Tips for Choosing the Best Color for Your Luxury Hotel Towels

When you run a hotel or bed and breakfast, you want to make every detail count. After all, guests expect that you have thought of everything, right down to the bath, hand, onsite pool and fingertip towels.

The good news is that you have a wide array of different colors for luxury hotel towels, not to mention various grades of plushness. Want to know how to choose colors for those hotel towels that wow visitors every time? Keep these factors in mind when making your towel color selections.


Hotel Branding Experience

Do you run a hotel that attracts people interested in having an ultra-modern experience? If so, you probably want your hotel towels to be a bit less showy and a tad more on the streamlined side. In addition to black and white, consider gray and silver for your towels for a neutral, contemporary palette.

On the other hand, is it important that your hotel customers feel pampered in a timeless environment? Opt for colors that echo opulence and splendor, such as burgundy, dark blue, dark brown or rich red. Want to brand your hotel as fun? Nothing says energy like hot pink, bright yellow or intense green.

Current Color Scheme

Although many hoteliers order traditional white luxury bath towels because white matches with any decor, you might want to pick colors that either complement or contrast with your overall look.

For instance, if you have bright colors throughout your hotel, why not surprise your guests with lime green or yellow towels for something different? You will not only make your hotel more memorable, but you will dazzle everyone who stays overnight.

Preferred Luxury Towel Cleaning Method

If you are all about efficiency when it comes to cleaning luxury cotton towels, you may want to stick with black or white varieties. Basically, those two color selections can be tossed into the washing machine without too much thought.

However, if you train your hospitality staff to pay closer attention to towel maintenance by only washing and drying colors that are alike, you have more color options. Putting “blues” only with other “blues” can mean an extra step, but it can make your hotel stand out.

Types of Luxury Towels Available

As you explore the different grades of luxury hotel towels, you will have to choose towels that are available. At Towel Super Center, we try to offer as many tints and shades as we can so you have plenty of options.

Browse an assortment of luxury towels perfect for hotels, offering a multitude of colors. Who knows — a certain color may just grab you!

Colors Best Suited to Your Hotel

At the end of the day, as the owner or manager of your hotel, you may want to add a little personal taste to your luxury hotel towel decisions. Never be afraid to put your own spin on the towels you supply, right down to their hue.

Regardless of which towel color you decide upon, you can be sure your guests will appreciate being wrapped in 100-percent cotton premium luxuriousness. Order your hotel towels wholesale today from Towel Super Center.

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