16×27-Premium White Hand towels Blended

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Wholesale white hand towels bright white for use in Salons, Gyms, Spas, Hotels and many more businesses. If you are looking for a medium size hand towel this will be the product to go with.

Additional Information

Order Pristine White Hand Towels of Premium Materials

What types of towels are you using in your business or home? Are you satisfied with the way they’re holding up, or are you looking for something that’s better quality without being too pricey?

At Towel Super Center, we offer reliable wholesale-priced hand towels in a perfect 16″ by 27″ size. The more you purchase, the deeper your per-towel discount. You’ll appreciate the savings as well as the performance you get!

Order your favorite premium hand towels in white or other colors now. Don’t forget that we have a selection of all types of towels, from fingertip towels to generous bath towels.

Expect the Best With Blended Cotton Hand Towels

If you’ve never purchased a premium blended cotton hand towel before, you might not realize how many amazing characteristics you’ll get from each towel.

  • Consistency. Every towel has been manufactured to be identical to the others. Not only does this allow you to store them efficiently, but it gives you peace of mind knowing that all your towels will offer the same high level of performance.
  • Durability. Tired of having your towels wear out long before you’re ready to purchase new ones? That’s not likely to happen when you order our premium hand towels. They’re robust and hardy, exactly what you’d want out of any towel you planned to use again and again.
  • Softness. Did we mention that our towels are super-soft? Cotton adds fluffiness, which even people with highly sensitive skin can appreciate.
  • Thirstiness. Get these towels wet. They don’t mind! In fact, our wholesale hand towels drink up moisture as fast as possible. At the same time, they release the moisture when air-dried or thrown into the dryer.
  • Timeless Appeal. Forget about worrying whether or not your towels will keep up with changing interior decor tastes. White hand towels made from premium materials are always in style!

Hand Towels for Business and Residential Uses

Hand towels have a wide array of purposes in both corporate and residential locations:

  • In bathrooms, add premium hand towels to help guests maintain a hygienic routine.
  • In kitchens, give yourself a softer alternative to coarse dish rags when wiping your hands.
  • In garages, offer hand towels to help wipe up messes.
  • In entryways, store hand towels to mop up wetness tracked in on shoes or paws.
  • In reception areas, provide white hand towels for fast clean-up when spills strike.

You can never have too many high-quality premium towels, and with Towel Super Center, you’ll always get the best prices possible on the towels you need.

Every Type of Towel at One Site

Need to restock your towel supply at once? Starting a business such as a hotel, motel, restaurant, golf course, salon, spa, school or gym?

Give your patrons the towels they deserve while sticking to your budget. We’ll help you keep your linen closet filled up with the best wholesale hand towels you can find. Start by placing an order today and have towels shipped right to your door.