Types of Towel Racks

Towel racks are an essential part of any bathroom. While most people have a towel rack in their home, many are unaware of how many types of towel racks there are. This post will detail different kinds of towel racks, so you can determine which is best for your home. 

Wall-Mounted Towel Racks

Wall-mounted racks towel racks for rolled or folded towels are some of the most popular options today. As the name suggests, these racks attach to the wall using hardware. Homeowners are increasingly choosing wall-mounted racks because they take up less space in the bathroom than other towel rack types. 

There are various wall-mounted towel rack styles available. For example, you might want to go the practical route and get a rack featuring a top shelf to place folded towels on, and a lower bar to hang recently used towels that are still drying.

Another type of wall-mounted towel rack is a towel bar. These simple racks feature a single bar that can hang multiple towels at once. If you are looking to save money, you may want to consider purchasing a wall-mounted towel bar, as these racks are typically less expensive than some of the more advanced wall-mounted racks. 

The most common ways to install a wall-mounted rack are by either screwing it in place or applying an adhesive to stick it to a wall. 

Towel Rings

While slightly different from a traditional towel rack, towel rings are an excellent way to hang your towels. Many people choose rings to hang hand towels, but you might also use them to hang standard-sized bath towels

There are many different styles of towel rings. The most prevalent is the traditional circle shape. The demand for C-shaped towel rings is also on the rise. These are more modern than the classic ring shape, but they tend to be more expensive. 

Towel rings generally come in standard colors, including the following:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Black
  • Gray

Standing Towel Racks

Standing towel racks are another practical option. Unlike wall-mounted towel racks, these units are free-standing. 

Free-standing towel racks have many benefits. 

  • Easy installation: Unlike wall-mounted units, these racks require no hardware, installation, measuring or power tools. Stand the rack wherever you would like.
  • Portability: As these racks are free-standing, you can move them anywhere. 
  • Increased capacity: Standing racks typically have more bars than mounted ones. You can hang more towels on these racks, which is ideal if your home has a large number of people sharing a bathroom.
  • Interior design benefits: Because these racks are so easy to use, you can choose a standing towel rack that matches your bathroom’s theme without worrying about installation. For example, if you ever want to redesign your bathroom and change the color scheme, you could easily get another standing rack to match instead of having to take down a wall-mounted rack and install a new one that matches the motif. 

Towel Valets

Towel valets are also standing towel racks, but much larger. Because of their size, people sometimes refer to towel valets as “floor stands.” 

Because of their size, towel valets are a good fit for bathrooms with at least 100 square feet. These racks have many beneficial features.

  • Hampers: Many valet units have built-in hampers where you can place dirty towels.
  • Storage: Most valets have “closets” where you can store clean towels.
  • Outdoor capabilities: Some towel valets are suitable for outdoor use, which is ideal if you have a pool. 

It is worth noting that towel valets can be some of the most expensive racks because of their size and capabilities. Some can cost upward of $1,000.

Towel Hooks

Towel hooks are often similar in size to towel rings. As the name suggests, you place your towels on a hook with this unit. Though many people use them for hand towels, you can hang full-sized towels on hooks as well. Below are some more benefits of towel hooks.

  • Space savings: Because towel hooks are small and discreet, they do not take up much space. Many people choose to attach towel hooks to their door, which frees up space in the bathroom. 
  • Easy installation: Some towel hooks come with mounting hardware for attaching them to the wall. Because of their small size, hooks are easier to install than other wall-mounted racks. 
  • Other uses:Besides towels, you can hang any article of clothing that needs to dry. For example, people commonly hang robes on towel hooks. 
  • Style: Many towel hook styles can improve any bathroom’s appearance. Wood and matte black are two increasingly popular modern towel hook styles. 

Rolled Towel Racks

Rolled towel racks are another outstanding option if you are looking for a new towel rack. Some space-saving units can hold up to six towels at a time.

Rolled towel racks also come in many different sizes to accommodate various towels. Some units even have multiple areas on the same rack to store smaller and larger towels. 

These racks typically hang on bathroom doors, but many people choose to mount rolled towel racks to a wall instead. 

Rolled towel racks come in many different styles. Here are some of the most popular choices today:

  • Wood
  • Stone-colored
  • Matte colors
  • Silver
  • Gold

Towel Shelves

Towel shelves can be wall-mounted or free-standing. Used primarily for storage, they come in many different sizes, allowing you to store anywhere from a few towels to an entire closet’s worth. 

One popular style of towel shelves features a shelf at the top of the unit, with a bar below used for hanging damp towels up to dry. 

Many modern towel racks available today are perfect for stylish bathrooms. Bamboo is one currently trendy towel shelf design.

Heated Towel Racks

Heated towel racks have become incredibly sought-after over the last few years. These racks significantly speed the drying process and allow you to wrap yourself in a warm, toasty towel when you step out of the shower. Here are a few other benefits to heated towel racks.

  • Reduced laundry: Because towels dry faster on a heated rack, they will not be as damp or musty as they would if they were drying elsewhere. Heated towel racks keep towels cleaner than other options, which can reduce the amount of laundry you have to do. 
  • Energy usage: Heated towel racks do not use that much energy. Most use the same amount of energy as a standard lightbulb.
  • Other uses: Heated towel racks can dry more than towels. You can also use them for drying wet clothes, and these racks can indirectly heat the room, which is a bonus in the winter.
  • Style: Because heated towel racks are relatively new, most feature a sleek, modern design. If you are renovating your bathroom, install a heated towel rack to align with any contemporary look. 
  • Storage: While storage is not their primary function, heated racks can keep a supply of clean, fresh towels on hand. Some of the larger units have built-in features like hooks. 
  • Overall cleanliness: Bacteria and mold can grow on wet towels, which is less of a concern if you have a heated towel rack. Because towels dry faster on a heated rack, you can enjoy a more sanitary home.

Heated towel racks are available in most standard styles, including standing and wall-mounted racks. Heated racks can be a little pricey, with most costing a few hundred dollars.

Over-the-Door Towel Racks

Over-the-door racks are another popular type of towel rack. These racks typically have either hooks or bars, and most hold anywhere from three to five towels, though some units can house more. Below are some of the benefits and features of over-the-door towel racks.

  • Easy installation: Aside from standing racks, over-the door-towel racks are probably the easiest to install. Choose a door you want to hang the rack on and put the rack over the top.
  • Affordability: Unlike other styles like valets and heated racks, over-the-door towel racks are very affordable. You can purchase most standard over-the-door racks for less than $100.
  • Variety: Over-the-door units come in various styles and finishes, including wood, bamboo, brass, gold and silver. 

Double Towel Bar

As their name suggests, double towel bars have two bars instead of the standard single bar. These wall-mounted units offer many fantastic features, including the following.

  • Better storage: Because double towel bars have two racks, you can fit more towels on these than single-bar racks.
  • Size: Though these racks have two bars, they do not take up as much space as other racks like standing towel racks and valets.
  • Multiple installation options: There are several ways to install a double towel bar. The most common method is to screw it into the wall, but you might not have to use power tools. For example, you can safely glue some towel bars to a wall. 

Towel Ladders

Towel ladders are some of the most popular standing towel racks. As you can imagine, the racks resemble ladders for hanging several towels simultaneously. Here are some of the features and benefits of towel ladders.

  • Multiple bars: Most towel ladders have several bars, making it easy to dry several towels at once.
  • Affordability: Towel ladders are relatively affordable compared to other towel racks. You can purchase most standard towel ladders for less than $100.
  • Portability: Because towel ladders are a type of standing towel rack, they are portable, which is ideal if you need to create extra space in the bathroom. 

DIY Towel Racks

If you need a new towel rack and are also looking for a fun project, build one! There are many ways to make a towel rack at home. Below are few examples of towel racks you could create.

  • Wood racks: Wood is a durable material for DIY towel racks. If you want a new towel rack and you have wood left over from another project, this could be an excellent option for you.
  • Standing towel racks: Making these racks can be a fun DIY project. Wood is the most common material used to make these racks, but you could choose a different material instead. 
  • Spools for rolled towels:If you have any large, unused spools, you can use them to hold rolled towels.
  • Industrial towel racks: Do you have spare PVC plumbing pipes? Refurbish them into a towel rack for a unique look.
  • Leather towel ladders: You can tie leather strips around wood bars to make an over-the-door towel ladder. 
  • DIY towel rings: You could use any large ring-shaped item to make a towel ring. These are perhaps the easiest towel racks to DIY because they do not require much work to create.
  • Driftwood towel racks: If you want to achieve a beach theme, driftwood towel racks are a great option.
  • Rope towel holders: You can use rope to craft towel holders. Like driftwood racks, rope towel holders can complement any beach-themed room.
  • Chairs: If you have an old chair with bars in the back, you could quickly convert it into a towel ladder.

Another benefit of making a towel rack at home is that it is much cheaper than purchasing a rack if you already have the resources. 

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