Should You Wash Towels Before Using Them?

You just received your new order of premium towels from Towel Supercenter. Now, you need to make a decision: Do you use them immediately or toss them into the washing machine?

Although many people pull their towels out of the package and pop them right into their linen closets, others prefer to launder them before the first use. In general, we encourage you to give them a quick wash and dry cycle. Below, we explain why you should wash new towels and how to do it the best way possible.

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Why Launder Brand New Towels?

When you purchase towels, they have never been used before. However, they often have a bit of residual finish on the surface of the towels. The finish gives them a lovely sheen and softness, but it can impact absorbency. Therefore, popping them into the washing machine removes the finish and renders the cotton fibers thirstier.

What Are the Benefits of Washing New Towels?

After purchasing fingertip, hand, bath or body towels, you’ll definitely want to put them into your laundry cycle. But will you really see the difference out of them in terms of performance and aesthetics? Absolutely. In fact, you’re going to get many benefits from washing your new towels. Some of the advantages include:

  • Freshness: Having an ultra-fresh towel makes you feel like you’re being pampered, even on a busy Monday morning when you’re scrambling to shower and get to work on time. New towels that have just been washed smell and look their best.
  • Less shedding: Many people notice a few stray shreds or cotton fibers on their new bath towels. This shedding is completely normal, but the stray threads may come off on your body if you don’t wash your towels before initially using them. The first wash-dry cycle tends to remove all loose threads, leaving the towels primed and ready for use.
  • Maximum absorbency: Cotton towels, as well as towels made from a combination of high levels of cotton mixed with other fibers, will be naturally absorbent. However, you can improve the absorbency right out of the gate by giving the towels an initial wash. The first wash helps the fibers take in and release liquid, getting them set to do the same thing over and over again.
  • Thicker pile: What’s more indulgent than having a towel with a super-fluffy pile and feel? As you run your fingers across new towels right from the package, you might notice that they seem to be a little flatter than most towels. That’s because the fibers have been in a compact position. By laundering your towels, you’ll plump up the fibers and increase the plushness of the material.
  • Locked-in colors: As you probably already know, you should always wash any new colorful garments or towels alone the first time. Even color-fast dyes can bleed a little into the wash on the first use. After the initial laundering is finished, you can feel safer washing your new towels with like colors without as much worry about overflow bleeding between the dyes.

Remember to use our special guide below to find out the best way to approach your first wash.

How to Wash New Towels

Approach washing your new towels the same way you would any new garments. First, be sure that you either launder them alone or with like-colored and similar weight fabrics. This takes away worries related to colors bleeding during the first wash cycle.

Next, choose your favorite detergent. Pick one that you trust and have used before. Do not add liquid fabric softener, though. Fabric softeners leave a layer of invisible residue on towels. The residue may make the towels seem fluffier. Unfortunately, it lessens the fabric’s ability to soak up moisture. This is why towels that seem very comfy sometimes perform poorly.

Finally, be sure to dry your new towels completely. Adding a dryer sheet is an acceptable practice if you want to lower static electricity. As soon as the dry cycle finishes, pull them out to fold. Remember to fold all your towels the same way. This allows you to stack them neatly in your linen closet or a bathroom display shelf. Of course, you could also use one right away to douse off after an invigorating shower or soothing soak!

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