22×44-Premium Charcoal Grey Bath towels 100% Cot

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Charcoal bath towels wholesale, Premium quality extra soft grade 100% cotton towels. ideal size for sports or workout use. Popular with Gyms, Schools, Universities, Sports centers, spa, massage towels in bulk

Additional Information

Charcoal Grey Bath Towels

When you need to purchase fresh bath towels for your sports center, hotel, school, spa or another commercial establishment, you have plenty of options. Be sure to consider ordering our top-notch wholesale charcoal grey towels. Constructed of premium quality extra soft cotton, these bulk grey towels offer all the benefits of cotton at a truly attractive price.

Order your favorite towels, linens and more from Towel Super Center. With us, the more you buy, the lower your per-item cost. We make it simple to spend less and get better quality towels and related merchandise.

Upgrading Your Overall Decor With Charcoal Grey Towels

Is it time for your business to undergo a comprehensive redesign? You do not need to spend too much to enjoy the benefits of a physical location overhaul. In fact, simply painting your walls, buying fresh furnishings and revamping your supply of bath towels can make a huge difference.

If you are serious about bringing your A-game to the table and outdoing the competition, consider purchasing these wholesale charcoal grey towels. They add a touch of charm and class to any commercial facility. Plus, they perform exactly as you would expect from a towel made entirely of super-soft cotton.

Make a splash with your guests. Offer them fluffy, warm grey towels the next time they visit your salon, hotel, fitness facility, university or other business.

Ensuring Your Grey Bath Towels Go the Extra Mile

Wondering how you can best maintain your new cotton grey towels? The secret to getting the most mileage from any towel is to launder it correctly.

First, be sure to clean it thoroughly within 24 hours of being used. That way, stains, odors and dirt have less time to settle in the fibers. If you cannot clean a bath towel right away, make sure it hangs freely so the cotton can breathe and release any moisture.

Next, always wash bulk grey bath towels in a detergent that is free from any bleaching agents. Bleach may cause charcoal grey towels to spot, stain or fade.

Finally, forgo the desire to use a liquid laundry softener. Although liquid softeners make towels feel smoother, the softener leaves a slight film over the top of the fibers. The film causes the fibers to lose their thirstiness, which affects performance.

Follow these simple towel cleaning directions and enjoy handing out your charcoal grey bath towels to guests time after time!

Boosting the Beauty of Your Home Bathroom With Bulk Grey Towels

Who says you have to own a business to order Towel Super Center wholesale charcoal grey towels? Many homeowners enjoy shopping for towels for residential use at our site.

Think about all the places you could use a comfy grey bath towel in a generous size: the master bathroom, the kids’ bathroom, the guest bath suite, the pool and hot tub area, even the basement home gym. Plus, if you have a furry friend who gets bathed regularly, you may want to stock up on these warm wholesale bath towels just for Fido’s sake!

Ordering a Supply of Bulk Grey Towels

Place your order for as many charcoal grey bath towels as you need right now. We will ship them right to your address so you can use or launder them immediately. Your patrons will appreciate the consideration you gave to their comfort.