How to Wrap a Towel After a Shower

Imagine stepping out of a relaxing shower and bundling up in a plush towel. It’s a simple moment, but one that can add so much comfort to your usual routine. Perhaps you only dry off and go about getting ready, denying yourself a daily luxury and upgrade to your post-shower regimen. Maybe you’ve tried to wrap up in a towel after a shower but couldn’t get the linen to stay.

No matter what you do when you finish showering, wrapping yourself in a towel should be a part of your routine. Need some tips and tricks? Learn how to wrap a towel after a shower, how to wrap your hair in a towel, and more useful advice below.


How to Wrap Your Body With a Towel After a Shower

Covering up in a towel after your shower or bath is a convenient way to dry off and go about your routine until you get dressed. But such a simple action involves the right steps to ensure your towel is comfortable and your wrap stays secure. Use these tips to learn how to wrap a towel after a shower.

1. Pick the Right Towel

What’s the best towel to wrap up in after a shower? Ideally, you want a large enough bath towel to wrap around you, made of 100% cotton for softness and absorbency. You’ll quickly dry off after your shower and cover yourself in a luxurious, comfortable towel. You could also look for a blend of 86% cotton and 14% polyester for a linen that’s fast-drying and long-lasting. When you shop for towels with Towel Super Center, you’ll find both of those options among our range of bath towels.

  • Economy: For absorbent linens that combine durability with cost-effective prices, choose our economy towels. Find the size you’re looking for and buy a bulk selection to stock up your home’s linen supply.
  • Premium: Our premium bath towels in a sparkling white complement any décor. These towels give you the luxury you deserve at a wholesale price you can afford.
  • Premium plus: These linens provide the ultimate absorbency, softness and durability, all in a full-sized luxury towel. Our pure white, premium plus towels offer a comfortable and relaxing spa-like feel.

2. Dry Off

Drying off a bit before you wrap yourself in a towel will ensure you don’t drip everywhere. Since the towel will go mostly around your torso, you should take special care to dry off areas the wrap won’t cover, like:

  • Your hair
  • Your arms
  • Your upper back
  • Your legs

If you’re wondering how to make a towel wrap for a man, you’ll likely only secure the towel around your waist. In that case, you should dry your torso along with your arms and legs before wrapping up.

3. Position the Towel

Once you’re sufficiently dry, it’s time to position the towel. Hold it horizontally, grabbing the top corners in each hand with the towel behind you. You should be able to hold the corners up and out to the sides, but how far they go will depend on your towel’s size. Again, men will likely wrap the towel at their waist and women above their chest, so position the linen accordingly.

4. Wrap the Towel

With your towel in position, you’re ready to wrap yourself in your linen’s soft, plush luxury. Take either the left or right corner of your towel across your body, bringing it to the opposite side. Overlap the other corner, and you’ll be almost wrapped up after your shower.

It doesn’t matter which side you bring over first, but depending on your towel’s size, you might need to adjust the side you wrap first to be longer. If you’re putting the towel above your chest, you’ll find it’s easier to secure if the first corner reaches under your armpit. You can then hold it to your side as you wrap the other corner in front of you.

5. Tuck the Corner

With your towel snug around your body, tuck the corner to secure it. That will be the second corner of the towel that overlaps the part you already wrapped in front of you. Fold the corner into the top, which sits horizontally against your chest. Tucking a larger section of the towel can help it stay in place, and you could also twist the towel’s corner before tucking it to keep it secure. From there, you can go about your post-shower routine.

If you’re wrapping a towel around your waist, you can either tuck the corner or roll the top. Wrap and overlap the towel as you would if you were tucking it, but instead of folding in the corner, use both hands to hold it. Roll the top edge down over the towel’s corner, and roll the rest of it all around your waist. If your towel is long enough, you could also try this method as you wrap a towel around your chest.


How to Wrap Your Hair in a Towel

If you have long hair, wrapping it in a towel can prevent it from dripping on you after you’ve dried off. You should treat your hair delicately after showering to prevent breakage, so learn how to wrap a towel around your head for the best results.

1. Pick the Right Towel

Your hair is fragile when it’s wet, so take that into account when selecting your towel. With the right linen to dry and wrap your hair, you can prevent frizz and damage. Choose linens like these to wrap your hair in.

  • Salon towels: Hairstylists love these linens for their convenient size and gentle treatment of hair. A bath towel is soft and fluffy, which is ideal for your body, but less so for your hair. Salon towels aren’t as plush, meaning they create less friction and aren’t as likely to snag your hair. That helps keep the strands intact and free from damage, while cotton and cotton-polyester blends wick water away and dry your hair.
  • Microfiber towels: A microfiber towel consists of fibers that are significantly thinner than cotton threads and human hair, creating less friction. You also get more surface area because the fibers are split, not looped. Microfiber towels can then absorb more water than other linens, helping your hair dry faster.

Since you want to wrap your hair, you’ll need a longer towel than you would to dry your head after a shower. Still, you shouldn’t choose something too large. A heavy towel can create more friction against your hair when you wrap it, and it’ll be too cumbersome to go about your routine with.

Instead, choose a towel that drapes a little past your shoulders when you place it on top of your head. It should be wide enough to go from the start of your hairline to the nape of your neck.

2. Dry Your Hair

To help your hair dry better once it’s in a wrap, dry it first. When towel-drying your hair, be sure to be gentle, using blotting and squeezing methods instead of rubbing or wringing your hair. The goal is to coax the water into the towel and avoid applying too much friction to your hair.

3. Untangle Your Hair

Detangling your hair before you wrap it can help minimize the snarls later. You might skip this step, depending on your hair’s texture. Those with straight hair can gently detangle their hair with a few passes of a large-toothed comb. If you have curly hair, you might run your fingers through to remove any noticeable tangles. Remember that your hair is more fragile when it’s wet, so be gentle. 

4. Flip Your Head Down

Now, it’s time to grab your towel and wrap your hair. Begin by flipping your hair over your head — this is why it’s essential to dry your hair. If you didn’t, you’d send a splatter of water droplets across the bathroom as you flip your head down.

Once you’ve bent your head forward, move all your hair to the front so it hangs down and no stray strands stay on your neck. If your hair is still dripping, gently blot and squeeze it a few more times before wrapping it.

5. Drape the Towel

For this step, you can either use the towel you used to dry your hair or another one. If your towel absorbed a lot of water from your body, you might want to wrap it in a dry one to wick more water. Whatever you decide, you’ll drape the towel with the middle of the long side at the nape of your neck. The rest of your towel should be on top of your head, where you can wrap it to be snug around you.

6. Twist the Towel

With the towel draped and the sides of the linen even on either side of your head, it’s time to twist. With your head still flipped down, bring both sides of the towel together at the center of your head, gathering your hair in the linen. Hold the sides together and twist the towel around your hair. A clockwise or counterclockwise twist will work. With the linen twisted, lift your head and bring your wrapped hair up over the top of your head.

From there, you can leave the tail of the towel hanging or tuck it under the towel at the nape of your neck to secure it. When you wrap and twist the towel, be sure not to make it too tight. That could damage your hair or cause discomfort to your head. As you wrap it, you can decide whether you’ll tuck the towel behind your ears or leave them covered.

7. Consider Plopping

This method of wrapping your hair in a towel works well for curly hair textures. Plop your hair to create less frizz and help your curls maintain their definition. Achieve this effect by bundling your hair in the towel instead of twisting it. All you’ll need is a towel suitable for your hair and a large hair tie to follow these steps:

  • Place the towel on a flat surface, like the bathroom counter, so the long side is horizontal.
  • Bend your head over the towel, letting your hair lay on it.
  • Bring the towel’s far edge along the nape of your neck, keeping your head down so the towel stays in place.
  • Take the short sides of the towel and bring them to the back of your neck, scooping your hair into the towel in the process.
  • Bundle the towel and lift your head.
  • Hold the bunched sides of the linen together with one hand as you wrap it in a large hair tie like it’s a bun.

8. Unwrap It Carefully

Once you’re ready to unwrap your hair — after anywhere from a few minutes to a half-hour — do so carefully. Especially if you twisted your hair, roughly pulling the towel off your head can create too much friction. Tip your head down, bring the back of the towel forward and gently untwist it. Remove the towel, flip your hair back up and you’re ready to brush or style it.

Tips and Tricks for Wrapping a Towel After a Shower

Tips and Tricks for Wrapping a Towel After a Shower

Wrapping up in a soft, absorbent towel after a bath or shower can treat you to a spa-like experience. But you can improve on it even more with a few additional tips. Whether you’re struggling to keep your towel in place or want the most luxurious towel wrap possible, try these tricks.

  • Use a bath towel clip: If you have trouble keeping a towel in place after a shower, consider a bath towel clip. These gadgets are becoming more popular, as they offer a way to clip the overlapping parts of your towel together. You could also use specific hair clip styles to keep the towel in place.
  • Wrap the towel tightly: Wrapping the towel so it’s taut around your body can help it stay in place. A secure wrap is essential, especially if your post-shower routine involves a lot of moving around. Having to readjust the towel often can become bothersome, so wrap and tuck it securely the first time to avoid the hassle.
  • Launder your towels correctly:Washing your linens the correct way will help maintain their softness and absorbency, making for a more comfortable and efficient towel wrap. Use a tennis or laundry ball in the dryer instead of a dryer sheet to keep residue off the towels and fluff them as they dry.
  • Wrap up in a warm towel: Sure, bundling up in a plush towel after a shower is comfortable, but imagine the luxury if that linen was warm, too. Invest in a towel warmer or use a towel that’s fresh out of the dryer to treat yourself to a comfortable wrap.

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