10 Myths About Bulk Washcloths

Many people avoid buying face towels in large quantities because they’ve fallen for myths about washcloths sold in bulk. The pleasant truth is that buying numerous washcloths at once is a convenient, budget-friendly way to ensure you have the items you need at a price you’ll appreciate.

Here are the top 10 myths about washcloths — along with the truth:

  1. Bulk washcloths cannot be high quality: Quite the contrary, bulk washcloths from Towel Super Center include premium and premium-plus selections. You’ll get superior fabrics despite the low price.
  2. These washcloths cannot be made of real cotton: Yes, you can easily get an honest-to-goodness cotton washcloth in bulk packaging, which will allow you to choose a natural fiber that offers exceptional value and savings.
  3. They’ll feel rough: From the first time you launder and use one of our bulk washcloths, you’ll know this misconception is a huge one. Each of our bulk washcloths keeps getting softer, not scratchier. The more times you use a bulk washcloth, the gentler it will seem to be.
  4. Bulk washcloths are not actually bargains: We invite you to weigh the costs of the average washcloth price against any of our bulk washcloth pricing. By ordering a large quantity of washcloths at once, you can easily get the per-washcloth rate down.
  5. They’re only good for businesses: Homeowners often think that they’re precluded from getting the advantage of bulk washcloth deep discounts, yet anyone can place an online order for as many washcloths, bath towels, hand towels or other products they want from Towel Super Center.
  6. No person or family needs tons of washcloths: Actually, customers who order bulk washcloths for use in their residences often come back to buy even more. They realize quickly that having washcloths around the house in areas like the garage, shed, laundry area and mudroom makes life a little easier.
  7. You have to buy hundreds of washcloths for them to be “bulk”: Again, this is one of those bulk washcloth myths that needs to be forgotten. Towel Super Center has a philosophy of providing bulk washcloths in reasonably sized packages. Certainly, if you need lots of washcloths, you can get them — but if you require only one unit of a dozen washcloths or towels, that’s okay too.
  8. Buying bulk washcloths means only getting white: White towels and washcloths are absolutely useful and do tend to go with any decor. At the same time, you can also buy colorful washcloths to go with any interior design.
  9. Bulk washcloths will lose their absorption fast: Bulk washcloths sold at Towel Super Center are meant to hold up under normal wear and tear for the long haul. Buy them with confidence knowing that they’ll do the job right.
  10. These washcloths will stain rapidly: As long as you care for your bulk 100% cotton or mixed poly-cotton washcloths by not letting them sit moist and dirty for long periods of time — and by treating spots immediately — you’ll get to appreciate their stain-resistant properties.

Like what you hear? The next time you need washcloths, consider making a bulk purchase from the professionals at Towel Super Center.

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