16×24-Red Terry Velour Golf towels Tri-Fold Grommet

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Weight 3.5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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16×24-100% cotton high quality terry velour golf towels in red. These towels have a tri-fold grommet ideal for use in golf courses, easy to hang.

Additional Information

Red Terry Velour Tri-Fold Golf Towels With Grommet

This 16″ x 24″ red tri-fold towel consists of 100% high-quality cotton. The soft terry velour offers a luxurious softness on the golf course and in many other uses. The red color can match your country club colors, resort logo, golf course branding or can help the towels stand out on the greens.

Why Choose the Red Terry Velour Tri-Fold Golf Towels With Grommet?

This red towel with grommet is highly versatile. Thanks to the grommet, you can hang it up, making it quick to grab to wipe off hands or golf clubs or to tidy up on the course. Outside the golf course, it can be useful in any business that needs an easy-to-reach towel. It can wipe off counters, dry off hands in a bathroom or help you tidy up gym equipment.

Quality Towels

We design our red terry velour golf towels with tri-fold grommets to last. Since we make our towels with durable cotton, you can wash them in a regular cycle. Heavily soiled towels may require two washes.

The grommet at the top of the towel is durable and stays strong, even with multiple washes. You can use your grommet to hang your towels, so they are always on hand when you need them. The grommet also allows you to hang your towel from your golf cart when you’re out on the greens, helping your wet towel dry quickly.

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Towel Super Center has a vast selection at terrific wholesale prices, so you can combine your red terry velour golf towels with matching or contrasting ones. You can also choose hand towels and additional towels to match this one, allowing you to create a uniform look in your business’ kitchen, washrooms and other sites.

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