How Does Serena Williams Stay Cool on the Tennis Court?

How Does Serena Williams Stay Cool on the Tennis Court?

Athletes like Serena Williams push themselves to the upper limits of athletic performance, but they take some serious risks in doing so. Playing intensive professional sports in high temperatures, as Williams often does, can lead to severe illnesses like heat exhaustion and heatstroke. That’s where cooling towels come in.

How Does Serena Williams Stay Cool on the Tennis Court?

Athletes like Serena Williams push themselves to the upper limits of athletic performance, but they take some serious risks in doing so. Playing intensive professional sports in high temperatures, as Williams often does, can lead to severe illnesses like heat exhaustion and heatstroke. That’s where cooling towels come in.

Williams and many other players wear tennis towels over their shoulders to stay comfortably cool while physically active. The towel is also a safety precaution to prevent her from overheating on the court. Many players in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics suffered heatstroke, and the International Olympic Committee had to move their remaining matches to later in the day to keep them safe. Many situations like this in professional tennis have opened players’ eyes to the dangers of heat exhaustion. 

Though Williams once used a towel with ice to keep her cool around the neck, she now uses cooling towels for instant relief on the court. She has spoken about her struggles competing against the heat, combating it with up to two hours of cooling provided by her athletic towel. Williams firmly believes in the refreshing effects of cooling towels, which is why she’s one of the many pro athletes who openly endorse them.

What Is a Cooling Towel?

Choosing the best tennis towel is essential to keep you healthy while playing. Cooling towels made from microfiber fabrics maximize evaporative cooling, which our bodies use to stabilize our core temperature. When you place the towel around your neck, the water it holds dissipates, lowering your body’s temperature.

They cool down immediately once you activate them and stay cool for up to two hours. They are some of the best towels for sweat, as they absorb water and other moisture and distribute it evenly throughout the fabric. They’re simple to use — wet the material thoroughly, remove the excess moisture and snap the towel to activate. You can do the same with a regular household towel, but the effects won’t last as long. 

As these towels help regulate your body temperature in sweltering conditions, they’re perfect for any athlete who participates in outdoor sports like athletics, running, field hockey and, of course, tennis. But they’re not only for professional athletes. Cooling towels are an excellent option for anyone working or exercising outside in hot weather.

5 Advantages of Cooling Tennis Towels

When you’re looking for the best sweat towels, consider the numerous advantages of using cooling towels like Serena Williams.

1. Decreased Risk of Overheating

Heatstroke occurs when the body hits the 104-degree mark and cannot recover. Athletic towels can prevent overheating by regulating the body’s internal temperature with natural and evaporative cooling technologies. This combination keeps our bodies comfortable and ready for action. Cooling towels can even drop up to 20 degrees below room temperature.

Excessively hot environments compromise your body’s ability to cool itself down. Using a cooling towel in high temperatures can prevent overheating and mitigate the risk of heat-related illnesses such as heat exhaustion and heatstroke.

2. Increased Ventilation

Many chilled materials like bandanas and cloths succeed in creating a cooling effect on the body, but cooling towels allow for better, longer-lasting regulation. This advantage comes from the towel’s fabric, which holds more water than other materials to provide maximum ventilation to the body. Athletic towels’ microfiber materials allow heat to easily escape the body, resulting in fast relief from high temperatures.

3. Elevated Versatility

Cooling towels are incredibly versatile — suitable for any age group and catering to practically any activity. Whether you’re taking a trip to the gym, playing pickup basketball with friends, participating in competitive sports, running or doing yoga, an athletic towel will keep you cool and comfortable.

These towels also come in a wide range of colors and patterns, so you can customize them to fit your style. Additionally, many retailers have started selling cooling towels wholesale, which means you can order them in bulk for teams and groups.

4. Improved Ease of Use

With cooling towels, the benefits are virtually immediate — they’re as easy to use as they are functional. All you have to do is soak them in water and wrap them around your head or neck, and that’s it! Your towel is already doing its job.

5. Reduced Sweat

Cooling towels are some of the best sweat towels. They reduce how much you sweat in a hot environment, which keeps you hydrated for longer. You don’t feel the heat the same way when you use a cooling towel, so you’re more comfortable during exercise. 

They’re also flashy and fun to use, making the hot weather less stressful and more stylish. 

What’s the Best Material for Tennis Towels?

What's the Best Material for Tennis Towels?

Like all sports equipment, tennis towels come in many shapes, sizes and materials. Most amateur and professional players prefer microfiber and 100% cotton. Each material has advantages and drawbacks, so the perfect choice for you comes down to personal preference. Consider the following elements when selecting a tennis towel.

  • Durability: Cotton and microfiber are durable options that can withstand the rigors of regular play. However, microfiber is the more durable option, able to withstand up to 300 washes. Cotton starts to lose efficacy after a mere 20 to 30 washes.
  • Weight: Tennis players have a lot of equipment to carry on and off the court, so your towel’s weight makes a difference. Microfiber towels are lighter than cotton, especially when wet.
  • Comfort: Since you’ll use the towel on your bare skin and sensitive areas like your face and neck, it should be comfortable. For this reason, many people prefer cotton.
  • Absorption: Your towel must absorb as much moisture as possible. High-quality microfiber is more absorbent than cotton, but lower-quality options may not have the desired result, as they tend to push moisture away instead of absorbing it.
  • Price: A towel’s price depends on more than the material. Synthetic microfiber tends to cost less.

What Size Should Tennis Towels Be?

There are various size options to suit all players. Many players prefer a midsized option, as it’s not too heavy and big enough to be effective. Some of the most common options include the following.

  • Large: 50″ x 30″
  • Medium: 30″ x 15″
  • Small: 15″ x 15″

You may want to buy towels in each size. You could keep a larger towel at your bench to use during changeovers and reserve smaller options for between points. When choosing a towel size for yourself, consider how many you go through during matches, how often you wash them and where you store them. If you have limited space, smaller, lightweight options might be better, but it might be worth keeping a large towel close for hot days when you need to cool down as much of your body as possible.

Color Options for Tennis Towels

Everyone imagines tennis towels in classic white, but there are many colors and color combinations. When you step onto the court, you want your personality to shine through, so consider your towel choice carefully. Wimbledon championship towels are traditionally green and purple — do you have some lucky colors to incorporate.

If you play on a team, pick a towel that matches your uniforms. If you play for yourself, create a personalized set of towels to complement your tennis gear and add to your presence on the court. Custom towels are easier to keep track of, making them an excellent choice for busy court environments. 

Consider colors that last well outdoors, without showing every spot of dirt and sweat on the court. If you’d like to stick with white, choose towels that withstand extra washes. 

How Do You Make Ice Towels for Tennis?

You don’t have to spend a fortune on equipment to stay cool. Ice towels are the perfect way to ease fatigued muscles and keep cool without getting wet. Cooling your head, neck and body during exercise can improve your endurance and athletic performance and make playing more comfortable. 

You can make an ice towel like a professional with minimal equipment — all you need is a towel, some crushed ice and some athletic tape. Follow these simple steps to reap the benefits of an ice towel during your tennis match.

  1. Spread a dry towel on a flat surface. 
  2. Pour crushed ice down the center of the towel in a thin line. 
  3. Take the end of the towel closest to you and fold it tight over the ice. 
  4. Keep rolling the towel away from you until you’ve created a tube. 
  5. Grab the athletic tape and secure each end to prevent the ice from falling out. 
  6. Add another strip of tape in the center of the towel so you can bend and move it easily. 

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