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Premium Plus Bath Towels: The Best Quality Towels

If you operate a pool, a gym, a hotel, a spa or any other type of business that requires you to supply your guests with plenty of fresh, clean towels, you know how important it is to find the right towels and you may be wondering what are the best quality towels to buy? While someone without your experience running a business might think this is an unimportant detail, you know the difference between the right towel and the wrong one can sometimes make the difference between a frequent customer and a guest who never returns.


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premium plus bath towels from Tower Super Center 

Supplying your guests with high-quality towels sends a strong message, one your guests will feel even if they can’t put their finger on precisely what the difference is. Giving your guests great towels lets them know: “We value having you as our guest. We care about making your experience here the best it can be, and no detail is too small to overlook when it comes to making that happen.” When you put this level of care and attention into every detail of your business, the guests will almost certainly take notice.

If you’re new to the world of buying towels, however, it can be tricky to know what qualities make a towel worth buying. How can you tell the difference between an excellent-quality bath towel and a middle-of-the-road one? What criteria are you judging them on? What sets a truly extraordinary towel apart from the rest?

The answer is simple. For the best and highest-quality towels out there, you need cotton premium plus bath towels.

What Makes a Towel Premium Plus?

Premium plus towels stand head and shoulders above their competition thanks to their soft cotton, high absorption abilities and durability. They feel soft to the touch, absorbent when drying and fluffy against the skin. Not only this, but they’re also long-lasting and highly resistant to the usual types of wear and tear that will quickly degrade the quality of more inexpensive towels.

Of course, it’s one thing to talk about how luxurious premium plus towels are. It’s another thing to demonstrate precisely which areas these towels excel in. Let’s take a closer look at these towels, the common criteria with which we evaluate towels and how premium plus towels measure up in these areas.

1. Absorbency

A towel’s primary purpose is to dry. If a towel doesn’t perform this fundamental function well, we would consider it a low-quality one. Even in situations where you wouldn’t use towels to dry yourself off, you’ll still want them to absorb liquid. For instance, a gym towel does not need to be as fluffy and absorbent as a bath towel. Nevertheless, it should still soak up moisture, as you’ll use it to keep yourself dry when exercising.

What makes some towels more absorbent than others? While material plays a small role in absorbency, it has more to do with the thickness of the towel itself. Thick towels tend to be more absorbent, while thinner towels are less so. It is easy to remember this by thinking about how the thicker and fluffier a towel is, the more material there is to absorb water. If the towel is thin with a low pile, on the other hand, it will not soak in very much moisture.

With premium plus towels, you can feel confident your towels will get the job done. These towels are plush and designed to be very absorbent. For everything from drying off the entire body to just wiping down an exercise machine, premium plus towels will be highly effective.

2. Softness

While softness may not be a very technical category, it’s undoubtedly a factor your guests will notice immediately. Your towels should instantly feel like a warm hug wrapping around your guests, with fabric that’s soft to the touch and pile that’s fluffy enough to feel cozy against the skin as you use the towel to dry off.

A towel’s softness has as much to do with the material as it does with the construction. For maximum softness, a towel should be soft cotton or rayon, and should be thick and fluffy. If a towel is thin, or if it’s made from cheap material that feels scratchy or rough against the skin, it will lack this crucial softness.

When you choose premium plus towels, you won’t need to worry about whether or not they’re soft enough for your guests to use. You can feel confident they are. Constructed from quality cotton that feels gentle to the touch, and thick enough to provide comfortable cushioning, these towels are the perfect answer for all your guests’ needs.

3. Durability

If you’re running a hotel or a salon, it’s essential for your towels to hold up to many uses. Your guests are going to be filing in and out every day, each of them using towels and each of those towels needing a wash afterward. Inexpensive, thin and poorly made towels will quickly fall apart under this level of constant use and cleaning.

As someone who is looking to stock durable towels that hold up against near-constant wear and tear, durability will be one of the primary concerns on your mind. This sturdiness comes from several factors, including material and thickness. Generally, thicker towels last longer than thin towels, thick towels will be more durable than thin ones and cotton will be much stronger than rayon. These are the factors you’ll want to weigh as you consider your towel options.

We know how crucial durability is to you, which is why our premium plus towels are sturdy enough to far outlast the competition. We manufacture these towels from reliable cotton that’s soft while still being tough enough to last through plenty of uses and washes. Additionally, they’re thick enough that they won’t come apart at the seams and stitched together so they won’t begin to fray, rip and tear after just a few washes.

What Are the Benefits of Premium Plus?

When you choose premium plus towels, you’re doing more than selecting a name. You’re committing to towels that will provide the very best experience for your guests. Here are only a few of the benefits you and your guests can take advantage of when you choose premium plus.

1. Easy Cleaning

It doesn’t matter if you are buying bath towels for a hotel, spa, fitness center or salon. If you have large numbers of guests who are going to be using these towels every day, you’ll need to launder these towels after each guest finishes using them. That makes easy cleaning an enormous priority for you. As crucial as it is for your towels not to fall apart in the wash, it’s just as vital that they can handle a simple and low-maintenance washing procedure. Anything more complicated is not for the large quantity of towels you’ll be cleaning.

advice for cleaning premium plus towels from Towel Super Center

For the very best experience when cleaning your premium plus towels, follow this advice.

  • Use alternative bleach: Chlorine-free bleach helps keep your white towels looking brighter for longer, rather than letting them grow dingy. Any bleach will do this job, but the harsh chemicals in chlorine bleach will also break a towel down faster, whereas alternative bleach will help preserve the towel for longer.
  • Don’t bother with fabric softener: There’s no need to use fabric softener with these towels, making for one less step in the washing process for you to worry about. While you might assume using this extra ingredient will keep your towels softer for longer, it’s much more likely to leave a film-like coating on top of the towel, making it less absorbent.
  • Fold them right away: There’s nothing more satisfying than unfolding a still-warm towel and wrapping yourself in it. When you fold your towels straight out of the dryer, you allow them to retain as much of this warmth and fluffiness as possible, creating the best guest experience when they eventually unfold a towel to use it.

That’s it. Follow these simple steps, and you can ensure plush, comfy and clean towels for all your guests without the hassle of complicated washing routines.

2. Full-Sized Luxury

Worried you might have to compromise on the size of your towels to get the very best? When you choose premium plus towels, this isn’t the case. Premium plus towels come in full bath towel size, giving your guests the space they need, whether they’re looking to dry their entire body after a dunk in the pool, or just looking for a little extra room on their towel after a hard run at the gym.

One bonus of having full-sized bath towels instead of smaller hand towels? You’ll have far more options when it comes to storing and displaying them. Roll them, fold them or hang them on the wall for functional storage that also makes for a beautiful display.

The best part is that premium plus towels allow you this full-sized luxury without sacrificing any of the quality you’ve come to expect. Instead of having to choose between size and quality, you can have them both.

3. Durability

Your guests will likely not go easy on the towels. These towels will need to put up with regular use, abuse and dirtiness. If you’re using a flimsy towel made out of the thinnest material available, it’s going to fall apart after only a handful of uses.

Premium plus towels will stand up against heavy amounts of wear and tear. Built from sturdy cotton, they can take whatever your guests deal out, run through the cleaning cycle and come out again ready for the next use without showing any signs of the previous day. No matter what your business is and how your guests will be using the towels, premium plus towels will be able to keep up.

4. Color

Colored towels can be beautiful and can certainly have their place, but we think there’s nothing quite as stunning and classic as a pure white towel. These towels look cleaner, brighter and somehow more inviting when it comes to wrapping yourself in one at a spa or a pool.

Our premium plus towels come in a gorgeous white color, meaning they can go with the design and aesthetic of your business no matter what your color scheme is, while also maintaining the classic white appearance guests like so well.

Uses of Premium Plus Towels for Business

different ways you can use premium plus towels from Towel Supercenter at your business.

Wondering if premium plus towels might be right for you? Here are just a few of the businesses that might find premium plus towels to be the proper fit for their uses. Do any of these sound like you? If so, you might be in the right place.

  • Spas: Towels are an essential part of any spa. Whether your guests need to dry their entire body or wrap themselves in a towel as they undergo their various beauty treatments, it’s important that these towels are fluffy, comfortable and soft. Our premium plus towels are just the solution for your spa.
  • Salons: At many salons, the purpose of a towel will be less for drying off after a bath and more for smaller-scale uses. Maybe you’ll use a towel to wrap a guest’s hair or dry off their shoulders after washing their hair. You might even use this to dry off feet after a foot bath. Although these uses are on a smaller scale, it’s still essential to use the right towel. Premium plus delivers every time.
  • Hotels: What’s a hotel without fluffy towels waiting in the bathroom for your use as you dry off after a shower or bath? No matter what color or design your hotel rooms are, these white towels will look beautiful against the walls and fixtures.
  • Pools: It goes without saying that pool towels need to be highly absorbent. Your guests will have just spent a relaxing day in the pool, but once they’re out, they’ll be wet, chilly and looking for a fluffy and absorbent towel to wrap themselves in. Premium plus offers exactly this.
  • Gyms: At fitness centers and gyms, your guests will likely be thinking less about the luxurious feel of a fluffy towel and more about how well the towel absorbs moisture. As your guests are working hard, they need a towel they can rely on to keep them from feeling damp throughout their workout. That’s where premium plus towels can get the job done with their excellent absorbing abilities.

Where to Buy the Best Quality Towels?

Whether you’re stocking a gym, a salon, a pool or a hotel, you’re going to need plenty of towels. It doesn’t make sense to buy every one of these towels separately. Not only will this cost you more money, but it’s also impractical. Instead, why not buy your wholesale bath towels online at Towel Super Center? That way, you can save money by making one large purchase, as well as ensuring your towels will all be part of the same matched set. In addition to this, you’ll also experience all the same great benefits of premium plus towels we’ve mentioned, including durability, high absorption rates and soft cotton material.

Ready to get started? Shop our wholesale premium plus towels today here at Towel Super Center.

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