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If your business regularly buys towels, you’re likely aware of the importance of buying the right towel for the job —not only for the sake of your budget, but also for the satisfaction of your clients and customers. Wholesale towels are definitely the way to go when you’re making this type of purchase regularly. Buying your towels in bulk is the perfect opportunity for you to support your brand, business values and set the tone for the atmosphere of your establishment, while saving yourself some money in the process.

Take into consideration a few of the factors that come into play to make the best choice for you towel purchase. There are situations where the most economical selection will do, and then there are uses for your towels that it’s best to be aware of how the size, color and quality can impact your company image.

We have all the top tips to help you along in your towel buying journey. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to navigate our large selection of wholesale towels like a pro and be feeling the benefits of your informed purchase in no time!

Learn About the Common Towel Materials

Towels are made from a variety of materials. Here are some of the most common:


  • Cotton – A white, fluffy, downy fiber that grows in seed pods and is native to year-round warm climates in the world. The majority of our towels are made from 100% cotton, with a limited few made of a cotton/polyester blend.
  • Terrycloth – Looped fabric that has the ability to absorb large amounts of moisture. The longer the loops, the more moisture the cloth can absorb.
  • Velour – A plush, knitted or woven fabric that can have stretchable properties depending on the type of knit. The feel is similar to velvet.
  • Grommet – A towel with a metal ring used on a hole in the fabric to protect the material from tearing and fraying. Some of our products come with a grommet and hook for easy hanging.

How the Towel Material Makes a Difference

All of our wholesale towels are made from 100% cotton and special cotton blends, and our economy towels still maintain a certain level of quality — you can purchase the economy towels knowing you are getter a thinner and lighter material (which is ideal for some uses), but you won’t be getting a product that will lose its shape through laundering or will start to develop holes after minimal use.

In contrast, our premium plus quality towels have a very soft feel due to the thicker density of the material and the more involved weaving or knitting technique. You will find our higher-end towels with a greater number of long, fibrous threads allowing them to be super-absorbent as well. Our premium plus towels are the common choice for luxurious hotels and spas.

The Effect of Color Psychology on Your Towel Purchase

In the planning and development of your business, there was likely much consideration on the color related to your logo, interior decorating, store front design, website design and many other branding elements. Color has a profound impact on how we see the world around us, including how we subconsciously perceive the businesses we deal with.


The color of the towels you have available for clients, customers and guests will be one of the ways you naturally create a comfortable and welcoming environment. From color research, historical relevance and word association studies, we know different colors are perceived in different ways. Below we’ve listed the primary and secondary colors and described how they’re perceived, along with some recommendations on how the color could work well for your business:

  • Blue – A top pick as a “favorite color”, blue is thought of as dependable and trustworthy. In nature we see mass amounts of it in the sky and oceans, so blue’s naturally cool tones are perceived as calming and relaxing. Bright electric and royal blues can also be uplifting and exhilarating — a good pick for a gym or golf club!

    Deeper blues tend to increase personal thought, spiritual realizations and deep understanding. This may be just right for certain spa services or in a setting with Yoga or other meditative exercise.

  • Yellow – Yellow tends to foster a positive outlook, inspiring happiness, optimism and creativity. A catchy yellow towel could be just the thing to set the mood in hotel rooms or to give your restaurant a ‘spark’ of creative energy for employees.
  • Red – Red is a personal color that is recognized as stimulating and invigorating. Used as an accent, red draws attention to specific elements. Want your employees to remember something while they’re serving customers? Pile their red towel supply by signage and other memory boosters. Want your customers to feel renewed after their visit to get their nails done? Use a red hand towel during or even at the end of their service.
  • Green – In the number two spot for the ‘favorite color’ pick, green is the color of nature. This color tends to be considered tranquil and refreshing and symbolizes prosperity, progress and the environment. As this color has been shown to improve creativity and reduce stress, those relaxing services in your salon and spa will be most appropriately matched with a green towel.

    For car detailing and cleaning services that specifically promote environmentally-sound services, you could also benefit from a green towel image.

  • Orange – Fun, friendly and flamboyant, orange is a color that is often used in decorating to ‘spice up’ a room and give it a playful element. Orange uplifts the spirit and invokes confidence. It is also seen as a gentler color than red and would beautifully fit in any business that has branded themselves to be different, ‘outside-the-box’ or high-energy.

    Our orange hand towels are ideal to enhance either customer or employee use. Since this color is known to affect us by stimulating activity and appetite, as well as encourage socialization, any business industry would be suited to this color depending on what your business values are.

  • Purple – From the mixing of blue and red, we get purple. We also get the balance of calm (from blue) and stimulation (from red), making this a hue that attracts high-energy creatives. Calming to the mind and nerves, yet encouraging to promote creative and uplifting thoughts, a purple hand towel can find uses in many types of businesses.

  • White – The absence of color is white, which is felt to be pure, clean and neutral. Before the development of bleach-safe color towels, white towels were especially popular because they could be bleached without ruining the color. While we have options now for bleachable color towels, white towels still represent an image and could be just the look you’re going for.

We have many others colors of towels you can use to match with some of your interior decorating, logos or other branding colors. You can learn more about color meanings and symbolism to be even more informed about buying the right color of towel for your business.

What Size of Towel Is Right for You?


Our sizes of towels go from the washcloth size of 11” x 11” to a full bath towel size of 27” x 54.” Much of the decision for the size will come from what the towels will be used for:

  • Bath/body towels are commonly used in businesses that have pools, showers or spa services. Our bath towels range in widths from 20 to 27 inches and lengths from 40 to 54 inches. Our large selection includes economy and premium quality options to suit any environment. We even have striped towels and banded towels for those settings where the look matters.
  • Hand towels are popular for car detailing, using in gyms (to wipe away perspiration or to wipe down equipment), cleaning, hair and barber services, aesthetic services, bathroom use for hotel rooms and 101 other uses you may need hand towels for. Our sizes come in widths of 15 and 16 inches with lengths of 25 to 30 inches. These are our biggest sellers and come in a wide array of color and size options.
  • Bar towels are regularly used for clean-up in bars and restaurants and are also common for use in car washing and detailing. We have a 15” x 18” size and a 16” x 19” size in solid white and with gold or blue striping. Depending on your uses, you can choose from a 20, 24 or 32 oz. weight — all at exceptionally low prices.
  • Fingertip towels, the smaller alternative to a full hand towel, are 11” x 18” and are popular in hotels, spas, high-end restaurants, embroidery shops, golf clubs and gyms. These are constructed of the finest velour and terry materials and have a luxurious, super-soft feel. We also offer fingertip towels with a grommet so they can be hung for easy access and quick drying.
  • Washcloths are used for a variety of applications in different industries. We have the most economical and premium quality options, whether you’re looking for a basic cleaning cloth or you need to equip your luxury resort bathrooms with the highest-quality linens. Our washcloths are squared in 11, 12 and 13 inch sizes, and we also have bleach-proof colored facecloths, so you can give them a sterile cleaning while still maintaining the color.

Know What the Best Wholesale Towel Is for Your Industry

We’ve organized our popular choices for each application with an easy click on our main menu. Some of best choices for your business will be easy enough to locate that way, but we’re delving into the topic deeper here. You’ll get a better understanding of what to consider as you’re browsing our site and how that directly applies to your business.

Salons and Spas


The beauty industry will certainly have an obvious need for our bleach-resistant hand towels and washcloths. Having towels that won’t be affected by bleach from hair coloring or various aesthetic services is beneficial for the appearance factor and the longevity of the towel material.

Our bleach-resistant towels are 100% cotton and come in a variety of colors to suit your style. This towel material is also beneficial to be able to bleach your laundry for added cleaning power — without affecting the color of the towel.

With the various services that salons and spas offer, you’ll have a need for pretty much every size. Depending on the level of service you’re aiming for in your business, you can decide on which grade of towel material will be most beneficial for the use. Even the poshest salon can use our economy quality for cleaning or for the benefit of a thinner, less-plush material.


With a firm understanding of how a towel color can affect your business environment, choose a color that subconsciously speaks to your members. A plain white towel can be an ideal option for you, and even our economy towel selection delivers a standard of quality for business use. But if you want to have some color in your towels, you may find our bleach-safe colored towels are just right for your establishment. You can use the extra cleaning power of bleach while laundering and still have that splash of color for your members.

If you have a pool or showers in your gym that you provide towels for, then check out the different grades of towel material to select the bath towel that appeals to you and will appeal to your customers. We have various sizes and attractive colors in economy and premium quality.

Cleaning, Car Detailing and Washing


Our towels will stand up to the toughest cleaning jobs and the softest polishing tasks. Different activities will warrant different grades of towel material. Keep in mind, however, that our premium grade towels will last longer — allowing you to go longer between towel orders.

Whether you want to have colored towels for a bit of interest or use color coding for specific cleaning tasks, our recommendations for car-detailing towels include our multi-color 15” x 25” hand towel available in 16 different colors to give you lots of options.


With bathrooms to stock as well as possible pools to equip or gyms to maintain, you have a lot of use for quality wholesale towels. If you’re offering budget pricing, then you’ll love the low cost of our economy line of towels. If you’re going for classy and high-quality, then you’ll still be impressed at the value of our softer-feeling premium options.

And we’re not only about towels — we are also stocked with white bath mats in our three levels of quality and in three different sizes. We cover beds, too, with our twin flat bed sheets and standard pillow cases.

Restaurants and Bars


Absorbency is a must for your bar and restaurant towels. Our bar mops come in two different sizes, 16” x 19” and 15” x 18” to provide you with just the right size for your application. Bar mops are less rectangular than hand towels, but they are not quite square. Their size and level of absorbency makes them ideal for the various uses in a restaurant setting, from wiping down tables, cleaning up spills, washing dishes and polishing glasses. Bar mops are also great for most cleaning tasks.


You may also find a square cloth is helpful in a bar and restaurant setting for similar uses. Our selection of washcloths come in square sizes of 11, 12 and 13 inches. Our washcloth selection includes:

  • 13” premium colored cloths
  • 13” premium black cloths
  • 13” premium white cloths
  • 13” premium plus white cloths
  • 13” premium plus bleach resistant cloths
  • 12” economy white cloths
  • 12” premium white cloths
  • 12” premium white cotton/polyester blend cloths
  • 11” economy white cloths
  • 11” premium white cloths

Golf and Country Clubs

The essential golf towel is a must for every golfer. Whether you’re ordering for a golf club, a company golf tournament or are an individual that regularly golfs, you’ll love the wide array of colors and styles in our golf towel selection. The sumptuous softness of our terry-velour with the metal grommet hanger is the traditional golf towel quality.

For a bit of a cheaper option, choose our 15” x 25” terry hand towels that are available with a corner grommet in 14 colors. These towels come in beautifully bright hues that give you a much wider color selection than the rich shades available in our traditional terry-velour golf towel.

For the most economical choice, we have our 15” x 25” hunter green hand towel in our premium extra-soft quality. There’s no grommet on these ones, but it’s still a soft and stylish option for a golf towel.

The Benefits of Your Wholesale Towel Purchase


Buying towels wholesale means you get the benefit of a great price from bulk purchases. We use a streamlined ordering, packing and shipping process that allows us to keep our costs low. We then happily pass those savings on to our customers. Even for individuals who order one or two dozen towels, the savings are still significant.

Our many business customers get the greatest savings when they buy several dozen towels at one time. Most of our products go down in price the more you buy. Generally:

  • If you buy one to nine dozen, you’re paying the highest price (which is still a discounted price from standard retail cost).
  • If you buy 10 to 13 dozen, the price is cheaper.
  • If you buy 20 dozen or more, the price drops again for each dozen.

Some of our towels will decrease in price even more at higher bulk quantities than noted above. We’ve set up our business to be able to offer you cheaper prices the more you buy. Whether you’re looking for the cheapest towel purchase or the best pricing on high-quality materials, we have the selection for every business need.

Take Care of Your Towels the Right Way


Our towels, bath mats and sheets are very easy to care for and are constructed to withstand the vigorous cleaning of industrial washing machines and constant laundering. These few simple tips, however, will give you just what you need to care for your towels in the best way and get as much life out of them as possible:

  • Wash and dry your towels when you first get them. Your towel order will be compressed for shipping purposes and need a wash and dry cycle to fluff them up to their natural softness.
  • Dryer sheets and fabric softeners cause the towel material to become less absorbent. If you like to use a fabric softener on other laundry, be sure to separate towels so they don’t get this detrimental treatment.
  • Oils and other grease-like elements that may get on your towels during use may not be completely removed with just laundry detergent. These oils will reduce the absorbency and softness of towels. Use a ½ cup of vinegar with your laundry detergent to help your towels regain some absorbency.

When you need quality wholesale towels at affordable prices, Towel Super Center is your source. You can browse our site through the links in this article or by using our convenient pop-down menus to shop by application, quality and size. If you have any questions regarding your towel purchase, don’t hesitate to contact us — we can make sure you get the exact towels you need.

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