The Reason you want to have a different towel for gym


When it comes to using towels, one doesn’t often consider what would be the best towel for the given purpose. We wash our faces, our hands, our bodies, our hair, and most of the time we use the same standard towels that we have at home.

In many cases, if we are going to the gym, we use the same supplies at the gym as we do at home. Although many gyms will offer their own towels to be used at the gym, sometimes people prefer to have their own gym supplies on hand to use, worrying about the spread of bacteria and germs. While most gyms are fairly rigorous in the cleaning of their gym towels, it is still never a bad idea to have your own gym supplies for your own workouts. But you want to be sure that your workout towel is a different towel than what you would use on your hair, face, or what have you. Because your needs in the gym will be different than your needs anywhere else, you will need to use a unique workout towel that is specially designed for this purpose.

The reason you want to have a different towel for the gym than a standard at home is because these towels are made differently. If you look closely, the ones that are offered by the gym you frequent are different than the ones you use at home. The reason for this is obvious, gym towels are designed for the tough needs that are experienced at the gym. These are not standard towels in that they have been constructed in a way to serve you better with double stitched hems especially and slightly smaller size and weight which makes it easier to wash it and dry it quick. These towels range in sizes 16X27 for general wiping and 22X44 for showers.

One way that specific gym towels are different is that they absorb more water. They are generally “fluffier” in nature and thus have a stronger holding capacity. As such, they can also be used for extensive periods and can be washed more times than the average towel without having their texture compromised, which is normally achieved by having cotton/polyester blended towels.

A good towel will be made with cotton, due to cottons exceptional ability to absorb water. Cotton also lends to the durability of your gym towel, and can be carried easily in your gym tote. A mesh bag is a good idea to store your towel in, as this allows for air and ventilation to your towel, which will decrease the spread of germs and bacteria. While it is not a bad idea to use the supplies provided by your gym, having your own unique gym supplies will help you get optimum results in your unique gym experience.

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