Washcloth Colors wholesale 13X13-Premium 100% Cotton

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100% cotton wholesale washcloths size 13X13-Colors, great for any business that needs a heavy weight face towel/ washcloth extra soft, highly absorbent.

Additional Information

Choose Cotton-Based Colored Wholesale Washcloths for Your Gym or Business

What do your towels say about you? Are you afraid to think about what your current washcloths are telling your patrons?

If you have a business — especially in the competitive fitness or beauty industries — you probably need quality washcloths. After all, guests who are ready to exercise or experience some high-level pampering expect the best, including premium washcloths and other towel products.

Most businesses choose white washcloths, as these towels see intensive use and frequent washing in bleach. Why not stand out from the crowd by getting premium washcloths that offer an array of hues?

If you’d like to add a pop of color and luxury to your business, our premium colored washcloths come in a rainbow of colors and offer true quality at wholesale prices. You don’t have to stick with white to enjoy long-lasting towels when you buy from us.

Caring Tips for Our Premium Colored Washcloths

We have carefully chosen our colored washcloths to offer bright and vibrant colors that wear well and wash well. With our towels’ long laundry life, you can wash repeatedly and still have your washcloths looking almost new.

Want to know a few tips to keep your colored wholesale washcloths bright and attractive? Our best advice includes to:

  • Pre-treat stains immediately. This helps loosen staining agents from the cotton fibers.
  • Wash premium washcloths daily. Don’t allow them to sit, which can cause the fibers to prematurely wear out.
  • Use bleach alternative and regular laundry products. You don’t want to risk chemical or chlorine spotting or fading of your beautiful premium washcloths.
  • Tumble your wholesale washcloths, then immediately fold or use them. The fibers will be at their softest and fluffiest!

Quality Cotton Colored Washcloths

Our colored washcloths are 100% cotton and soft. For delicate facial skin and any application, they’re a perfect fit. You can match the various colors to your logo and brand or just offer a rainbow of colors to keep things cheerful around the salon, spa or other business you own. Our washcloths use top-quality materials to ensure they always look and feel terrific.

Grab the Right Number of Colored Premium Washcloths Today

Tired of constantly trying to keep up with buying new washcloths every time a current batch becomes frayed, spotted or stained? Stock up while saving money by purchasing wholesale washcloths in bulk from Towel Super Center.

We pass along deep discounts to you regardless of how many units of premium washcloths you order. Whether you just need a couple dozen for your gym, spa, fitness facility, hotel or other business, or you need thousands of wholesale washcloths, we have you covered.

Best of all, our 13″ by 13″ premium washcloths are made of 100-percent cotton fibers. What better way to ensure you’re making a wonderful first impression on guests without overspending?