What Is a Golf Towel Used For?

You have probably seen towels hanging from people’s golf bags when you hit the links or you watch a golfing event on television. But why do they have them? What is a golf towel used for?

Golf towels actually have quite a few uses on the course. In fact, you could put them right up there with tees and spikes as some of the most important golf accessories. Whether you want a brightly colored towel, a white one or one with a special grommet to hang on your bag, golf towels make a must-have addition to any golfer’s bag.

Why Do You Need Golf Towels on Your Golf Bag?

The main purpose of carrying a towel with your golf bag is to clean off your clubs. When you swing your club, you can get dirt and debris on it. You want to avoid using a dirty club as the dirt and debris could impact the trajectory of the ball from the club. Plus, you don’t want the dirt getting on other clubs in your bag.

Carrying a towel with you on the course allows you to clean your clubs after every swing. This also saves you the time of cleaning them all after your round is finished. It only takes a few swipes with the towel to get your club in good condition, and doing it as you walk or ride the course is preferable to letting the dirt sit on the clubs throughout your round.

Some people like to wet the towel before they go out on the course, as it’s easier to wipe off the dirt with a damp towel. But others prefer to keep the towel dry.

Why Else Would You Use Golf Towels on the Course?

Have you ever played on a wet golf course? It’s not a pleasant experience if you do not have a towel. With a towel, you can dry off your wet ball as well as your clubs, which can reduce their risk of rusting. Many courses also have ball washing stations, and a towel allows you to dry the ball before returning it to your bag or the tee.

Many golfers love to play in the summer, too, when it gets hot and humid. Taking a towel around allows you to wipe off your sweaty brow between shots. Also, if you walk the course with your bag, it can be a real workout, and having a wet golf towel can provide a welcome way to cool off. Other golfers believe wiping the grip on the club with a towel will enhance the grip’s stickiness, allowing them to hold it better.

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