Discover the Best Types of Towels to Dry Any Client’s Hair

Have you ever been frustrated because the towels in your salon were not thirsty enough to dry clients’ hair? This is a common concern among stylists. Fortunately, it is easy to fix.

Keep the following suggestions in mind the next time you place an order for salon towels to ensure you have towels ready to soak up what you need them to.


Go for a Cotton-Based Towel

Cotton is one of the more absorbent towel materials, so it typically works well for salon clients. Plus, it cleans up easily, too.

To increase the amount of moisture your hair towels will wick, be sure to wash your 100-percent cotton towels without fabric softener. Although fabric softeners make towels smell nice and seem fluffy, they leave behind a film that coats the towel fibers and reduces their absorbency.

Test Anti-Frizz Hair Towels

Certain types of hair are prone to extreme frizziness, especially after towel drying.

Consider buying several types of hair salon towels, from a blend of cotton-poly to premium cotton. That way, you can change the kind of towel you offer a client based on their hair type.

Pick a Generously Sized Towel

Who wants to deal with a towel that can’t get the job done? At some point, every stylist has needed to use several towels for what should have been a one-towel job.

When selecting perfect towels for hair drying, look for ones that are bigger than other salons might offer. Not only can they wrap your client’s hair and stay in place, but they can save you money since you will be washing fewer towels each day.

Have Some Lightweight Towels on Hand

Although you probably want to make sure your supply cabinet is stocked with premium or premium plus cotton towels, you should always keep a few economy style cotton towels around. Why? These lightweight towels can work better for certain people’s hair.

For instance, very thin hair may necessitate a lightweight towel. As long as you care for your lightweight towel, it will feel wonderful against any client’s scalp.

Extra Tips for Keeping Towels Thirsty

In addition to buying the right types of salon towels, you can do your part to keep your towels working at the highest level possible. Just apply a few of these strategies:

  • Recycle older towels when they become worn. Otherwise, they will make drying clients’ hair challenging. If you cannot completely restock your supply of salon towels at once, set up a monthly system of pulling older towels and buying replacements. Eventually, all your towels will be newer and performing well.
  • Reduce static cling in the dryer, as it can transfer to a client’s hair. Many people like to toss a crumpled aluminum foil ball or old tennis ball into the drying cycle to limit static while improving fluffiness. Avoid using dryer sheets, as they disrupt fabric absorbency.
  • Clean your towels regularly. A sanitized towel is always going to work better than one that has been repeatedly used without going through the washing machine.

With a little thoughtfulness and care, you can ensure every salon towel you use is the best choice to dry any client’s hair. Add quality salon towels to your supply today with Towel Super Center’s wholesale options.

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