14X14 Black Microfiber towels wholesale

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Weight 1.4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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Microfiber towels 14×14(200gsm) black for polishing, scrubing, drying

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Save Money Today With Wholesale Black Microfiber Towels

Want to make sure that your car wash or car detailing establishment gets a competitive advantage? You’re already ahead of the game. Planning is wise in this industry, with hundreds of thousands of competitors vying for billions of dollars in client money. Beyond doing incredible work that’s second-to-none, your secret weapon is to have enough microfiber towels on hand to wow your customers.

At Towel Super Center, we offer wholesale black microfiber towels perfectly suited for car detailing. At 14” by 14”, they’re the ideal size for rubbing, cleaning, polishing and buffing. Not only will they help you maintain the edge in your area, but they’ll keep you from overspending on essential tools of the trade.

Order as many units of wholesale black microfiber towels today that you need, and get better discounts the more units you buy. You’ll appreciate the convenience that comes with having the best microfiber towels delivered to your door to keep your car wash humming.

Wholesale Black Microfiber Towels: Trustworthy and Tough

Each black microfiber towel you receive is constructed from a heavy-duty, high-performing polyester blend. This fabric is made from 80-percent polyester and 14-percent polyamide fibers. Together, they create a sturdy connection that ensures you won’t have to worry about the integrity of your towels from day to day.

Additionally, each microfiber towel is tremendously thirsty and ready to work. Forget about needing to grab towel after towel to complete each car-detailing project. With these towels, you’ll use fewer for each customer’s vehicle, allowing you to get the job done faster and with less waste. You won’t have as many towels to launder later, which gives you another way to save money.

If you’ve been disappointed by drying products in the past, it’s time to try microfiber towels. You have nothing to lose with Towel Super Center’s incredibly low wholesale prices. You can, however, gain more customers and a great reputation in your community.

Our Microfiber Towels at Wholesale Value Are Also Easy to Clean

Want to make sure you have towels on hand that don’t require special laundering? You’ve found them here at Towel Super Center. You can wash your wholesale black microfiber towels just as you would any other towel product. Use your favorite regular or green laundry detergent in your typical washing machine cycle. Feel like you’ve done a particularly dirty job? Opt for a heavy-duty cycle instead.

For best results, avoid using any kind of bleaching products. If you’re laundering your black towels with white towels, turn to a bleach alternative instead to get your whites bright without spotting the black towels in the process. Never use a liquid fabric softener, as it can create a barrier to moisture absorption. For fluffiness, simply use dryer sheets during the drying process.

Whether you want black microfiber towels only, or you want black and white microfiber towels for your car detailing needs, you can trust us to have them on hand. Place your order right away, and we’ll ship your wholesale microfiber favorites promptly.