Choosing the Right Bathroom Towel Color

Choosing the Right Bathroom Towel Color

When choosing towel colors for your bathroom, you have a few options. You could go with fresh, bright white towels, which are always a popular choice. You could go with cheerful, colored towels that breathe some life into your space. Or, you could get creative and opt for a unique combination of different hues.

If you’re on the fence when deciding between your options, don’t worry. We are breaking down some tips and tricks to help you make a decision regarding your preferred bath towel colors. From the key questions to ask yourself to the design considerations to keep in mind when browsing, we are covering everything you need to know in this guide.

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How to Choose Bath Towels

A great place to begin when choosing new bathroom towels is their purpose. Towels serve an obvious functional purpose, but thinking about the decorative intent of the towels can help you decide on a color.

Your bath towels contribute to the space’s overall style and décor. The way you arrange them and put them on display can transform your bathroom’s interior design.

What Role Do You Want the Towels to Play in Your Bathroom’s Design?

If you want to make your towels stand out as a design element, then you’ll likely want to choose a color that complements your space and stands out. If you’re only interested in having your bath towels serve a functional purpose, you might want to choose something more neutral and likely to contrast with the space.

What Role Do You Want the Towels to Play in Your Bathroom's Design?

Do you want one color for all your bathrooms, or do you plan to buy different colors for each bathroom? You may want to vary colors according to the design of each room or get all your towels in one color to make doing laundry a little easier.

How Will You Display the Towels?

The way you store your towels can help you make the right decision regarding color options. Do you leave folded towels out for display? Do you roll them in a basket?

Consider the way the colors will impact how the towels look while out on display. In some cases, mismatched hues can make a space look cluttered, so it is important to consider how your towels will contribute to the look and feel of your bathroom.

How Will You Use the Towels?

Another important consideration for choosing new bath towels is how you plan on using them. If you plan to use them for removing makeup, consider white towels that you can easily bleach or darker towels that hide the stains.

How Will You Use the Towels?

If you are buying for a business, consider what ways your patrons will use the towels and what color options will be easiest to clean and maintain.

Take a look at your current towels and reflect on the colors you are using. Weighing the pros and cons of your current bath towel colors can help you make a better buying decision.

Option #1: White Bath Towels

White is often a go-to color for many people when choosing bath towels. They like the fresh, simplistic appearance of having bright white towels in their bathrooms, and upscale hotels and spas typically opt for this color too.

White is a classic option for bath towels, and there are a few key advantages to choosing them for your space. However, there are also some drawbacks to keep in mind.

Option #1: White Bath Towels

Explore the following benefits of having white bath towels:

  • They go with everything: White bath towels are extremely versatile. They work well in all kinds of bathrooms, no matter the décor and style. One of the perks of choosing white is that it can easily pair with neutrals, bold colors and prints.
  • Saving costs: When you invest in high-quality white towels, you can bet on their versatility. No matter how many times you update the décor in your space, white will always work well. When you change up your bathroom design, you won’t have to spend on new towels to match the style.
  • Classic appearance: While new colors are always trending and going out of style, white is always a chic choice. You don’t have to worry about your bathroom towels looking outdated since bright white is a timeless pick.
  • Ease of cleaning: Since white towels don’t fade the way colorful towels do, you can use bleach as needed to remove stains and maintain a fresh, white color. A perk of stocking up on white towels is being able to wash them in one load. No need to sort out different colors. Having various hues will require separate loads to prevent the dye from bleeding and changing colors. Choosing white makes it easier to keep all your towels the right color and shade.
  • Fighting Mildew: Another advantage of having white bath towels is being able to effectively combat mold and mildew growth on them. While you cannot bleach colored bath linens, you can bleach white towels periodically. Bleach is one of the most powerful ways to kill mildew on laundry and keep fabrics smelling the absolute best for longer. Plus, If you choose white towels that are 100% cotton, keeping them fresh can be easier than dealing with other materials.
  • Restocking your bathrooms: Having all-white bath towels makes restocking your bathrooms after laundry day a breeze. When you have towels in various colors, washing and sorting them is much more complicated. You have to make sure each bathroom has the right colors and that your towel sets all match. With white towels, you can easily organize and put away your linens without a lot of thought or energy. They can all go into the same laundry cycle.
  • Cleanly look: Something about white bath towels screams freshness. White is minimalist and contributes to an overall tidy appearance. Many people like this clean look in their bathrooms, and it feels good to dry off with a crisp, clean white towel after a long shower.
  • Matching old and new towels: Whether you’re looking to replace some of your worn-out towels or you’ve realized you need a few more than what you originally thought, it can be tricky matching new and old towel colors to each other. Dye colors can vary from product to product, and the washing machine can alter the colors over time. Luckily, white towels make this simple. You will not have to worry about finding an exact match for your existing bath towels. White is much easier to match.

Cleanly look

Along with all of the perks of white towels, there are some drawbacks to consider too. Explore the following cons of opting for white towels:

  • Marks and stains: A major drawback of having white towels is fighting stains. Because the material is so light, every mark is very evident on a white towel, and makeup is a major cause of staining. If you wear makeup products, there is often leftover residue after washing your face. These products can transfer to the towel when you use it dry off. Tending to makeup stains promptly is keeping to maintaining your white towels and their integrity. White towels often require extra care and upkeep than colored alternatives.
  • Discoloration: With proper care, you can keep your white towels bright and white for longer. However, some white towels are prone to yellowing after a lot of use. The yellow, dingy appearance can make bath towels look unclean.
  • No pizazz: While white can be seen as a bright and refreshing option, some people think white bath towels are too boring. If you think you might tire of seeing the same white towels in your bathrooms each day, you might want to add some color to the mix.

When it comes to white bath towels, there are many advantages and a few drawbacks. Ensure you consider all these factors before placing your next order. Ultimately, white towels require special attention and laundry care, but they also make coordinating with your bathroom design easy.

Now let’s explore the pros and cons of colored bath towels.

Option #2: Colored Bath Towels

Colored towels come with their own set of pros and cons. They can liven up your bathroom space and help carry your bathroom’s theme. You can find towels in a rainbow of colors, from pale pastels to bold, rich shades. Before you commit to a set of colored towels, consider what they bring to the table, as well as their possible drawbacks.

Some benefits of colored bath towels include:

  • Pop of color: Colored towels offer an inexpensive way to brighten your bathroom with a little color. Investing in a set of new towels is easier and less expensive than redecorating your whole bathroom.
  • New look: The ease of buying new towels makes colored towels a quick way to give your bathroom a new look. When you’re sick of the current towel color, buy something new that changes the entire vibe of your bathroom.
  • Stains are less obvious: When your colored towels get a little stain on them, the spot may not stand out the way it would on white towels. This is especially true with darker colors. No matter what color towels you choose, always treat the stain promptly after noticing it.
  • Color coordination: You can choose towels that enhance and go with the color schemes of your bathrooms. Consider if there are any unique hues that will complement your space and help set the mood.

Before committing to a set of towels for your bathroom, explore some of the downsides of choosing colored options:

  • Color fading: Any type of dyed fabric is susceptible to fading as time goes on. The fading can make towels look old and overly worn despite feeling and working fine. And if you get bleach or other chemical cleaners on colored towels, they can start to look patchy and discolored. If you’re concerned about fading, choose a lighter color that won’t show the fading as much.
  • Laundry considerations:Darker towels may take a few washing cycles before the dye on them does not bleed. If you accidentally wash a lighter piece with new dark-colored towels, it could dye that piece a different color. When you have colored towels, you must be careful when doing laundry. Without proper care and sorting, you could ruin your other linens or clothing items.
  • Outdated look: When you shop for towels, consider how you will like them in the future. For example, you may love a bright orange towel now and feel differently about it in five years when it is less trendy. If you were to update your bathroom and your bold-colored towels no longer match, you’ll have to pay to replace them. Color preferences and interior design styles are always changing, so it can be helpful to skip the latest color fad and go with a timeless option.

Options #3: Bathroom Towel Color Combinations

When picking out new bath towels, you also have the option to choose multiple colors. There are some advantages to opting for different colors, including:

  • Visually interesting: Incorporating different colors can add visual appeal to your bathroom and create a look and feel that is unique to you.
  • More creative freedom: When you opt for a combination of colors for your bath towels, you can enjoy having multiple colors that you love and organizing them in a way that inspires you.
  • Making a design statement: Different towel colors can make a bold design statement with minimal work or effort involved.

Choosing color combinations can also have some shortcomings, such as:

  • Complicating laundry: The colors you choose could complicate your laundry process and require you to wash separate loads.
  • Messy and mismatched look: Without proper organization and coordination, too many different colored bath towels can look cluttered and messy.
  • Multiple bathrooms: If you are buying towels for different bathrooms in your home or business, you may have to decide on a different color combination for each room, thus further complicating your laundry and organization.

Pinterest is a great place to source bath towel color inspiration. You can get ideas for color combinations that complement each other and see how other people have designed their bathroom spaces for appearance and utility.

As you explore, you may be able to find images of similar bathrooms and styles to your own. Take note of the colors you like and dislike to narrow down your options.

Check out the following for more bathroom towel color ideas:

  • Complementary colors: If you want to make your space really pop, consider choosing complementary colors for your towels, like blue and orange or purple and yellow. This style is definitely not for everyone, but it can make a room look more exciting and vibrant when done right.
  • Analogous colors: Another color combination to consider is analogous hues. These are colors that are very similar and belong to the same color family. For example, you might get towels that are bright blue, green and teal.
  • Black and white: If you want astunning and simple pairing, consider investing in black and white towels. You can get the best of both worlds with this color variety.
  • Unique color palette: Those who are passionate about design might create a unique palette made up of a few different colors for their bath towels. If you are creative and love a challenge, you could create a simple palette of three to four colors that complements your bathroom style.

Explore some additional considerations for choosing bathroom towel color combinations:

  • Current bathroom décor: Consider the current colors in your bathroom first. Will one of your current accent colors work as your towel color? Pulling an accent color from tiles, your shower curtain or decorations in your bathroom can highlight that color, making it more noticeable in those locations. You also know the color works since it’s already in your bathroom. This creates a space that looks bright, fresh and modern.
  • Bathroom size: The size of your bathroom can also play a role in your towel color selection. Just like wall color affects the way the room feels, towel color can also have an influence. There are some key design principles to keep in mind when choosing towel colors for your bathroom. Darker colors tend to make a space feel smaller and moodier, while lighter colors can brighten the room and make it feel airier. Consider how you want your bathroom to look and feel before deciding on a color.
  • The feeling the color conveys: Color has a powerful impact on feelings. The colors you choose for accents and furnishings in a room can influence the overall feeling of that space. Towel colors are no exception! They can help create or enhance a particular feeling you want in your bathroom.

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