13×13-Navy Blue Washcloths -Premium

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Weight 1.25 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
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100% cotton washcloths navy blue size 13X13-Premium quality extra soft, great for any commercial use or business that needs a heavy weight and extra soft, highly absorbent washcloth or face towel. Excellent for wiping, drying, cleaning and more

Additional Information

13×13 Navy Blue Washcloths

Our four-sided hemmed 13×13 navy blue washcloths deliver performance without compromising quality and are suitable for all types of car washing and detailing purposes. Plus, their 100% cotton construction ensures you get the consistency you want out of a business-use towel.

Place your order for navy blue washcloths by the dozen. Our superior bulk towel pricing model allows you to restock your entire supply of towels and save money.

Premium 13×13 Navy Blue Washcloths With the Power of Cotton

What makes cotton such an attractive, sought-after towel material? The answer lies in its fluffy appearance and feel, as well as its sturdy, dependable fiber. Cotton towels and washcloths are tough enough to hold up to everyday wear and naturally resist odors, stains and wrinkles. Get peace of mind knowing that your cotton towels will hold their shape without premature fraying or tearing.

Cotton also absorbs reliably. This means you and your team members have to grab fewer cotton towels to complete even complicated or big jobs, reducing your overall towel washing and drying costs.

Keep Your Navy Blue Washcloths Functioning

You don’t need any special laundering items to keep your washcloths made of 100% cotton performing — just toss them into your regular wash cycle with bleach-free detergent. Skip the liquid fabric softener, but feel free to add a dryer sheet to the heat cycle for extra fluffiness.

If needed, you can always pre-treat heavily soiled washcloths with a non-bleach product. This helps the cotton fibers release unwanted debris and substances more effectively.

Stock up and Buy Navy Blue Washcloths

Why wait to find a sale on towels? With our incredible wholesale pricing, you can stock up on navy blue washcloths for your car business right now. Towel Super Center has all the highly durable towels, mats and more to keep your operations humming nicely and your customers happy.