Line-Drying Towels

Line Drying Towels

With the ease of mechanical washers and dryers, we no longer have to struggle to wash and dry our clothes manually. But sometimes, there are benefits to the old ways of doing things modern technology can’t offer. Line drying is one of those traditional ways of doing things, but many people get frustrated with line drying when clothes come off the line stiff or not completely dry — especially heavier items, like towels.

Luckily, there are simple tips you can use to avoid these mishaps and take full advantage of the benefits of line drying for towels, bedsheets and everyday clothes.


Benefits of Line Drying

A lot of the frustration people feel about hang-drying clothes stems from not knowing the proper ways to do it. Those frustrations end up depriving them of some of the advantages of line drying.

  • Cheaper: By not using a dryer, you’re saving money on electricity, as well as on fabric softener and dryer sheets.
  • Greener: Hang drying is far more environmentally friendly, since all you need is a clothesline, clothespins and fresh air.
  • Static-free: That annoying static all over clothes that come out of the dryer is a thing of the past when you hang dry towels and other fabrics.
  • Gentler: Unlike dryers, which throw items around, line drying is much gentler on clothes. Treating clothes gently also tends to help them last longer.
  • Wrinkle-free: Wrinkles are a thing of the past when you switch to line drying. Without any folds during drying, clothes don’t have the chance to form wrinkles. They’re ready to use right off the clothesline no ironing needed. 

But how to best take advantage of these perks? Line drying is relatively self-explanatory. However, a few small tricks will make the process much easier and allow you to reap its benefits, especially when you need to dry larger and bulkier things, such as towels.


7 Tips for Line-Drying Towels

When it comes to towels, making sure they’re clean and fluffy for use is crucial. It can also be challenging, since towels absorb moisture, which can lead to mildew. Removing mildew or mold from towels isn’t a lot of fun, which is why it’s essential to ensure towels are thoroughly dry. 

Line drying, when done properly, can extend the life of your towels while keeping them soft and fresh. Here are seven ways to perfect your line-drying technique.

1. Shake, Shake, Shake

Similar to when you tumble dry clothes, giving them a hefty shake before pinning them to a clothesline will help soften them up. It’s even more critical to shake towels both before and after they’re dry to help them stay soft and fluffy.

2. Use Less Detergent

Since towels absorb liquids so well, it can be difficult to get laundry detergent out of them. Leftover laundry detergent in your towels will both make them heavier and increase the likelihood of bacteria growing in the moistness. Plus, it can end up making your clothes stiffer when they come off the clothesline. A little goes a long way with laundry detergent, so using even half the recommended amount should be sufficient.

use less detergent

If you do opt to use the full recommended amount, consider adding half a cup of white vinegar to the final cycle of your wash. The vinegar will help dissolve the detergent, and the smell of vinegar will evaporate as the clothes dry.

3. Pin the Edges

Unless you’re hang drying something massive, like bedsheets or tablecloths, avoid folding it over the clothesline. Line the edge of the towel against the clothesline and pin it. That way, you ensure a thorough dry without wrinkles on the folded end.

Ideally, it’s best to dry similar items together, but if you’re drying a mixed lot of clothes, it’s better to hang towels on the outer edges of the clothesline to avoid their weight bringing the line down in the middle.

4. Look for Windy Days

If fluffiness is what you’re after, opt to hang dry towels on a windy day. Make sure to fasten them securely, so they don’t fly off, then wait for nature to take its course. Your towels will likely dry a bit faster in windy weather, and end up soft and fluffy for use. 

However, if the weather is more humid, it’s a good idea to leave clothes to line dry a little bit longer to ensure all the moisture has gone before you fold them up. 

While you’re checking the weather report, make sure there’s no chance of rain or freezing temperatures when you plan to line dry your clothes. If there is, consider investing in an indoor drying rack.

5. Keep Bright Colors Away From the Sun

The rule of thumb is the brighter the clothes, the further away from direct sunlight they should hang. Sunlight is ideal to speed up drying, but it can also fade bright colors. Alternately, lighter colors especially whites  are best line-dried in direct sunlight. The sunlight makes the whites whiter and ends up making other light colors brighter.

6. Invest in a Proper Clothesline

A piece of string or rope does not make a clothesline. Ideally, a cotton clothesline or one with a vinyl coating is best, since it won’t deteriorate from the wear and tear of wet clothes. A proper clothesline is especially valuable for items like towels, which weigh more and may need to hang on the line longer. Cotton or vinyl-coated clotheslines are sturdy and won’t absorb moisture and dirt, making them more sanitary as well.

invest in a proper clothesline

7. Look for Quality Clothespins

Not all clothespins are the same, and when you’re drying heavier items like towels, you want to ensure they won’t fall off the line and get dirty again. 

Traditional heavy wood clothespins are best, as they fulfill a solely functional purpose, rather than an aesthetic one. They’re unlikely to snap, like plastic ones, or rot away, like those made from softer wood. 

And remember to take the clothespins back inside instead of leaving them on the line. Exposure to the elements will reduce their lifespan and may them brittle.


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