How Often Should You Replace Your Towels? 

One of life’s many simple joys is wrapping your freshly showered self in a fluffy, clean towel. Most of us take the simplicity and availability of towels for granted, but when you think about it, the towel is a versatile and necessary product. You use towels every day and in many different ways — you dry your dishes with them, use them to dry off after a bath or shower, lay on them at the beach, clean with them and expect them to be readily available at gyms, hotels and spas. Towels are everywhere!

Towels are an essential part of our daily lives. Keeping them in good condition and replacing them when worn is vital for maintaining effective, attractive towels. Inevitably, you’ll have to replace your towels someday, but how do you know when it’s time? Let’s take a closer look at the proper care of towels and how to know it’s time to replace them.

How Long Do Towels Last?

Different towels will have their own life spans. As long as you take care of them, good bath towels will last years before needing replacement. 

There’s no set time for towel life spans — how long they last will depend on their quality and maintenance. You should buy new bath towels when yours become worn, unabsorbent and scratchy. In short, when you notice your towels becoming old and worn, it’s time to replace them. 

Factors That Impact the Life of Your Towel

Even with proper care, your high-quality wholesale towels will eventually wear down and need replacement. There are different standards for every industry, but generally speaking, how long towels should last depends on three major factors:

  1. Quality: Cheaply made towels won’t last as long as high-quality towels. Premium towels use superior materials and construction techniques, allowing the towels to be more absorbent, softer and longer lasting. Spending a little more upfront will provide you with more durable, effective towels that last longer than economy towels, saving you money long-term. 
  2. Frequency of use: The more you use your towels, the shorter their life span will be. For example, hotels use and wash towels constantly, so they go through towels more quickly than most businesses. If you only have one or two towels, you’ll need to replace them much sooner since they’ll see more frequent use. Having several towels in your rotation will extend their life span and save you from buying towels as often. 
  3. Level of care: If you take good care of your towels — and wash, dry and care for them as you should — they will last longer than if you neglect them. Good maintenance is key to having strong, soft towels for as long as possible. Proper care will keep your towels vibrant, fluffy and absorbent for years. 

Why Should You Replace Your Towels?


In addition to the pleasure that fluffy new towels bring, replacing your old towels helps maintain sanitary conditions. Every item we use for cleaning needs periodic replacement to ensure it remains efficient and effective. Replacing your towels ensures that anyone using them will have a clean, soft fabric to clean with. Here are some reasons to replace your towels for a germ-free, updated and well-maintained space:

  • Towels can be dirty. Towels retain moisture, which is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Towels also come into contact with dirt, food, moisture and dust, all of which can increase bacteria growth. When the towels come into contact with people, pets and objects, that bacteria can spread throughout homes and businesses. 
  • Fresh towels look nicer. Brand-new, fluffy towels look inviting and luxurious. Updated towels make an area seem cleaner, better maintained and more sophisticated. Adding new towels to a space can help elevate it and make a room feel like new. 
  • New towels absorb better. New towel fibers are better at absorbing moisture. They’ll make users feel more comfortable and will help people dry off quickly and easily compared to old towels. 

6 Signs You Need New Towels

No towel will last forever, but determining when it’s time to replace your towels can be a matter of preference. If you clean them well and don’t mind a stiff, worn-out towel, you can use them for as long as 10 years! However, if you offer towels to your customers, a stiff, worn-out towel won’t make a good impression, even if it’s clean.

Keep an eye on your towels to ensure you’re replacing them when necessary. Over time, they’ll begin to show wear — when this happens, consider updating your towels to ensure their softness, durability and freshness. Let’s look at six signs your towels are ready for replacement: 

1. They’re Worn Out

If you begin to notice holes, fraying and rips, it’s time for new towels. Even the best care can’t prevent towels from becoming worn out — over many washes and uses, the towels’ fibers will begin to break down. This wear causes your towels to lose their strength, softness and absorbency. Your towels will still be useable, but they won’t work as well or look as nice as new, fresh towels. 

Cut down on your waste by reusing towels whenever possible. You can turn worn towels into cleaning rags to get the most use out of them. While old towel rags won’t be as absorbent, they’ll get the job done and you won’t have to worry about ruining new cleaning cloths with bleach and cleaning solutions. 

2. They Smell

All towels begin to smell if they’ve seen a lot of use between washes or if they’re not properly dried. However, older towels will smell after one use or even immediately after washing. When your towels start smelling musty, no matter how often you clean them, it’s time for replacements. This smell is a sign that they’re holding onto germs and moisture. 

You can help avoid this smell by hanging your towels flat to dry in-between washes. A crumpled-up, moist towel will collect bacteria and unpleasant odors more quickly than flat drying. Flat drying will help them aerate and improve their life span. Electric dryers are harsh on fabrics — their high heat and drying cycles can cause your towel fibers to become scratchy and worn more quickly than air drying. 

3. They Aren’t Absorbent

If you find that you’re still wet after toweling off, you might want to invest in new towels. When towels get too old, their fibers become worn and they aren’t able to absorb moisture as well as they used to. 

No one wants to stay damp after their shower! Instead of having to scrub your old towel over your body over and over to get dry, buy new towels and use your old ones for different tasks. 

4. They’re Scratchy

Along with a loss of absorbency, old towels will feel scratchy on your skin. Everyone loves a soft, fluffy towel, but when they aren’t comfortable anymore, towels can become unpleasant to use. Your towels might need cleaning — fabric softener can sometimes cause a waxy build-up. Before replacing your towels, you can wash them one more time to see if that restores their texture. 

If your towels are too scratchy, it’s time to invest in new ones. Not only are rough towels less comfortable to use, but they also don’t work well. Worn, scratchy fibers aren’t as good at absorbing water and will only make drying off unpleasant. Buy high-quality towels to ensure they last longer, and avoid using too much detergent and fabric softener since they can affect the towels’ softness. 

5. They Don’t Match

Over the years, you might have collected lots of mismatched towels. While these may be trusty, well-loved towels, you might want a better-matching set. Updating your towel collection to similar towels will make your space look put-together and stylish. Investing in a set of matching, quality towels can make your kitchen or bathroom look brand new. 

6. They’re Old

If your towels are getting up in years, consider replacing them. Old towels are extremely likely to show one or more of the above signs, making them less comfortable and effective. Old towels will look dingy and will dry less effectively than new ones. If you find yourself avoiding your older towels and using newer ones, it’s time to swap them out. Upgrading towels that have been around for a few years can significantly improve your shower time. Enjoy brand new, plush towels and save your old rags for cleaning and scrap. 

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