Enhance Your Decor With Fall Towels

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Fall is a season of change, which is probably why so many people enjoy enhancing their home’s decor during this colorful time of year. While it’s a breeze to bring some autumn into your living room and bedrooms, it can be tricky to find a way to include your kitchen and bathroom in the fun.

With a bit of ingenuity and creativity, you can use towels to give your bathrooms and kitchen that crisp touch of autumn. 

How to Use Towels to Enhance Your Decor

When it comes to the bathroom, towels are the obvious solution for adding a bit of color and style to your space. Whether it’s hand towels or bath sheets, you can take advantage of the variety of colors available to spruce up your bathroom.

In the kitchen, tea towels and hand towels offer a similar opportunity to add some autumn touches. You can buy ready-made autumn kitchen towels or go DIY by embroidering or stamping a fall-inspired motif onto solid-colored towels. 

In the bathroom, you can add tiny seasonal touches by embroidering hand towels with festive fall designs, like leaves or pumpkins. 

Overall, the color palette will make your bathroom or kitchen stand out with autumn charm. 

Fall Colors

When you think of fall, a specific color palette springs to mind. This palette mimics the well-known colors of nature during this season and includes deep reds, brisk yellows and rustic browns. String these colors together to create the ultimate fall mood in any room.

Fall kitchen towels can be tea towels with seasonal prints on them or hand towels in complementary shades of fall colors. Your existing decor and home’s architecture can influence your choice in colors, too, and you may want to take advantage of any aesthetic elements that add to the fall theme.

For example, if your kitchen has exposed beams, stay with a rustic motif and add some light brown tea towels. Or, if you’re lucky enough to have both exposed wooden beams and hardwood floors, consider adding a pop of color by bringing in some bright red towels.

In the bathroom, fall bathroom towels can be as simple as matching sets of brown or orange hand and bath towels. You can add warmth and depth to the room by throwing in patterns as well, either in the form of a geometric shower curtain or some framed autumnal prints. 

If you’re the sort of person who prefers the brightness of fall, make yellows and reds your priority. These two colors not only work well together, but they can also brighten any room. For those who enjoy some moodiness in their decor, red is still an excellent option, especially when coupled with tans and browns.

You can bring everything together with a neutral shade, like black or white, which will help smaller spaces — like bathrooms, in particular — not seem cramped.

Towel Origami

Another way to bring a little autumn fun into your decor is by making animals with towels. This skill adds joy to any season, especially if you plan to entertain a lot during the holidays. 

You don’t have to be a pro — you can create many simple shapes with a few twists and folds. A quick internet search will offer instructions to make everything from cats and rabbits to snakes and swans out of towels.

These towel animals can perform double duty in bathrooms by being decorative until someone needs to use them. They’re also a great way to brighten up your guests’ stays.

In the kitchen, these towel animals can work predominantly as decorative pieces — but, since they’re absorbent towels, you can quickly unfold and use them to clean up any spills. 

But animals aren’t the only way you can present your towels to add to a fall theme. Other unique and decorative ways to hang your towels include making them into hanging sacks for storing smaller towels, or adding some ribbon to tie them together in an appealing presentation.

Artful towel arrangement is an especially useful skill if you run a salon or hotel, since you can impress your clients or guests with quirky ways of folding their towels. 

towel origami in the fall

Storage Ideas

There’s a good chance you have more towels than storage in your bathroom, so hanging towels — especially decorative ones — can seem like they’re taking up too much space. That’s where innovative towel storage comes in, and you can use autumn as inspiration.

Racks or hooks are the most obvious choice, especially for towels that see regular use. But you need to find a way to keep extra towels accessible without being in the way. 

In keeping with the rustic, outdoorsy theme of autumn, you can take advantage of wicker baskets or bins to store excess towels. For hand towels, a countertop basket filled with carefully folded or rolled hand towels gives the bathroom a unique, farm-like aesthetic. 

A small wooden shelf — either made of real wood or painted to look like wood — is another option. However, don’t limit yourself to nature-inspired themes. Experiment with colors and patterns as well. If you’re not a fan of continually changing your decor, emphasize solid colors, such as red, which can take you through the seasons into summer. Alternatively, greens are also multiseasonal, and both reds and greens are easy to complement with colors like blue, yellow and orange.

In the kitchen, you can display a selection of towels on a wall or door using removable hooks. Organize these towels by themed colors that add to the rest of your kitchen’s decor. 

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