How Many Towels Do You Need for Your Hotel?

How Many Towels Do You Need for Your Hotel?

When running a hotel, you’ll want to offer enough amenities for guests without overwhelming your infrastructure, going over budget or detracting from the guest experience. Part of maintaining your hotel is making sure you have enough clean towel sets for guests throughout their stay. But how do you figure out how many to buy per person? 

We’ve got all the information to help you determine the number of hotel towels your business needs. We’ll go over how to figure out your towel count, what towels you require and what towels you should supply.

How Many Towels Does a Hotel Need?

How many towels do I need in my hotel? The average hotel should have towels in triplicate. For example, while one towel set circulates among guests, another is in the wash and the third is in storage. This tactic prevents you from running out of clean towels and ensures linens constantly move and rotate through guest rooms.

Like other hotel amenities, the number of hotel towels you need depends on your budget, building capacity and the experience you’re providing. If your hotel offers bonus conveniences like a pool or gym, you should have extra towels for guests using these facilities. You can store these in guestrooms or have staff members offer the towels when guests enter the pool or gym facilities. 

If you’re offering a more luxury hotel experience, you should expect to keep more varieties and amounts of hotel-quality towels stocked. These linens might include makeup-removing towels, bath sheets and washcloths. Like standard bath towels, keep enough on hand to supply your hotel three times. 

So, how many bath towels do you need? While the number of towels depends on the size of the bedrooms, the intended guest numbers and the type of services your hotel offers, many hotels typically store a set amount of towels for daily use. For example, keep at least two bath towels, hand towels and washcloths per guest. You should also offer one bath mat per stay and bathroom so guests can safely step out of the shower. While luxury hotels can afford extra sets of bath and hand towels, more affordable lodging can get by with two towels of each type per guest. Always remember to have clean, fresh towels if a guest requests more during their stay.

Different Types of Hotel Towels

Different Types of Hotel Towels 

Hotels offer all the comforts of home while guests are away. In addition to hand towels, mats and washcloths, you’ll want to keep several towel types in stock. Here are six different kinds of hotel towels to keep in mind.

1. Bath Towels

Regular bath towels are a highly versatile staple of the hotel industry. Bath towels are ideal for many uses, like drying hair, cleaning off after a shower and soaking water off the floor. They’re essential for any hotel stay, so make sure you get enough. To figure out how many bath towels you need, use the rule of three and increase it if you use bath towels in other places around the hotel. 

2. Pool Towels

Having a pool can help you attract more guests, and stocking pool towels will keep swimmers happy. These don’t have to be as plush as bath towels, but they do need to be durable enough to withstand the pool water chlorine. Store them at the pool so guests don’t need to bring bath towels down from their rooms. 

3. Spa Towels

If you keep premium towels anywhere, it should be the spa. Help guests relax with luxurious, plush spa towels and give them a vacation they’ll remember for years. Spa linens include hand towels and washcloths, which you can use in guests’ rooms even if your hotel doesn’t have a spa.

4. Towel Sets

Towel sets often include hand, face and body towels for guests to enjoy. Hotels usually have two towel sets per guest in their bedrooms and bathrooms. Depending on your business budget and the services provided, you might include more or less each towel type.

5. Hair Towels

Hair towels are smaller and often contain gentle fabrics or materials that keep your guests’ hair smooth and silky. Consider satin or microfiber towel sets for guests to use after the shower. 

6. Bath Mats

A bath mat gives a dry, non-slip surface to step on when exiting the shower. To promote cleanliness and safety, consider placing a durable bath mat in every bathroom.

What to Consider When Buying Towels for Your Hotel

What to Consider When Buying Towels for Your Hotel

In addition to considering how many towels to stock per person, you also have to think about what kind to buy, how guests will use them and where you’ll store extras. Evaluating all aspects of your business will maximize your efficiency and ensure you save money and time on excess towels. Remember the following variables when towel shopping. 

1. Material and Quality

While all hotels aim to provide guests with a comfortable stay, different hotels deliver varying levels of luxury. If you offer an upscale guest experience, you should have a higher quality and quantity of towel options. Finding the right towel quality makes guests more comfortable and allows you to budget and stock everything correctly.

Let’s look at the three levels of towel quality for hotels.

  • Economy: Economy-quality towels are 100% cotton but less plush than premium options. They hold up well for constant and moderate use — they’re fast-drying and will withstand frequent use for a long time. 
  • Premium: Premium-quality towels are fluffier than economy and have tighter weaves. This softness makes them even more comfortable to use than standard towels. 
  • Premium plus: Premium-plus towels are the plushest, best hotel towels. Their fluffy, soft texture elevates the guest experience and shows how much you value their business. 

You might select different qualities based on other uses. A small economy towel would be suitable for guests working out in your gym, while plush, premium plus towels will be comfortable bath linens.

2. Usage

Use also affects the towels you should invest in. Hotels churn through towels quickly — they often need to stock for many guests and account for damage or loss. Buying in bulk is the most efficient ordering method for these businesses. You get a uniform product from one shop and excellent discounts for bulk orders. 

Additionally, you’ll need various towels for different uses. If you have a pool, you should stock extra, more durable towels for swimmers. If you’re providing hand towels, they should also hold up to frequent use while still feeling soft. Consider the towel’s durability and weight when buying so you have suitable towels for your amenities. 

Other towel usage considerations include laundry services, branding, longevity and staff. Ask yourself whether you plan to hire a third-party laundry service company to help you wash and dry guest towels. Will outsourcing be more cost-effective or free up your time to focus on other tasks?

You can also consider branding. Discover what guests expect from your hotel experience and how you can build a brand around that. How will guests wish to use your towels, and how can you market the luxury or comfort associated with staying on your property?

You’ll also want to invest in long-lasting towels, as your guests may go through several towels and washcloths daily. Consider which colors, materials and sizes might have longevity compared to other towel types. For example, microfiber or 100% cotton towels are long-lasting when carefully maintained and washed, while towels with a mixture of polyester or other materials might become wrinkled or rough after several uses. 

Finally, ask yourself how many people will work with the towels. What staff members are responsible for doing laundry? 

3. Washing and Drying Capacity

Every hotel should have heavy-duty washers and dryers to ensure they can handle the enormous amount of laundry. Heavier towels take longer to dry, so your housekeeping staff must split them into more loads. Factor that into your laundry timing and how many sets of towels you buy. You’ll have to stock enough towels so guests always have clean linens to use, even if that means hiring more people to work in the laundry room.

4. Storage Space

Storage space is another condition that affects the number of towels you can have. Premium and premium-plus towels feel more luxurious, but this also affects their weight and thickness. Note the size of your storage space and the dimensions of the towels you want to ensure you have somewhere to put all your stored linens. You could also train your staff to fold towels to fit all your linens effectively in one space.

5. Towel Animals

Towel animals are an excellent way to improve guests’ experiences while providing a comfortable and luxurious atmosphere. You can create many whimsical animals using various towel and washcloth sizes.

  • Snakes: Snakes only require a few rolls and folds to create a fun animal shape. You can even add construction-paper eyes for extra flair.
  • Elephants: Elephant towels are more challenging to create, but they are perfect for rooms with multiple guests, families or children. 
  • Swans: Swans are a romantic option to set on beds in couples’ rooms.
  • Rabbits: A folded bunny adds the cutest addition to your guest rooms and is the perfect fold for springtime.
  • Crabs or lobsters: If you have a hotel near the beach, consider a crab or lobster towel fold to welcome your guests to the area.
  • Bears: It’s possible to fold a washcloth into a bear shape, adding an extra flair to your bathroom towel sets.

Towel Animals

The best towel type for animal folding is the bath towel, which has enough room to fold and crimp the right parts. Swans are among the most popular towel animals, especially for luxury hotels, honeymoon suites and couples’ rooms. Consider matching the towel animal to your hotel’s aesthetic and decor. For example, you can fold bears for a rustic cabin-style hotel or match the animal to the season, like birds and rabbits for springtime. 

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