16×27-Premium White Hand towels 86/14 Blended

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Wholesale hand towels 16X27 86/14 cot/poly blend Premium grade Extra soft for use in Salons, Gyms, Spas, Hotels, schools and many more businesses. If you are looking for a medium size hand towel this will be the product to go with super soft and bright white

Additional Information

Purchase Premium Blended White Hand Towels for Your Salon

Whether you own a nail salon or a hair salon, you probably go through dozens of towels each day. You use them to dry customers’ hands, to put around their necks before a haircut and to wipe down appliances. Every few hours, one of your employees probably does a big load of laundry to get all those towels looking clean and bright and smelling good. Because towels play such a big role in your business, you should find high-quality, versatile hand towels you can deploy throughout the salon.

Our premium blended white hand towels are just the ticket. Made from 86 percent cotton and 14 percent poly, these towels can be used for a variety of tasks throughout your salon. Their versatility will make them an instant favorite among your staff. They are 16×27, big enough to handle jobs such as wiping up spills but small enough to fit easily in your hand.

The Advantages of Purchasing Our Premium Blend Hand Towels

Every salon wants to put off a certain vibe. Classy or sophisticated, homey or comfortable, that choice is up to you based on the clientele you serve, but all salons have one thing in common. They want to look pulled together and professional. Buying the same hand towels for your building contributes to that look. You don’t want to have different towels with ribbons or textures. That makes your business look sloppy. Buying our premium blended white hand towels ensures your clients note that lovely consistency.

Other benefits of purchasing our towels include:

  • Absorbency: Even after many washes, our towels keep absorbing liquid just as well as they did when you first bought them.
  • Quality: Our towels are crafted from the finest materials. They won’t warp or fade as cheaply made towels do after repeated usage.
  • Softness: Every towel in your salon should be gentle to the touch to give your clients the pampering they want. Our towels feel smooth and soft.

Buy Our Premium Blended White Hand Towels in Bulk for an Outstanding Value

Low pricing is another thing that keeps customers flocking back to Towel Super Center. We offer a discount on retail pricing, and we’ll give you even further savings when you buy from us in bulk. We drop the price per dozen when you buy 10 dozen or more of our salon towels.

This saves you money and also time in the long run. You don’t want to have to order new towels every few months. Get them all now, and you can even pay one low shipping rate instead of financing multiple deliveries.

Get in Touch Today to Order Premium Blend Hand Towels

Purchasing from Towel Super Center couldn’t be easier. You can contact us to receive more information about pricing when you buy in bulk. We let you order online and have the towels shipped right to you, so you don’t have to go through any extra steps. Improve the look of your salon by upgrading the hand towels you use. Buy premium blended hand towels in white today.