Bath Sheets vs. Bath Towels

Picking the right option for your bathroom can provide you with a better post-bathing experience. The best choice for your business or home will be sufficiently drying, won’t drive up energy and water use and will fit your needs. If you’re looking for new towels for your space, you’ll need to choose between bath sheets and bath towels. But what’s the difference? How can you find the right option for you? 

We’ve broken down the main difference between bath sheets and bath towels and covered their benefits so you can pick the best bath cloth for your needs. 

What Is a Bath Towel?

A bath towel is what almost everyone reaches for when they get out of the shower or bath. You’ve probably used hundreds of bath towels in your life. They’re an extremely common bathroom item — their size makes them perfect for getting completely dry without taking up too much space in storage or on towel racks. 

What Is a Bath Sheet?

A bath sheet is also used for drying off, but it’s much larger than a bath towel, making them less practical for storage and decoration. However, their size makes for a luxurious drying experience and keeps you cozy after getting out of the water. They’re common at spas and hotels since they provide an elevated drying experience compared to standard bath towels. 

The Main Difference

The main difference between bath towels and bath sheets is size. Bath sheets are much larger than bath towels, but both come in various sizes, so you can pick the size that works best for your needs. Choosing the right size towel is essential — towel size will influence how dry you get, how many towels you can store, how big your laundry loads are and more. Let’s go over bath towels and sheet sizes to help you find the right one. 

Bath Towel Sizes

Bath towels come in sizes like 20×40 or 27×54. This size makes them large enough to completely dry off after a shower or bath but still small enough to transport, wash, hang and fold comfortably. 

Bath Sheet Sizes

Bath sheets are more oversized. Their width might be as much as 30 inches, and their height can reach 60 inches. Because of their larger size, these sheets can be wrapped more easily around your body. They’re plush and large so that users can stay fully dry and warm after their wash. The large size can make them more inconvenient to care for, but many people treat them as a luxury. 

Which One Do You Need?

The right towel for you depends on your needs. How you dry off after a shower or bath and the experience you’re looking for will influence which towel you get. Here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding on purchasing bath towels or sheets:

How Many Towels Will Everyone Use?

If you’re buying towels for your home, does your household frequently use more than one towel after bathing? If you’re purchasing towels for a business, do you want to provide people with options? 

Lots of people like to use one towel to wrap up their hair and another for their bodies. If this is the case, you’ll want to keep bath towels for hair and body use, but you might also want to provide bath sheets for full-body drying. 

How Tall Are Your Towel Users? 

Bath sheets are ideal for taller towel users. Standard bath towels don’t offer much coverage, even for people of average height. Stocking bath sheets ensure everyone who uses them will have enough fabric to dry and cover themselves after washing. 

What Will Everyone Use the Towels For?

If you need to maximize your towel usage or keep the most versatile option in stock, you’ll probably want bath towels. There are lots of practical uses for bath towels, especially if you’re stocking towels for a hotel. 

The smaller size of bath towels makes them easier to use in a variety of ways — they work great as body or hair towels, can be placed on the floor like a mat and can be washed in larger amounts than bath sheets. Bath sheets work well as luxury drying sheets and pool towels, but they’re bulkier and harder to clean in large loads. 

What Is Your Laundry Situation Like? 

If you’re doing laundry at home for a few people who reuse towels, bath sheets might be a comfortable option. You can still fit a couple in a laundry load, and their large size means you can use them comfortably multiple times before having to wash them. 

If you’re running a business and want to keep water and energy costs down, bath sheets might be inconvenient. You can only fit so many in a wash, and it’ll take longer to wash and dry them than bath towels. Bath towels might work better for your business since you can fit more in a single load. 

What Experience Are You Looking For?

Are you looking to provide a luxury experience? Then bath sheets are your best option. They’re huge, plush and very comfortable — like wrapping yourself in a cozy blanket. Bath sheets might be excellent options for spas and hotels if you’re trying to create a premium experience for clients. If you want to get dry and then hop into a robe, bath towels might work better. 

Bath Sheet vs. Bath Towel Benefits

Both towels and sheets have their own advantages and disadvantages — you’ll want to weigh everything to find the right option for you. Here’s a short summary of bath towel and bath sheet benefits to help you make your choice:

Bath Sheet Benefits

Consider the following benefits of bath sheets:

  • Larger to cover more body area
  • Heightened sense of luxury
  • More absorbent 

Bath Towel Benefits

Some benefits of bath towels include the following:

  • Taking up less space in storage and in the laundry 
  • More affordable
  • Increased versatility

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