Wholesale Hand Towels 16X27 Lime Green

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Retail Price: $24.99

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1 - 9 Dozen $14.99
10 - 19 Dozen $13.99
20+ Dozen $12.99

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Weight 3.7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
Retail price







Wholesale Hand towels Lime green in premium extra soft quality. Made of 100% cotton popular with hair salons, nail salons, gyms, schools, sports teams. Durable and long lasting.

Additional Information

Lime Green Hand Towels

Introduce zesty, bold color into your décor with affordable 16 x 27 hand towels, available in lime green! Our pure cotton towels are built to last and are durable enough to withstand daily washing. Incredibly affordable, soft and absorbent, these towels are sure to bring a smile to your face — while keeping money in your wallet.

Buy 16 x 27 Hand Towels in Bulk

Towel Super Center is your online resource for all the towels you need, no matter what size, color or fabric weight you want. These hand towels offer:

  • 100% cotton construction that won’t shrink, warp or fade. Wash our towels once and see how quickly they fluff up! These thirsty towels, weighing in at 3 lbs. per dozen, dry fast and stay soft, too. Use these towels again and again.
  • A burst of color, but the option to go neutral. Check out our collection, and you’ll discover that Towel Super Center has everything you need. Buy white towels, black towels and towels that come in every color of the rainbow. You’ll also find bath towels and mats, plus a huge selection of towels in all sizes and fabric weights for businesses of all kinds.
  • Savings your budget will appreciate. Pay as little as $10.99 per dozen for our popular hand towels! Plus, because we pack them tightly for delivery, you’ll save on shipping fees.

Use Lime Green Hand Towels for Your Salon or Business

So much of succeeding in business depends on small details. Something such as your choice of hand towel can distinguish you from the competition in your field. You want to use reliable products that effectively do their job. Your customers will appreciate absorbent hand towels that look so nice, you can leave them sitting out without worrying about your business’s appearance.

Purchasing the lime green color shows your customers your playful side. They will relate to you better when they see your personality. Lime green hand towels establish your business as different. You will smile every time a customer comments on the bold color choice. Let them see what sets you apart from your competition by having some fun.

The Benefits of Purchasing Green Wholesale Hand Towels

You can buy our hand towels in bulk and save money. We offer wholesale pricing on hand towels, passing on savings to you for the tools you need to keep your business running. Ordering more towels can benefit you in many ways, including:

  • Lower pricing
  • Never running out of hand towels at an inopportune time
  • Allowing you to go longer between orders

Plus, our green hand towels are fun. Your customers will smile when they see this peppy, jaunty color. Whether you own a salon or a car wash, having absorbent towels your customers can rely on will improve your customer satisfaction and allow you to deliver a better experience.

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