath mats.

How to Wash Bath Mats in the Washing Machine

Follow these steps for how to wash bath mats in a front loader or top loader:

  1. Shake the bath mat.
  2. Put the bath mats in the washing machine. Don’t overfill.
  3. Add gentle laundry detergent.
  4. Turn on a regular wash cycle with cold or warm water settings.
  5. Remove the mat promptly after the wash cycle finishes.

How to Wash Bath Mats by Hand

If you are washing your mats by hand, follow these steps:

  1. Shake the bath mat.
  2. Fill your sink, bathtub or container with water.
  3. Add a teaspoon of detergent.
  4. Let the mat soak for at least 15 minutes.
  5. Work the water and soap into the fabric.
  6. Drain the water.
  7. Rinse the detergent.
  8. Ring out excess water.
  9. Hang the mat to dry.

If you need to wash microfiber bath mats, be careful not to wash other fabrics at the same time. Microfiber tends to hold onto lint and fuzzies from other materials.

Can You Wash Towels and Bath Mats Together?

If your towels and bath mats are similar colors and made of similar materials, you may be able to wash the linens together.

As a general rule of thumb, you can sort your linens into the following categories when washing:

  • Whites: White bath linens should always be washed with other white items. It keeps the color bright and helps you avoid stains and color transfer.
  • Lights: Lighter shades like baby blue or pastel pink can go into the washer together.
  • Brights: If you have bright or neon linens, wash them with similar hues to avoid transferring color to lighter materials.
  • Darks: Dark colors like black, olive and maroon should be washed with similar shades to fight color fading.

As always, check the tags of the towels and bath mats you’d like to wash together, and be sure not to cram the washing machine or dryer. Also, make sure that you separate any bath mats with a rubber or plastic backing when it’s time to dry since they require air drying rather than a machine treatment.

Washing your towels and bath mats together is a better alternative than washing either type of linen with clothes. Your clothes may require special care that’s different from what your towels or mats need, and combining them into one machine could ruin one or the other. Putting linens in the dryer with clothes could also get lint on the garments, so it’s best to keep those items separate.

Can I Bleach Bath Mats?

You generally want to avoid using bleach on your bath mats, especially if they are colored. Bleach can cause discoloration and weaken the mat’s fibers, so it is less absorbent.

Using less serious chemicals like baking soda and white vinegar can help you safely remove stains and marks without forfeiting the quality of your bath mat. Another bleach alternative for bath linens is hydrogen peroxide. It can effectively brighten whites and tackle stains when adding it to your laundry.

You can also hang bath mats on your laundry line in direct sunlight. The ultra-violet rays are an environmentally friendly way to brighten white laundry.

If gentle stain removers do not work well, use bleach as a last resort on white bath mats. Use small amounts and consider diluting it with water to make it less harsh.

How to Dry Bath Mats

Read the tag on your bath mat to determine the best way to dry it. If it is safe to go into the dryer, you can use the tumble-dry-low setting. Avoid hot dryer settings that can cause your mats to shrink or warp.

You’ll also want to avoid using dryer sheets with your bath linens because they can leave behind a residue that impacts the fluffiness and absorbency of the fabric.

If your bath mat cannot go into the dryer, hang it from a laundry line or drying rack. Ensure the mat is entirely dry before putting it away or using it again.

How to Make Bath Mats Last Longer

When you invest in high-quality bath mats, you want them to last for a long time while still looking fresh and fluffy. The following are some tips for making your mats last as long as possible:

Choose the Right Material

Buying bath mats that are made out of strong and easy-to-clean materials is best. Cotton is the best pick because it offers great durability and it dries very quickly.

Again, cotton is the ideal fabric for bath linens thanks to its absorbent and soft texture. Making your bath mat last longer is easy when it is made of high-quality materials.

Wash Your Bath Mats Regularly

You can help keep your bath mat in optimal condition with regular upkeep. Consider creating and sticking to a schedule for washing your mats.

Regular upkeep will help you manage stains and dampness that can lead to mold and mildew. Clean mats tend to look better for longer.

Keep Them As Dry As Possible

Another way to make your bath mats last longer is to keep them as dry as possible.

To keep your at-home mats in great shape, encourage the people in your household to dry off before stepping onto the bath mat after a shower. If the mat does get excessively wet, hang it somewhere to dry.

Pick Gentle Detergents and Stain Removers

You can avoid premature discoloration and deterioration by using gentle cleaners on your bath mats. Skip the bleach and other powerful chemicals. Simple washing practices can go a long way in making your bath linens last longer.

Swap Your Bath Mats Periodically

In addition to proper cleaning and drying practices, consider stocking up on different mats so you can swap them out every week or so. Having multiple mats lets you rotate them and minimize their wear and tear.

When you wash a mat, replace it with another so that there is always one near the bathtubs and showers for your household or customers.

How to Clean Moldy Bath Mats

Mold thrives in dark and damp environments, so a damp bath mat can become a home to mold if you aren’t careful. Luckily, you can clean and prevent moldy bath mats with proper care.

After checking the tag for care instructions, you can choose to hand or machine wash a moldy bath mat.

If you can wash your bath mats in the washing machine, follow these steps:

  1. Put your bath mats in the washing machine and set it to a gentle cycle.
  2. Choose a warm setting.
  3. Add laundry detergent and a capful of white vinegar.
  4. Put the mats in the dryer. Select a setting with low heat.

Warmer temperatures and the addition of white vinegar will help kill bacteria and mold.

If you prefer to hand wash your mats, you can still treat mold with these steps:

  1. Fill a sink or large bucket with warm water.
  2. Wear rubber gloves and add a bit of laundry detergent to the water.
  3. Use a scrub brush on the front and back of the mat as it is submerged in the water.
  4. Inspect for remaining mold or other stains.
  5. Continue scrubbing until clean.
  6. Sanitize and clean off any remaining mold with white vinegar.
  7. Rinse with clean, warm water.
  8. Shake the mat, hang it to dry, and shake again once it’s dry.

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