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5 - Great Towels , written on
I bought the towels for gym use. I wanted to buy the towels direct versus using amazon. Great fast service and quality product.

16x27-Barber Hand Towels Colors 100% Cotton

Premium 100% Cotton Wholesale Colored Hand Towels

Barber towels wholesale, choose from variety of colors, size 16X27 for salon can be used in Hair salons, Barber studios, Nail salons, Extra soft 100% cotton hand towels. Buy more-Save more. Sold in dozens!

Category: Barber Towels

Item#: 27CL

Our price: $14.99

Retail Price: $15.00

Dimensions: 16X27

Quality: Premium


Weight: 3Lb/doz

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Quantity Unit Price
1..9 Dozen $14.99 Per Dozen
10..19 Dozen $13.99 Per Dozen
20 and up Dozen $12.99 Per Dozen

Prices listed above are per dozen - Price lowers when you buy more

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Phone order: 1-888-664-0951

Additional Information

Colored Barber Hand Towels

Barber hand towels have multiple uses in different businesses. Barbershops, of course, as well as salons, spas and gyms use 16" x 27" hand towels throughout their daily operation. These towels often break down fast, though. They fade and fray, which doesn't benefit you or your business and clientele.

Our towels do help you. They're built with high-quality cotton for premium quality and prevent wear and tear. Our wholesale pricing ensures you stay within your price range, plus we offer discounts for larger bulk orders. It's our way of fulfilling our mission to provide quality towels at affordable prices.

Restock your supply cabinet with an order of our colored barber hand towels today.

Benefits of Barber Hand Towels

Choose our set of barber hand towels and experience the following advantages:

  • Color selection: We offer a rainbow of 13 colors in our set of barber hand towels. Use bright shades, like pink and orange, or more neutral colors, like hunter green, brown and black, for customers. Organize your towels by color or designate which colors are used for which tasks. Navy blue, for example, may be for cleaning, while purple is for your restrooms.
  • Durable design: Our 100 percent cotton design makes sure our hand towels last. High-quality cotton features long, dense fibers, which hold our barber hand towels together and prevent stretching. Wash, dry and use them throughout the year without worrying about them wearing out.
  • Premium softness: Let guests feel the comfort of cotton with the fluffy softness of our premium towels. Visits to the dryer or washer won't ruin the soft feel. In fact, if you want to fluff your colored barbershop towels, we recommend running them through the dryer.
  • Reliable absorbency: Use our 16" x 27" towels to wipe up a variety of spills or other liquids. Their high absorbency saves you the cost of purchasing paper towels. Plus, our barber hand towels air dry quickly, so you can reuse them throughout the day to wipe up water.
  • Versatile applications: Our barber towels are used in multiple businesses for different purposes. Gyms provide them to members or use them to clean equipment. Salons and spas hang them in their restrooms for clients. Apply your set of colored barbered hand towels wherever you need them.

With our accreditation by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), you can trust us, and our towels, to provide the service you and your clients deserve.

Add Color With Our Barber Hand Towels

White's the traditional color for towels. Our set of barber hand towels adds color to your business that leaves an impression on clients. When you place an order with us at Towel Super Center, we make sure you can start using your towels as soon as possible.

We process and ship every order and sample request within one business day. If you aren't satisfied, we offer a return policy that meets your needs.

Request a free sample of our barber hand towels or place your order today!

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