15X25 -White Hand Towels-Premium 100% Cotton

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Weight 2.95 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
Retail price







Wholesale White hand towels size 16×27 for use in car wash detailing and many more businesses. If you are looking for a medium size hand towel this will be the product to go with.Extra soft and super white

Additional Information

White Hand Towels

When spoiling your patrons and employees is your top priority, order premium 15 x 25 wholesale hand towels at Towel Super Center! These incredibly soft and luxurious hand towels are made from pure cotton and designed to withstand wash after wash. Fluffy and thirsty, these premium hand towels won’t lose their size or shape – and that means you’ll spend less but get better quality. Order today!

Buy Premium 15 x 25 Hand Towels in Bulk

Shop our selection and you’ll see why businesses of all kinds count on us for great prices on high-quality towels! Our premium hand towels give you:

  • The quality your business needs. These towels stay fluffy and absorbent, wash after wash – no matter how busy your business gets. Long and dense fibers help them keep their shape and softness. In pure white, you’ll find these easily complement your décor and meet your needs, whether they’re in the front of your house or the back.
  • Everything you need and more. Towel Super Center carries so much more the premium hand towels. You’ll also find a huge range of colors, sizes and fabric weights. Businesses from country clubs and elite hotels to car washes and nail salons count on us for durable, soft towels.
  • The best pricing on big orders. Our towels cost as little as $11.99 per dozen. With tight packing, you’ll save on shipping costs, too.

Keep Your White Hand Towels Gleaming With Our Care Tips

When you purchase wholesale white hand towels, you make a commitment to your business. You buy a lot of product at a low price with the intention of using them for a long time. You need these bulk hand towels to demonstrate the durability you desire. This includes keeping their color after multiple washes.

But can white towels withstand long-term usage without going gray? Yes, they can. Using the proper cleaning techniques can extend the life of the towels and keep them looking just as white as the day you bought them. Here are five ways to make sure your bulk white hand towels remain white:

  1. Skip the fabric softener: When you put your towels in the washer, don’t add fabric softener, which can add residue to towel fibers that collect dirt.
  2. Wash with vinegar: In place of fabric softener, add up to a half-cup vinegar to the load, which will break down build-up from multiple washes.
  3. Use bleach but only certain types: An oxygen-safe bleach alternative will baby your towels and brighten them instantly, but it won’t strip down the fibers in the towel, which can make it less soft.
  4. Only wash white hand towels with other whites: You know not to wash your whites with reds, of course, but only washing them with other whites will preserve color even more efficiently.
  5. Shake out your towels before drying: Whether you stick them in the dryer or on a line, shake them out to plump the fibers, make the towel more fluffy and show off its white color better.

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