11×18-ORANGE Fingertip towels 100% cotton

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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Wholesale Orange Fingertip towels made of 100% cotton. Also used as Rally towels for sports events. One side is terry and other side is velour. Hemmed on all 4 sides

Additional Information

Impress Your Guests With Orange Fingertip Towels

Want to make a strong first impression with your clients or visitors? Stock up on these brilliant orange fingertip towels!

We make it simple to purchase fingertip towels at wholesale pricing. You’ll find deep discounts that go as low as $8.99 per dozen. Give your guests something to talk about without breaking your towel budget!

Order your fingertip towels at Towel Super Center, and remember to buy all the other towel and linen supplies you need to revitalize your linen closet or supply area.

Businesses Make a Splash When They Choose an Orange Towel

What’s so special about the color orange? To be sure, everything!

Orange towels help you stand out from other businesses, making them ideal for a memorable experience. Fun, friendly and bright, orange creates a feeling of warmth and vibrancy.

Add a splash of orange color to your salon, spa, health club, country club, hotel, bed and breakfast, car wash, pet wash, barbershop or other establishments with these wholesale fingertip towels today.

Breathe New Life Into Your Home Bathroom With Orange Fingertip Towels

Have you been searching all over for a way to bring out the boldness in your bathroom spaces at home? Try adding some orange power to the mix!

These orange fingertip towels don’t just get the job done from a functional perspective — they’re also downright delightful in terms of adding a pop of color to any interior. Bring out your fun side with orange fingertip towels for all your bathroom and powder room spaces.

Where Will Your 11″ x 18″ Orange Fingertip Towels Serve You Best?

Sure, you’ll want to keep a supply of orange wholesale fingertip towels in your bath spaces and corresponding linen closets. However, those aren’t the only areas that could use the benefit of an orange towel.

Try including a few orange fingertip towels to these areas, as well:

  • The Pool: Sometimes, you don’t need an entire bath towel at the pool area, especially if you only want to wipe off your hands to answer the phone or treat yourself to some munchies poolside. That’s when having wholesale fingertip towels at the ready is the perfect solution!
  • The Entryway: How many times have you wished you had a towel to dry off quickly after being caught in the rain, sleet or snow? You can even use these 11″ x 18″ orange fingertip towels to dry off your four-legged friends!
  • The Laundry: Spilled a little detergent on your hands or down the front of the machine while doing the laundry? That’s a-okay when you have wholesale fingertip towels nearby, ready to wipe up any spills.
  • The Car: Keep a few of these orange towels in your car, and you’ll always have a way to wipe up drips from a leaky water bottle.

The Value of All-Cotton 11″ by 18″ Orange Fingertip Towels

You’ll quickly discover that buying all-cotton orange fingertip towels makes sense for several reasons:

  • Cotton absorbs moisture rapidly. In fact, cotton fibers are known as “thirsty.” Patrons will use fewer fingertip towels at a time because cotton wicks up liquids.
  • Cotton releases moisture fast, too. Cotton doesn’t just soak up moisture. It lets go of it as well. Many buyers of all-cotton towels discover that they spend less time drying their towels, saving them extra money on electric bills.
  • Cotton always feels soft and fluffy. Everyone appreciates a little pampering now and then, and cotton always fits the bill. Never worry that your towels will seem scratchy or rough. Cotton remains cozy wash after wash.
  • Cotton holds up. Durability is another of cotton’s key assets. You can trust that your cotton fingertip towels won’t let you down.
  • Cotton resists holding on to odors and stains. As long as you maintain a consistent schedule of washing and drying your cotton fingertip towels, you’ll get the advantages of having towels that smell fresh and look great. Be sure to pre-treat any spots prior to laundering for best outcomes.
  • Cotton is great for people with sensitive skin. Worried that your clients may have sensitive skin or have allergies to blended materials? All-natural cotton is the right solution. Wash your fingertip towels in dye-free, scent-free detergent for an added level of protection against allergic reactions among those sensitive to products.

Above all else, you’ll absolutely love your orange fingertip towels, and so will everyone who uses them — including employees.

Get Perfectly Sized Fingertip Towels at Wholesale Prices

Need to purchase orange fingertip towels in bulk? We’ve made it quick and easy to have these and any other sized towels delivered right to your business. Whether you’re looking for premium-plus bath towels or economy hand towels, you can count on Towel Super Center to be your towel partner.

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