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The 22 Best DIY Towel Racks


The bathroom is one of the most practical areas in your house, though — and everyone uses it at one point or another. As a great way to spruce it up, creative towel rack ideas can transform your bathroom from looking chaotic to classy. And instead of purchasing a standard rack with metal poles, DIY towel racks can be a fun and cheaper alternative while also adding character to your powder room.

Are you not the craftiest of people? Don’t worry. With a variety of simple DIY hand towel holder ideas, you can find one that fits your abilities and the style of your room. Instead of buying a generic towel rack found in thousands of homes, you can get your creative juices flowing and design a masterpiece fit for your bathroom.

DIY crafts are growing in popularity no matter if you are creating new storage areas for your bathroom towels or constructing a TV stand. DIYs used to be a way to pass the time for older generations, but now, “young adults under the age of 35 dominate the 29 billion-dollar crafting industry.”

Bathrooms shouldn’t be a place for sopping wet towels, but one of charm and relaxation. You can make it feel homier with a few DIY additions, not only creating the perfect space for your towels, but also a whole new ambiance.

Creative Towel Rack Ideas

Various DIY towel storage designs range from purchasing and refurbishing an item to more hands-on activities involving a few screws and nails. But no matter the look you are going for, the following ideas will help you build a bathroom equipped with proper towel rack solutions while also adding specific characteristics to your space.

Here are 22 DIY towel rack ideas to get you started:

1. Wine Rack

A wine rack for bathroom towels? Yes! It offers simplicity and elegance to your bathroom while acting as the perfect way to stack your towels. Roll your smaller washcloths at the top, then your hand towels and bath towels in descending order toward the bottom. And best of all? You only need a few screws for installation.

Purchase a wine rack that fits the décor of your room and nail it to the wall. Depending on the size of weight of the rack, it may require several nails for extra support.

2. A Simple Chair

Stack your bathroom towels on a chair in the corner of the room or where you find it most convenient. For you to craft a more creative DIY vibe, you can purchase a chair from an antique store and refurbish it by staining the wood or upholstering the fabric.

3. Baskets

You can place your bath towels in different-sized baskets with washcloths on top and bath towels on the bottom. While there are many ways to install baskets, you can mount them to your wall or place them on a ladder for more character. Baskets can be made of any materials such as wire, wicker or plastic.

4. A Stainless-Steel Base

Mounting a single or double piece of stainless steel on your bathroom wall can create an illusion of your towels “floating.” It can form a sophisticated and clean look for more modern-styled rooms. It’s suggested to purchase a floating bookshelf that can withstand several pounds. From there, you simply screw it to your wall and place your towels on top where the steel becomes invisible.

5. Metal Tub

Putting your towels in a metal tub is simple and accessible whether you place it under your sink, in a corner or on a shelf. It also creates a more industrial-style feel. While metal tubs are often used as other purposes or accessories, it can be a functional piece in your bathroom as it can hold dozens of towels at a time.

Metal bins store your towels neatly.

6. A Hanging Box

In this case, a hanging box is more like an adult shower caddy. As the perfect DIY hand towel holder, you can store towels and other shower accessories right near your shower curtain. Place the hanging box either on the ground or hang it from hooks already on your wall for easier access.

7. Door Ladder

Either make your own ladder or purchase a door ladder and drape your towels over the rungs. You can place it against a wall, on the side of a cabinet or behind a door to reduce the amount of clutter and keep it from taking up too much space. Because the top portion is made of rope, you can hang it on hooks or attach it by other means of support.

8. Ladder

Use half of a ladder and fold your bathroom towels on the steps. You can lean it on any flat and sturdy surface as the perfect storage space. Many home furnishing stores offer ladders for this precise effect. However, if you choose to create your own ladder, you can follow several simple steps to get the look you want.

9. An Old Window

Use an old window you find in the garage, an antique store or consignment shop. You can repurpose it into a towel rack by screwing it to the wall and attaching hooks at the bottom. You also have the freedom to keep the glass, remove it or place fabric behind the structure for added texture. This particular DIY will require some power tools and screws for you to construct the perfect towel rack.

10. Overlapping Picture Frames

Purchase different sizes of used picture frames and overlap them to create texture, layers and depth to your bathroom. Use wood glue or screws to combine the frames and then attach the entire piece to your wall with screws. It’s common to use only the frames and remove the glass. Without the glass, you can drape your towels over the different layers of frames.

11. An Acrylic Rod

As a simple creative towel rack idea, take an acrylic rod and ceiling curtain hooks. It offers a modern style with a hint of glam if you use gold hooks. If the brackets you have don’t fit the aesthetic of your room, you can spray paint them with the appropriate color. Once dry, mount the brackets to your wall and insert the rod in between the two brackets. Use a small amount of super glue to keep the rod in place.

Update the brackets with spray paint.

12. River Stone Wood Plaques

This particular DIY craft entails more hands-on work and the use of a power tool. You will need stones, wooden plaques and copper piping. First, use a drill bit to drill into the stones and wood — making two holes in each. You can use either super glue or Gorilla glue to attach the rods to the rocks and wood. Make sure to clamp together the towel holder for the glue to dry.

Mount the wooden plaques onto your wall. Whether you have one or five, it will add a natural and earthy tone to your bathroom. You can slip and loop your towels through the copper piping or simply hang them over the rocks.

13. Fabricated Picture Frames

With a new or old picture frame, use extra fabric in place of a photo. It’s a cute way to spice up your bathroom and also a way to use up some extra fabric scraps you may have. After making appropriate measurements, glue your piece of fabric on the cardboard often found in picture frames for sturdiness.

Leaving a hole in the fabric and back piece of the picture frame, mount your DIY towel holder back onto the wall next to your shower or sink.

14. Copper Ladder

In comparison to a standard wooden ladder, a copper ladder towel rack adds a more sophisticated and modern vibe to your bathroom with a splash of rustic color. With its thin rails, you can drape your towels over the rungs and lean it against the wall for a simple touch.

If you choose to make a copper ladder instead of purchasing one at the store, you will need several different supplies. You can attach the ladder together by slipping each piece of copper into its appropriate place.

15. Branch Towel Rack

Yes, branches can have multiple purposes instead of lying in your backyard! Choose one with the right thickness and cut it to your desired length using a hand saw. Sand it down for a smooth feel, attach hinges into the wood and screw the piece into the wall. It’s a simple craft, but it results in an organic feel. You can even paint the wood or stain it for a more dramatic touch.

16. Scrap Wood Shelf

If you have scrap wood lying around in your garage or shed, it’s the perfect opportunity to refurbish it for a brand new towel shelf. Design the length of your shelf to fit over your toilet or near your shower and add hooks. If the shelf is wide enough, you can place all sizes of towels on it, along with other accessories.

Repurpose scrap wood into a towel shelf.

17. Floating Shelves Under a Window Sill

Is there extra space under your window sill that’s bare? Adding floating shelves to the area will not only increase storage space, but it can also add to your bathroom’s personality to an otherwise bland space. Simply measure pieces of wood and sand them down for a smooth finish. Like many of these DIYs, you can paint or stain the wood. From there, screw your pieces of wood together and attach the floating shelf to your wall, placing your towels on top.

18. Vanity Shelves

Replace the cabinet under your sink with a curved or straight shelf as a concealed place to store your bathroom towels. As a sophisticated DIY idea, it makes perfect use of space. Whether you are reaching for a hand towel or bath towel, they are always easy to access.

Measure a piece of wood that will fit within the confines under your vanity. Apply the right paint or stain to match and attach it as a shelf with nails. You can follow similar steps to that of a floating shelf without the extra pieces of wood underneath.

19. Woven Baskets

Use woven baskets to slide under your sink if it’s open with no cupboards. You can also put them in an unused corner. Choose from a variety of colors or stick to the classic brown shade to fit the style of your powder room.

20. Wooden Magazine Racks

The best part of DIY towel rack ideas for small bathrooms is using items otherwise used for different purposes. It creates a unique twist and adds character to your bathroom. Using wooden magazine racks, you can roll your towels for a trendy look. Place them under modern sinks without any piping or cabinets and repaint them to fit the style of your bathroom.

21. Wooden Crate

For this project, you can repurpose and reuse wooden crates by staining or painting them with different colors. You can even stack them together to create different shapes that are horizontal or vertical. By configuring two or more crates, you can make different designs. Use brackets to hold the boxes together and add a few screws to keep the structure sturdy. You can keep them on the floor or attach them to the wall to create depth.

22. Old Household Items

If you are looking to get rid of old household items, this is the perfect opportunity to use cabinets, shelves, desks or chairs in your bathroom. You can refurbish the items, repaint them or stain the wood to craft a practical storage area for your bathroom towels.

With so many creative towel rack ideas to choose from, you may not know where to start! Begin thinking about the style of your bathroom and which materials would look best. It’s also important to think about the amount of space you have available. For instance, does your bathroom have room for a ladder or cabinet? Or is it ideal to use smaller items like baskets instead?

DIY towel racks add storage and character.


No matter the type of towel storage you choose, your bathroom will gain a new sense of character and allow for a better storage area. Your bath and hand towels will no longer have a place on the floor. They’ll instead be on a shelf, draped on a ladder or hanging off a vintage picture frame.

DIY Towel Storage Benefits

Compared to purchasing products right off the market, there are several benefits of DIY projects, such as:

  • DIY projects cost less money. You can purchase your own materials and put in your own labor. When you relate the costs of doing something yourself to the amount you would have paid for a store-bought towel rack, you often see a significant difference. In reality, about 39% of people participate in DIYs to save money.
  • You can learn a new skill. Gaining knowledge on how to build a towel rack or other items in your home can help you for future tasks. You also feel satisfied when you craft your own project instead of going to the store. You are more content with your achievements, more self-confident and more fulfilled with the outcome.
  • It can act as a small source of income. If you become proficient enough in making DIY hand towel holders, you can use it to your advantage. You can offer to design other peoples’ bathroom towel racks as a way to earn money on the side. With small projects, you can pick and choose when to craft, while also spreading your creativity to other homes.
  • DIYs give you the freedom to design what you want. Instead of settling for a generic towel rack at the store, you can build one to match your personality and the character of your bathroom. You can add details or take away certain things you don’t like. It’s the perfect method for precise customization.
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