Funny Towels- Towels That Make us Laugh

Funny Towels: A Celebration of Towels That Don't Take Themselves Too Seriously

When you think about it, towels do have this image of serious luxury. We dream of fine linens and Egyptian cotton with high thread counts, that freshly laundered decadence of the spa. Or, on the flip side, we think of solid-colored utility items there for us to dry off with any time we need to. Towels are this epitome of practical elegance. Sure, you need one to dry off after a long shower or a dip in the pool, plus clean towels sure go a long way in taking your bathroom from basic to the big leagues just by essentially hanging out.

While at Towel Super Center, we’re truly big-time towel connoisseurs, we think the notion of towels being reserved exclusively for luxury or utility should be re-evaluated to say the least. Whether at the pool or your favorite beachside paradise, a funny towel can start a conversation, bring smiles and side eyes to the faces of strangers, embarrass your friends or give your kids a chance to live out a terry cloth reimagining of that “Little Mermaid” or “Spiderman” fantasy. Your comfortable lineup of white towels can’t do that, can they?

From towels that come disguised as cute and cuddly animals to those with a biting comedic edge, and the whimsical thread count in between, here’s a comprehensive list of our favorite silly towels in honor of April Fools’ Day.

For the Adults in the Room

Take a break from your boring old beach towel and spice things up a bit next time you head out for a swim. Whether you’re looking to cover up in a creative way or get your pool mates together for a silly photo op, let some of the seriousness go! Here’s a roundup of some of the silliest and most delightful towels we’ve seen in a long time:

Kilt Towels


From the Scottish Highlands and straight to the…um, beach, the kilt towel comes in blue or red and mashes up cultures in a truly unexpected way. Guaranteed to elicit more than a few giggles from passersby, you’ll look stylin’ through sunny day cocktails and feel nice and dry in the process. Perfect for those times you need to bring a little more heroism to the pool or just want to get in touch with some long-lost Scottish roots, Instakilt’s kilt towel offers prime coverage with a little dash of humor.

Censor Yourself

We all know towels are basically designed to cover up our private areas as much as they are a handy way to dry off after a shower, bath or getting caught in the rain. So why not celebrate the towel’s true nature as an IRL censorship tool?

This silly towel is reminiscent of the pixelated nudes the FCC is so fond of, there’s something to be said about making the digital medium come to life. Take it to the gym or the beach and get a load of peoples’ reactions.

Send a “Not-so-Friendly” Message

There are times where you’re at the beach to socialize, toss a volley ball around and just kick back with your buds. And there are other times you may just want to be left alone. You won’t mince words with the bold message. “I’m busy” does the talking for you, leaving no room for confusion. Kick back and soak up those rays — you deserve it.

It’s a Scorcher

Barbecuing is the quintessential summertime activity, perfect for a post-pool refuel and hanging with your friends. Why not pay homage to outdoor grilling with this sizzlin’ towel? It’s the perfect piece for those days when it’s just about hot enough to grill an egg on the sidewalk. And you won’t want to forget sunscreen as you sizzle on the “BBQ” — nobody likes burnt meat, after all.

Put on a Happy Face

Emojis have taken over our lives for better or worse, but there’s no denying the appeal of these happy yellow faces — especially when they’ve got their shades on and are as ready to hit the sand as you are. Give those smileys a bit of sun and head to the beach.

The Kids’ Stuff

We all love kids’ costumes, whether it’s a tiny version of your favorite superhero, a puppy with little cherub cheeks, or a not-so-scary monster — heck, we think there’s a strong case for kids to wear a costume no matter what the occasion. On the other hand, if you’re looking to get your cuteness fix with a dash of practicality thrown in, look no further than the funny towel. Here are some of our favorites:

Heroes, Villains and More

Make bath time a little more fun: Little ones can do their best Spiderman impression after a good soak, or give their villainous side a chance to shine with this Darth Vader version. Good or evil, parents can take solace in a clean, happy and, best of all, dry little one.

Or rely on your imagination with these masked hooded towels. They’ll add an air of mystery to any ordinary post-bath ritual. Whether you’re looking for a pink superhero or something more neutral, these cute towels are loads of fun whether there’s water to sop up or not.

Animal Towels

Animal Edition

Because nothing is cuter than a baby animal — unless it’s a baby dressed as an animal — some of our favorite funny towels make us laugh as much as they warm our hearts and make us go “aww!” With options as vast as the animal kingdom itself, you could potentially dress your kid up in all kinds of animal-inspired costumes from dogs and cats to lions, tigers, bears — oh, you get it. Anyway, here’s a few of our favorite picks that’ll make for cozy kids and ultra-cute photos:

  • Go Frog Wild: Awww… is anything sillier than two big googly eyes? The perfect towel for animal-obsessed kids, this terry cloth creature could almost double as a killer Halloween costume if you stick some warm clothes underneath. A bit over the top, sure, but that’s what makes it fun. Plus, kids are going to be a little bit easier to get out of the pool.
  • Get Critter Crazy: These cozy cuties have got things down, and we’re sure kids will enjoy warming up inside these silly animal costumes. From flowers and triceratops to clownfish, bears and more, you’ll want to grab all these up and take loads and loads of photos.
  • Explore the Wilder Side: Sure, these monsters are a bit too sweet to be scary, but their offbeat charm gets us every time. In purple, blue or green, these sharp-toothed creatures bring full-coverage drying power to the beach — perfect for those days where it’s not exactly hot, but swimming is still on the agenda.

Live out Your Mermaid Fantasy

Mermaids are in the midst of a major moment as of late, and not just for the littlest gals. The teenage set and their older counterparts are getting in on everything mermaid, from colored hair inspired by sea life to the sustaining popularity of Disney princess memes and the love affair with Ariel and her less popular cohorts.

You’ve seen mermaid tail blankets and even fins made from bathing suit fabric, so why not add a little whimsy to your post-shower routine and show off your mer-love. This towel is sure to inspire a touch of jealously at the beach, even if these fins are waiting for you to get out of the water, rather than jumping right in.

Mermaid Towels

Funny Towels Take the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a place that despite our best effort, guests seem to gravitate toward and a place that deserves a little bit of fun every now and again. We all could use our daily serving of humor in the midst of whipping up concoctions. For those of us who don’t take cleaning too seriously and want to keep the smiles rolling even when dishes start to pile up, here are a few funny towel ideas:

The Miracle of Life

This growing belly towel illustrates the journey of an unborn baby throughout its nine months inside the womb, using fruit to document the process, from poppy seed to pumpkin and all the avocados, corn and coconut in between. This towel makes a fun gift for an expectant friend or new parents.

For Alarm Bell Emergencies

For those of us still learning our way around the kitchen, it’s fairly commonplace for the jarring sound of the smoke detector to interrupt the flow of cooking. But time and time again, our famous pancakes or tried-and-true stir-fry betrays us and the alarm bells are a-ringing.

Tea Rex Knows Best

This tea towel puts a friendly spin on one of the most ferocious predators to ever walk on Planet Earth. Whether or not you love a good pun, this cutie pie fits perfectly into any kitchen, infusing a laugh into tea time, dinner time and beyond. Drink up!


Rather than the old “live, laugh, love” or “joy” tea towel quotations, serve up some sass alongside those famous mashed potatoes. Whether it’s more “praise the lard” or “graters gonna grate,” you’ll definitely want to stock up on these saucy sentiments, both for yourself and for spicing up that housewarming party on the social horizon.

Galaxy Cat

Okay, it’s not a funny towel list without one mention of a cat meme. This little towel has it all: bright colors, unknown planets, surprised kitties and a design that looks great no matter which way you fold it. A true winner if you ask us.

Bring Some Humor into the Bathroom

Maybe recreating the spa isn’t exactly your thing, or maybe white linens just feel a little devoid of fun. That’s okay — we’ll help you brighten up your space with some a few extra towels. There’s plenty of fun towels to go around, from witty phrases to fun shapes and pop culture references. Whether you’re trying to make guests smile or play an absorbent joke on an out-of-town relative, here are a few options that are sure to delight.

Get Tasty

There’s nothing better than washing up with a fresh set of jelly rolls, complete with a cherry on top, folded into cute shapes. Unfurl these sweet swirls and clean up good. This set comes with a small and medium towel to do double duty.

Or a Little More Decadent

These hand towels one-up the jelly donuts mentioned above and go all out, disguised as a decadent cake. Perfect for the dessert lovers in your life, or just to add a little fun into the drudgery of restocking the bathroom linens.

Towels for Star Wars Fans

For the Star Wars Fans Among Us

These Leia/Han Solo towels are the perfect wedding or housewarming gift for your favorite Star Wars enthusiast couple friends. Captioned, “I love you” and “I know,” respectively, all hand-washers will get a little laugh upon exiting the restroom.

Kid-Friendly Characters

These towels are perfect for the family who doesn’t love to share. Personalized towels come in a variety of characters, including Cookie Monster, Elmo and Sponge Bob Square Pants, and are a fantastic addition to any kids’ bathroom that needs an easy burst of color. Plus, little ones might be more inclined to get out of the bath or wash their hands.

Now That You’ve Got Towels on the Brain — Shop Towel Super Center

Some towels are there to make you laugh, while others are there to mop up after a big cry or take care of some serious spills. No matter what the mood, if you’re in the market for towels in general, you’ve come to the right place.

At Towel Super Center, we’ll help you meet all kinds of household needs, taking on water puddles and epic messes as well as those that make your bathroom a little more presentable with their thick loops and plushy power.

Hooded and masked superhero or something slightly subtler, we know towels are there to save the day. Spring cleaning, muddy pets or maybe you forgot to put the lid on the blender — towels are the unsung heroes of the house.

We believe you can never have too many towels, and nothing beats a fresh new one at peak plushness. Check out our offerings, from hand towels and bath towels to bigger options for the beach. We’ve also got towels for the kitchen, the workshop or even the salon, so contact us today to take care of your wholesale towel needs.

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