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Wholesale Luxury Bath Towels at Towel Supercenter

When it comes to ordering luxury towels at wholesale prices for your home or business, Towel Super Center has the products you need at the prices you deserve. Our wholesale luxury bath towels come in a sparkling white — perfect for every décor! Explore our selection of premium white bath towels and see how easy saving money on the quality products you want can be at Towel Super Center


Item#: P40

Our Price: $20.99

Bath Towels 20X40(5Lb) in premium grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of...

Item#: P44

Our Price: $21.99

Bath Towels 22X44(6Lb)/doz in premium grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of...

Item#: P48

Our Price: $29.95

Bath Towels 24x48(8Lb) in premium grade optical white can easily be used where there is need of...

Item#: P50

Our Price: $39.99

Bath Towels 24x50 (10.Lb/doz) in premium grade optical white can easily be used where there is need...

Item#: P54

Our Price: $50.99

Wholesale Bath Towels 27x54(14Lb/doz) in premium grade optical white can easily be used where there...

Premium Bath Towels

premium bath towels from Towel Super Center

Complete sets of high quality bath towels can give a homey impression to your house guests, or they can make your hotel or spa clients feel spoiled.

How do you land on lush bath towels? As you look at — or scroll past — stacks of bath towels, you need to narrow down the options. Premium quality bath towels are an outstanding selection for your bath needs.

Mastering towel shopping can be easier when you get answers to some of your burning questions. Let's solve some of the mysteries of premium bath towels.

What Makes It a Bath Towel?

"What's the difference between a bath towel and other kinds?" This question is a valid one, and many people find themselves contemplating it when they're in the market for bath towels.

What sets bath towels apart from hand, kitchen or barber towels is that they're ideal for bathroom activities. Instead of drying dishes or wiping away food, they're for drying off people or bathroom counters.

They're big enough to wrap around you after a shower, and they soak up moisture unbelievably well. Premium bath towels are also white because establishments aim to show a pure, clean surface for their guests.

Have you been to many hotels or spas that choose another color in their bath towels? It's almost an unspoken rule for those who are in the business of luxury to provide bright, white towels in bathrooms, massage rooms or saunas.

Why Choose Premium Quality?

While there might not be a formal definition of premium-quality bath towels, there is an obvious difference. Premium quality is a cut above the rest because of its loops, strength, and texture.

If you look closely at the towels on your rack, you can see little loops that rise from the foundation. The closer together these loops are, the more robust your towels are.

In the three primary grades of towels — economy, premium and premium plus — premium is the middle ground, but they're by no means average. Premium ones are exceptional, and they're a step above economy, so they can put the best face forward for your company.

What to Consider When Choosing High-End Bath Towels

What you hope for in a towel is an all-in-one miracle. Its benefits shouldn't stop after "durable" — they should extend to being soft, thick, well-made and more. We've listed the factors that can tell you what is the best bath towel below. Remember them as you shop so you can find your ultimate towel.

1. Material

When you run your hand over a towel, you want to feel a rich texture. Not all manufacturers of bath towels craft them with comfort in mind. Premium bath towels prioritize plushness along with many other essential towel qualities.

there are two categories of bath towels

The material used to create towels is integral to their softness. There are two categories of bath towels: full cotton fabric and a cotton-polyester combination.

Cotton is the most common material for towels because it effectively leaches water off surfaces. When the towels are 100% cotton, they retain water and they're gentle. Cotton is natural, so it doesn't come along with abrasive chemicals. The three main kinds of cotton in towels are Pima, Turkish and Egyptian.

A mixture of cotton and polyester is also favorable because it dries faster and is long-lasting. The balance in cotton-polyester blends is 86 percent cotton and 14 percent polyester, so although it has synthetic products, cotton is still the dominant material.

One tactic of manufacturing companies is to soften the natural material with a wax-like substance, but the basic material is better on its own. The coating blocks some of the towel's best capabilities like absorbency.

2. Weight and Density

As you fold towels, it's hard not to notice how thick they are. Despite whether your towels are thin or thick, they can suit specific business purposes.

If their weight is substantial, they can be plush and have a cushy give. However, lightweight towels are preferable for carrying along.

Grams per square meter, or GSM, is the way to measure the weight and density of premium bath towels. Towels start at around 300 GSM on the scale and rise to a snug 900 GSM.

  • 300 to 400 GSM is exceptionally light, which is ideal when you have to transport large quantities of them. If you're focused on speedy drying time, this GSM is practical.
  • 400 to 620 GSM is the go-to amount for bath towels because its fibers are the right tightness. It works for both residential and commercial bathrooms, especially for hotels.
  • 620 to 900 GSM is heavy and delivers warmth. If you're trying to attract high-end customers to your business, this weight can pamper them.

3. Absorbency

An absorbent towel is a satisfying end to a hot bath. However, two extremes can shift towels away from the right consistency. Towels that get soggy within a minute or two of drying are pointless. Bath towels that don't capture any beads of water are equally as ineffective.

The material and density of towels determine how water penetrates them, as we've already discussed. Another factor in absorbency is the weave.

The weave of the fibers creates a design that water can penetrate at different rates. The slower the water can saturate the towel, the longer you have to use it. Also,the evaporation time can change based on the retention of the fibers.

4. Construction

The construction of luxury towels is essential because it leads to superior durability and lifespan. It alters how long they take to make, how they hold together and what your guests feel when they use them on their skin.

manufacturers perform different techniques to make towels

Manufacturers perform different techniques to piece together towels, and the methods reinforce particular aspects of the towels during production. Here are the most widespread approaches for fashioning towels:

  • Terry towels boast high absorbency, and a loom forms its loops. Usually, when towels are fixed on a loom, they're cut so they stand straight up, rather than being curved. However, terry towels have intact loops on either side.
  • Combed towels sift the fiber threads until only the most resilient ones are left. Machines "comb" through shorter, brittle fibers so the long, tough ones remain.
  • Ringspun towels twirl different lengths of fibers together. The combined fibers instill an even surface, and the resulting towels are incredibly supple.
  • Long and high-twist towels have spirals at measured paces. The more the manufacturer turns the fibers, the sturdier they become.

Techniques like combing prevent a process called "pilling" from happening. Pilling — fibers developing lint or balls across the surface — tends to occur with shorter fibers, and it can make towels look older early on. Methods that remove or avoid these linty portions can prolong the beauty of your towels.

5. Size

The surface area of towels is about your tastes or what your clients expect rather than about what's top-tier. However, the scope of sizes is a welcome advantage of premium towels.

Some sizes help dab water off your face in the morning, like the 20-inch by 40-inch. Other sizes can lay out in front of the shower or bath to serve as a mat, like the 27-by-52-inch bath towel.

Bath towels are typically rectangular, but they can have dimensions that offer more coverage or a better size for wrapping around your shoulders. Here are the sizes you can pick from:

  • 20 inch by 40 inch
  • 22 inch by 44 inch
  • 24 inch by 48 inch
  • 24 inch by 50 inch
  • 27 inch by 52 inch
  • 27 inch by 54 inch

How to Wash Bath Towels

When you hold your new luxury towels, they're practically flawless. As days go by, they can take tons of impact — from repeated friction during use to tumble drying. To keep them in prime condition, you can thoroughly eliminate dirtiness and dinginess so they're once again spotless and beautiful. Let's cover these nifty tricks for cleaning bath towels.

1. Ban Fabric Softeners From the Laundry Room

Since you're trusting your bath towels to wipe away water, you need the fibers to remain unhindered. Fabric softener functions the same as enhanced coatings — they emphasize texture over performance.

In your towel loads, omit fabric softeners from the routine. Further use can make the towels more pliable, so keep them in rotation if you want them to be velvety soft.

Harboring moisture is the job you want your towels to do, so steer clear of fabric softener to get your towels to hold onto as much water as possible.

2. Revitalize Bath Towels With Vinegar

The bright white appearance of bath towels is a necessity, and you don't have to sacrifice it just because your towels begin to age. Bath towels can regain their pure sheen with a secret ingredient— white vinegar.

White vinegar is a powerful tool that can draw out stubborn particles and residue. It can even take out layers of detergent that have progressively built up. If your bath towels have a faint gray look, throwing vinegar in your load can reverse this discoloration.

Pour approximately one cup of white vinegar into your washer's dispenser, and supplement it with a tiny portion of detergent. The acidic nature of vinegar tears through unwanted substances, leaving the bath towel firmly sanitized.

3. Use Bleach Sparingly

It's no surprise bleach is an aggressive chemical, and it pairs well with white bath towels. Unlike colored towels, you can add it straight into the load without seeing spots or fading.

However, bleach is so powerful it can weaken the constitution of your towels, but it's OK to rely on it every once in a while.

It's almost irresistible to take a break from bleaching bath towels when you know how well it works. To save your towels from too much wear and tear, hold back on the bleach. Only bleach them periodically to deal with deep stains.

4. Soak Soiled Towels Overnight

If your bath towels have obvious marks and smudges, a night-long soak can ready your towels before wash day.

Some recommend to run them through a rinse cycle before the full wash, but this isn't as rigorous. A tub of hot water can restore the bath towels more systematically than going through a simple rinse.

Submerge them in hot water and let the high temperature drag out hidden debris. You can strengthen the hot water solution with baking soda if your towels need a boost.

5. Lighten the Drying Load

Hotels, spas and gyms can go through hundreds of towels each week, and the laundry piles can be overwhelming. Despite this, keeping loads to a minimum can cause towels to fare much better in the dryer.

When loads get too bulky, they have little space to circulate and jostle around. Agitating is a major component of full-scale drying, because it shakes loose any tightly packed bits.

To maximize your drying time, cut down on how many towels you squeeze in the dryer. Ensure the load is roomy so the towels can roll around.

6. Include a Dryer Ball

To further stir up your drying loads, you can toss in several dryer balls, depending on the size you get. Dryer balls come in wool and plastic, and they can reduce static the washer could generate.

These bounce around on top of your bath towels and tousle up the fibers. A clean tennis ball is a handy alternative, too, if you can't find dryer balls at the store.

Flat and drooping loops make towels look sad, but the extra motion of a dryer ball plumps them up. You can pull fluffy towels free from the dryer with this practice.

7. Neatly Stack Them

Crinkly towels ruin the image you've spent time creating for your business. When you pack them away in a disheveled state, the towels inevitably get creases. Take time to place them flat, hang them across racks or fold them and stack them in a linen closet.

Deliberately folding towels can keep them looking smooth and save space in your storage areas. Bend them into thirds and align the edges. When you arrange them in tidy stacks, it makes them easier for employees to find and faster to supply to guests.

Ensure Patron Comfort With Wholesale Premium Bath Towels

As a business owner, you make patron satisfaction your top priority. Why provide your valued customers with scratchy, poorly made guest towels? Instead provide them with soft, high-quality towels.

Towel Super Center towels won't fray, and with 100% cotton construction and dense looping, they absorb with ease. A soft texture and classic design can make your guests — and you — love your towels. You can improve customer satisfaction with Towel Super Center.

Make Towel Super Center your online source for buying premium bath towels in bulk. Start shopping today to stock your bathroom, spa or resort.

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