16×26-White Terry Velour Golf towels Corner Grommet

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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Wholesale Golf towels in white. These towels have a corner grommet and hook ideal for use in golf courses, easy to hang.

Additional Information

Wholesale Golf Towels White

Golfers may arrive at your golf course or country club with their golf towel at the ready, but many expect to use one of the golf towels that you provide. Frequent use of your golf towels results in many becoming worn and stained throughout the golfing season, as expected.

At Towel Super Center, our goal is to increase the time it takes for your golf towels to retire. Our white golf towels with grommets and hooks use quality cotton and materials. Because of our product’s construction, they provide lasting softness and durability. We offer them at wholesale prices by selling them by the dozen so that you can save money, without a loss in quality.

Make your golf towels last longer by ordering a set of our white terry-velour golf towels.

Why Get White Golf Towels With Grommets

Our white golf towels with grommets provide a series of compelling reasons for purchasing them. These reasons are because of their traits, which include:

  • Durable: A 100 percent, high-quality cotton construction makes a substantial impact on our golf towels’ durability. Because of our commitment to quality, our white terry-velour golf towels resist fraying or stretching due to their long and dense cotton fibers.
  • Soft: Golfers want a soft fabric to wipe, clean and polish their golf clubs with, which is why we ensure our golf towels remain plush. Wash and dry them without fear of losing their fluffiness. A soft, terry-velour towel also avoids scuffing golf clubs, unlike coarser fabrics.
  • Absorbent: Towels serve one purpose — to absorb liquid. Ours fulfill that role by drinking a significant amount of water and sweat before becoming saturated. And when they do become soaked, they air dry quickly so that golfers can continue using them on the green.
  • Versatile: Our white golf towels with grommets are versatile because of their hook and grommet, which golfers can attach to their golf bag, or you can hang them by service counters near your golf course. You can also use our golf towels as gifts due to their low price. Give them away during country club events or award them during golf course competitions.
  • Bleach-Safe: Fabric stains are an area of concern whenever you make a bulk purchase of colored or white fabric. Our white terry-velour golf towels are bleach-safe. Use bleach or bleach substitutes without creating an uneven white tone.

Our 16″ x 26″ terry-velour golf towels are a dependable choice for golf courses, country clubs and other facilities that have a use for our affordable golf towels.

Order White Golf Towels With Grommets

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), you can trust us to provide quality towels and service at Towel Super Center. We work for you, offering quality towels for wholesale prices so that you can lower your expenses while providing the same level of amenities to your clients.

Order a set of our white golf towels with grommets today, and we’ll process and ship your order within one business day.