Keep Your Bartender Happy With Plenty of Towels

A good bartender has many many traits. They know how to make a vast range of drinks, they can predict the drink orders for all the regulars by heart and they provide a sympathetic ear to patrons of the bar. They also offer important sanitation services from behind the bar. They clean up messes and keep germs at bay by frequently wiping down the bar. The only catch is that they need the right towels in their arsenal to do that job day after day.

If you own a bar, saloon or restaurant, you can make your bartender’s job easier by investing in the right bar towels. Learn more below about the advantages of using high-quality bar towels and how they can make your business shine.


The Benefits of Bar Towels for Bartenders

Bar towels may not seem like an obvious need for your bar, but they’re actually a must-have. You should stock your shelves with plenty of well-manufactured bar towels for a number of reasons, including that they’ll let you and your staff:


  1. Easily handle sloppy spills: Patrons of bars are not exactly known for their agility or balance. Drinks and food end up getting spilled onto the bar every night. If your bartender waited until the end of the evening to clean up, the bar would be a mess. Having a towel close by allows them to instead do a quick cleanup to keep things looking tidy. The deep clean comes after the bar closes.
  2. Take advantage of high absorbency: A well-made towel can soak up a lot of liquid, which is good because bars can get very wet when patrons slosh drinks around. An absorbent towel can remove the moisture without the fuss of having to grab towel after towel and then clean or dispose of all of them after the mess is cleaned up.
  3. Stay environmentally friendly: Some bars don’t stock bar towels, so bartenders are stuck using paper towels to clean the bar hour after hour. Using disposable products so frequently adds up to a lot of waste. You can save trees by opting for reusable bar towels.
  4. Select the perfect colors: Does your bar have an allegiance to a sports team? Is it in a themed restaurant? Either way, you may want colored towels that bolster your brand and pull everything in the bar together.
  5. Maintain a professional appearance: Dabbing away at crumbs and spilled beer with a napkin looks unprofessional. A sleek bar towel that a bartender can store on their apron gives them a much more sophisticated appearance and improves the reputation of the bar.
  6. Reap long-term value: Investing in high-quality towels that you can use over and over will save you money compared to buying paper towels or napkins for wiping up.


How Many Bar Towels Do I Need?

You should consult with your bartender to determine how many towels your bar needs. You want enough that you won’t have to do laundry more than once or twice a week. To determine the right number, keep track of how many towels your bartender uses every night for a week. Then, divide the total by seven, and you have the average number used per night. Add two to that total just to be safe, then multiply by seven for seven nights per week. Using this generous formula, you’ll come up with the bare minimum number of towels to order.

You should throw in two dozen extras just in case — backups are always a good idea in case:

  • Patrons accidentally walk away from the bar with a towel in-hand.
  • Towels become stained when red wine and similar substances get on them.
  • Members of the wait staff grab the bartender’s towels throughout the night.


What Types of Bar Towels Should I Buy?

Hand towels make the best bar towels. They’re large enough to wipe up a mess easily but small enough to tuck into an apron or store under the bar. You can choose from several different sizes, such as 15×25, 16×28 and 16×30. Other characteristics you should look for in hand towels for your bar include these features:

  • Made from 100% cotton for the best absorbency
  • Wholesale pricing to help you save money on large orders
  • Exceptional durability to resist warping and stretching


Your towels will be tested repeatedly by your bartender. Find the sturdiest, most dependable hand towels to make sure they last as long as you need them to while requiring little maintenance beyond washing. Do you want new towels for your bar? Shop our selection of excellent-quality hand towels to find bar towels for your establishment. Your bartender will thank you!

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