5 Best Types of Gym Towels

5 Best Types of Gym Towels

Whether you’re a diehard gym rat, a professional fitness instructor or have only recently started trying to get fit, you have probably put a lot of time and careful consideration into the gear, clothing and equipment you will buy, the training methods you will use and the benefits of working out. However, with so many choices, it can be easy to overlook one of the most crucial decisions — your gym towels. 

You’ll want to look for top-level comfort, convenience, softness and durability When shopping for gym towels. You may also want to consider buying different sizes for various purposes.

Your gym might offer a selection of towels for guests to use, which shows that they are considerate and have thoughtfully anticipated your needs. However, if you prefer to bring your own, there’s nothing worse than arriving at the gym, ready to swim laps or lift weights, only to discover that your towel never made it into your bag.

Let’s explore what qualities to look for in a workout towel and the five best towels for your gym activities to ensure an excellent selection.

What Makes the Best Workout Towels?

You need to consider your tastes and preferences, but the best gym towel has the following characteristics.

  • Material: Look for materials such as microfiber, cotton or bamboo. You’ll want a soft and durable fabric with excellent moisture-wicking properties, especially if you sweat a lot during training.
  • Texture: When working out, you want a towel that strikes a fine line between a smooth and textured surface. A soft and fluffy towel might feel exceptional but offers little sweat absorption. You also do not want a towel that is too coarse for your skin, particularly if you wipe your face with it.
  • Size: Standard gym towel sizes are 15 by 25 or 16 by 27 inches. For comfort, you can drape it over your back and wear it like a cape. The towel should hang halfway down or just past your glute muscles. You’ll want it to span the width of your back — size up if you have particularly broad lats and shoulders.
  • Absorbency: High-quality gym towels effectively absorb sweat and water and help keep you as dry and comfortable as possible during even the most intense workouts. 
  • Drying speed: Look for towels that dry quickly, especially if you are a busy fitness enthusiast who frequently does laundry.
  • Easy cleaning: You want a workout towel that is easy to keep clean and hygienic. The best options are machine washable and can withstand frequent washing without losing their quality.
  • Odor resistance: The best gym towels are odor-resistant and made from materials that prevent the buildup of unpleasant smells even after multiple uses. Rinse or soak gym towels after each use instead of letting them sit for days until you do your laundry.
  • Durability: You’ve committed to your fitness routine, and you need towels that can hold up to regular use, washing and exposure to sweat without losing their structural integrity and color.

Why Does Cotton Make the Best Gym Towels?

Many gym enthusiasts choose cotton towels for the following characteristics.

  • Quickdrying: Unlike some fabrics, cotton does not take long to dry. The faster a wet towel dries, the less prone it is to bacterial growth. This quality results in longer-lasting, more hygienic towels.

5 Best Types of Gym Towels

  • Comfortable: Cotton is soft, plush and does not irritate sensitive skin. You will appreciate this comfort, especially after an intense workout.
  • Durable: Despite how soft and delicate cotton feels on the skin, it is a highly durable fabric that stands up to frequent use and washing, making 100% cotton towels an investment that pays for itself.
  • Absorbent: Cotton readily absorbs sweat and water, making post-workout showers easier than ever.
  • Low-maintenance: Cotton workout towels are ideal for busy fitness enthusiasts, as they do not require extensive maintenance. Aside from washing your gym towels properly, cotton doesn’t require special care or treatment.
  • Customizable: Cotton is available in multiple colors and is easy to embroider. Because of these features, cotton towels are ideal for customization and personalization.

5 Best Types of Gym Towels — and Why You Would Need Them

Every gym should have five different types of towels to offer members, though you’ll likely want to have all or some of these in your bag as an avid or new member. Each towel serves a distinct purpose, but can also have multiple applications.

1. Washcloths for the Gym

Washcloths are smaller than standard bath towels and hand towels, but are equally helpful. For gym patrons who sweat less or only need to wipe down a small piece of equipment, premium quality cotton washcloths may be a more manageable alternative to larger towels. There are several reasons you need washcloths as a gym or health center member: 

5 Best Types of Gym Towels — and Why You Would Need Them

  • Wash your face after a workout.
  • Cleanse or exfoliate your skin during a shower.
  • Remove any makeup before an intense session.
  • Keep your face dry during your time in the steam room.
  • Clean up spills from water bottles.
  • Wiping off your skin or a piece of equipment.

Consider bleach-safe washcloth towels when choosing a washcloth for the gym. These washcloths come complete with all the benefits of 100% cotton, but can stand up to bleach without staining or fading. Many fitness centers use bleach-resistant washcloths when sanitizing workout equipment, as they hold up to cleaning agents better than traditional washcloths.

2. Hand Towels for the Gym

Hand towels are smaller than standard economy and premium bath and yoga towels, but larger than washcloths, which are a great option to use in workout areas due to their size. Hand towels are often available in sizes ranging from 15 to 25 inches wide and 18 to 30 inches long. You also have the choice between economy hand towels or premium hand towels. 

Some ways you might use a small gym towel include:

  • Dry your hands and face after washing them.
  • Absorb sweat while exercising.
  • Wipe down exercise equipment before and after use.
  • Cover seats or benches during sets.
  • Wrap around wet hair following a shower.

After your workout, place the sweaty towel in a separate compartment or zip-close bag to prevent it from making your whole gym bag smell like sweat. Then, promptly remove it once you get home and wash it with your training clothes.

3. Bath Towels for the Gym

It is a little luxury when a gym or fitness facility stocks bath-sized gym towels poolside or in the locker room for easy access. For personal use, 100% cotton towels provide a soft feel and durability — meaning they stand up to long-term use and frequent washing. These are some common uses for bath towels for the gym:

  • Dry off after a shower or swim.
  • Wipe away sweat during training.
  • Clean equipment before or after use.
  • Wrap it around you in a sauna.
  • Use it as a yoga mat in a pinch.

4. Yoga Towels for the Gym

If your gym offers yoga as one of its workout classes, stocking up on towels intended for the yoga studio is a must. Holding yoga poses is challenging if your hands and feet are sweaty. Use a nearby towel to keep your hands and feet dry and prevent your mat from becoming slippery. 

A yoga towel fits neatly over a mat and sometimes even includes a gripping texture on one side. You might want it for the following reasons while at the gym:

  • Use the towel for sweat absorption during and after the session.
  • Create a hygienic barrier between yourself and the mat — particularly if using a gym-provided mat.
  • Wipe your face, hands and feet during the session.
  • Use it as a blanket or pillow during cool-down.
  • Fold the towel to substitute for a strap or block.

5. Microfiber Towels for the Gym

Athletes and gym-goers are increasingly investing in various quality microfiber towels because of how absorbent these towels are. A microfiber towel can handle a lot of moisture, which means it will last longer during an intense workout and dry more quickly than its cotton counterpart. It also holds up better to frequent washing, meaning it will last longer and need less replacement.

Microfiber towels come in varying sizes, but you can use them for the following:

  • Keep it handy during a workout to wick away sweat.
  • Use it to clean equipment surfaces.
  • Take your handy towel along for gym classes and keep your area sweat-free.
  • Clean your gym mat off before covering it with a yoga towel.
  • Keep your hands dry between sets if you sweat a lot.

Why Have Different Types of Towels for the Gym?

There are several reasons to have at least one set of dedicated gym towels.

  • Preference: Though many gyms offer towels, you may prefer to bring clean towels from home because they are more hygienic. While most gyms are fairly rigorous in cleaning their gym towels, having personal gym supplies for workouts is still a good idea. 
  • Purpose: You want to be sure that your workout towel is distinct from other towels you use. Your needs in the gym will be different than elsewhere, so you want a unique workout towel specially designed for this purpose.
  • Construction: Gym towels are more durable than your standard home hand and bath towels to keep up with the demanding needs experienced at the gym. They feature double-stitched hems and are durable for frequent washing and drying. These towels range in 16 by 27 inches for your hands and face to 22 by 44 inches for showers.
  • Capabilities: Gym towels are also more absorbent than regular towels. You can use them more extensively and wash them more frequently than the average towel without compromising their quality or texture. You typically get this benefit with cotton/polyester blended towels.

Why Use the Best Gym Towels?

Selecting the best combination of quality workout towels for your needs isn’t only about cleanliness, though that is a significant consideration. Trainers and dedicated fitness enthusiasts need gym towels for their daily sessions, and gym owners and managers buy them to bolster their member experience. 

1. Cleanliness

A challenging workout inevitably results in sweat, and while some members may be good about remembering to bring along an absorbent towel to wipe their faces and clean up after themselves, many forget. When gyms provide towels for their members, it encourages them to be more diligent about cleanliness — for themselves and the equipment around them. Always keep at least one freshly laundered towel in your gym bag for your peace of mind. 

2. Safety

Sweat residue left on a set of dumbbells can make them difficult to grip, and puddles of pool water tracked down a tile hallway can quickly lead to slippery floors. Towels can prevent potential injuries from dropping heavy weights or slipping in water.

3. Environmental Awareness

After using a paper towel to wipe down a piece of equipment, most people crumple it up and toss it into the nearest trash can. Multiply that one piece of paper by how many pieces of equipment are in the gym and how many members come through daily and, well, that’s a lot of wasted paper. That’s why reusable towels can save money and preserve the environment.

4. Comfort

Some people may barely break a sweat at the gym, while others look like they’ve gone for a swim after a weightlifting circuit. Those who tend to sweat a lot need easy access to towels. With a quality gym towel, you can wipe your hands, face, arms and legs without pausing your workout to hunt for paper towels or ineffectively wiping with your shirt.

5. Good Gym Etiquette

All gyms expect their members to follow fundamental etiquette like sharing equipment, dressing appropriately, respecting other members and cleaning up when finished. You wouldn’t want to sit on a piece of equipment or pick up a set of weights covered in someone else’s sweat, and neither would your fellow gym members. So be courteous and pack a gym towel or use those provided to keep the shared space clean and tidy.

The Value of Cleanliness

Moisture left to dry on equipment becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Combine that with a slightly stuffy atmosphere during peak times, and you and other members are susceptible to germs of all kinds. Sure, the cleaning staff will handle this on their rounds, but clean towels can also mitigate the problem. 

Unless your fitness center supplies wet wipes or paper towels to wipe down equipment before and after use, consider bringing two gym towels — one for your body and the other to wipe and place on equipment.

Economy vs. Premium Towels

We offer a wide selection of economy and premium towels at Towel Super Center. While economy gym towels are less expensive, “economy” doesn’t mean poor quality. We stand behind the durability of each towel we sell, and we are confident that they will withstand extensive gym use, as their high-quality cotton stands up to washing.

On the other hand, our premium gym towels are exceptionally soft, providing a luxurious feel for gym-goers. Our premium towels are also durable. They will last through many washings and handle daily wear and tear like a champ.

Like Towel Super Center economy towels, our premium towels feature 100% cotton — only at this tier, the cotton has tighter loops, making the towels softer and longer-lasting. Towel Super Center premium towels are also available in several sizes and colors, so you will surely find the perfect fit for your gym needs.

Economy vs. Premium Towels

Choosing Towels That Suit Your Style

You need absorbent, quick-drying and cost-effective gym towels — but what about their appearance? Choose gym towels that match your aesthetic goals by following these tips.

  • Select the perfect color: White workout towels are a classic color choice, but they are not the only option. Towel Super Center offers towels and washcloths in various colors, including neutral shades and several vibrant color options.
  • Customize your gym towels: Personalizing your towels by embroidering logos or names on them is a classy touch for fitness center owners or personal trainers.
  • Choose your level of comfort: How essential is comfort to you? All Towel Super Center cotton gym towels are soft and non-abrasive to the skin, but some are thicker and plusher than others. 
  • Consider additional features: Think about gym towels, hand towels or washcloths with extra features, like bleach resistance or towels made of microfiber.
  • Make it match: To ensure your gym towels stand out from the rest at home, ensure they match and are distinctive so you always know which ones to grab.

Benefits of Buying Gym Towels in Bulk

Now that you have decided which towels suit your gym or fitness needs, consider purchasing them from an online wholesale towel supplier. Buying wholesale or bulk gym towels can be valuable for the following reasons, particularly if you have multiple gym or training sessions per week.

  • It is cost-effective: You get bang for your buck with wholesale gym towels. The more you buy, the lower the shipping cost and the better deal you receive. Buying towels in bulk is one way to keep costs low and save money in the long run.
  • You can order as many as you need: Wholesale towel suppliers can ship large quantities at once, so you can expect them to arrive quickly, no matter how many you need.
  • You achieve a uniform style: You receive a homogeneous style when you buy all your towels simultaneously. For example, if you want workout towels in a specific color, you can be sure that every towel will be the same shade of that color. 
  • There is consistent quality: Buying wholesale gym towels means you get high quality across the board. 
  • It saves you time: Rather than hunting down different towels when needed, buying towels in bulk saves you time and energy that you can spend at the gym instead.

Get High-Quality Wholesale Gym Towels at Towel Super Center

Get High-Quality Wholesale Gym Towels at Towel Super Center

Towel Super Center is the leading online wholesale towel supplier for a reason — we know our business. All our standard towels, hand towels and washcloths are soft, durable and stylish. When you shop with us, you no longer have to worry about sacrificing quality for a low price. Our products feature high-quality material and a long-lasting design, making them a cost-effective choice for gym-goers, fitness instructors and facility managers.

No matter what kind of gym towel you need, we have what you are looking for — shop our gym towels today!

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