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How to Display Towels Decoratively

Whether your business is a hotel, a spa or a salon, towels are an important part of presenting your best face for your guests. Everyone who visits will use the towels at some point or another, making it essential that these towels meet or exceed the quality they’ll be expecting.

However, as critical as the quality and quantity of the towels is, these aren’t the only things you’ll need to think about. Your guests will visit your establishment and expect towels that don’t just feel great. They’ll be looking for towels that are eye-catching and beautiful. This means a towel that looks great by itself, but also one that’s been displayed in a creative and lovely way.


While there’s nothing wrong with simply draping towels over a towel bar, we think that if you really want to wow your guests and keep them coming back, it’s time to up your towel game through creative towel folding ideas. Not quite sure how to display towels decoratively? Then you’ve come to the right place. Today, we want to walk you through some unique and exciting ways to fold and display bathroom towels.

1. How to Roll Towels for Display

One of the major advantages of rolling towels is that it allows you to store quite a few towels in a relatively small amount of space. This style of display works well whether you’re using hand towels or bath towels, and is a consistent and attractive way to set off your towels to their best advantage no matter what color or level of quality they are.

To learn how to roll hand towels like a hotel, the process is simple:

  • Begin by folding the towel in half along the width. Line up the edges neatly and make sure there aren’t any corners flapping loose. With this fold achieved, the towel should remain its full length, but at only half the width.
  • Once you’ve folded the towel, begin at one end and roll the towel towards the opposite end. The result should be a neat towel bundle that, when looked at from the end, displays a tidy rolled pattern.
  • You might roll only one towel and place it on a counter or shelf. If you have a large number of towels to display together, however, you also might grab a pretty basket and use this to display the towels together. Pile the neat towel rolls into a pyramid-like shape for a tidy and charming effect.

If you love the look of a rolled towel but feel it’s a bit too simplistic for your designs, another option is to accessorize by adding an extra visual element. Why not use a decorative ribbon to tie the rolled towel together? This adds a pop of color and visual interest while helping keep the towel roll together even when you pick it up and move it from place to place. When choosing this option, be sure to use a ribbon in a color that complements both the towel it’s tying and the overall color scheme of the room or setting.

2. How to Fold Towels

Looking to display towels on a flat surface, but aren’t interested in rolling them? Why not try folding and stacking them instead? This method isn’t the most creative approach, but it’s simple, effective and always looks tidy no matter where you use it.

Begin by laying the towel out on a flat surface and smoothing out any bumps or wrinkles. Fold the towel once width-wise and twice lengthwise until the towel forms a neat rectangle. This method of folding is ideal for stacking towels on top of one another. Display them on a shelf or grab a basket or bin to store them in, one on top of another.

3. How to Use Towel Hooks or Towel Rings

The idea of hanging towels might immediately make you think of towel bars, but this isn’t the only way to hang towels. Rings and hooks are other alternatives that take up less space on a wall and can make for an attractive way to display towels for your guests.

If you aren’t sure how to hang towels decoratively on a towel ring, try the following steps:

  • When you’re hanging a hand towel, lay the towel out flat on a counter or table and fold it in half width-wise. The towel will retain its length, but now at half its original width. Feed this towel through the ring so that half hangs out the back and half hangs out the front. Make sure the ends are relatively even in the front and back, and try to spread the towel out across the bottom of the ring so that it isn’t scrunched together. For an extra pop of interest, layer a washcloth over the top by folding it in half and placing it through the ring as well.
  • If you’re hanging a bath towel, the process is almost exactly the same. Depending on how far the ring is from the ground, however, you may need to fold the towel in half lengthwise as well as width-wise. For additional layering, try layering a washcloth or hand towel over the top in either the same color or a coordinating or contrasting color.
  • Towel hooks work in much the same way. Instead of having a ring to feed the towel through, however, there’s only a hook on the wall to use. Try folding the towel in half width-wise and draping it over the hook for a plush and luxurious appearance. Depending on your setting, you can even dress it up a bit by accenting with a bathroom brush or other bathroom accessory.

4. How to Arrange Towels on a Towel Bar

Perhaps the most classic and go-to way of arranging towels is to drape them gracefully over a towel bar. No matter what the setting is, this is a universal display method that never goes out of style. It’s also extremely simple to do and makes the towels easily accessible to your guests.

To achieve a towel-bar display, you can try several different methods. Experiment with each style before deciding which you prefer and which best suits the look and feel of your business.

  • Spread the towel out on a flat surface to make sure that you can fold it with no wrinkles or bumps. Fold the towel lengthwise before taking both ends and folding them in towards the middle, like pages in a book. Instead of meeting the ends directly in the middle, overlap the ends slightly. With this fold in place, lift the towel and place it over the bar so that the middle section featuring the overlapped ends rests directly over the bar. This way, no loose ends or tags hang loose over either side of the bar.
  • Another way to display towels on a towel bar is to let the ends hang free. For this method, start again by spreading the towel out on a flat surface and smoothing out any wrinkles. Fold the towel once width-wise and drape it across the towel bar. If you’re folding a bath towel, you’ll likely need to add in an extra lengthwise fold as well. This way, one half of the towel hanging over the bar is a folded edge, and the other half is loose ends.

5. How to Hang an Elegant Spa-Style Towel

Folding, rolling and hanging towels from hooks can be the right decision in a variety of situations. Sometimes, however, you need to pull out all the stops by displaying your towels in a way that truly makes a statement. In cases like these, why not try a spa-style towel bar display?

  • Begin as you usually would, by spreading a bath towel out and making sure there are no wrinkles. Fold it in thirds lengthwise, making sure each third is roughly the same size as the others. With the towel now a third of its ordinary width, drape it over the towel bar.
  • Take a hand towel and spread it out on your flat surface before folding it so that the bottom edge is two-thirds of the way towards the top edge. Flip the towel over so this folded side is facing down and fold both the right and left sides in towards the middle until they meet. From there, you’ll tuck one side into the other.
  • When you flip the hand towel back over so that the original folded edge is facing up, you should now see the small pocket formed by your folding. Hang this hand towel over the towel bar — directly centered over the folded bath towel and with the pocket facing out towards the user.
  • Finally, you’ll fold a washcloth which you’ll place into the pocket of the hand towel to complete the display. To do this, take a washcloth and fold it accordion-style, pleating it in small folds until you’ve worked your way across the entire cloth. Pinch the cloth at the midpoint and fold it in half, keeping the pleats in place as you do so. Place this washcloth into the pocket of the hand towel, with the pinched point facing down into the pocket and the pleats poking out of the pocket. The final result should make it easy to see the beautiful fan-shape resting in the pocket.

When constructing this type of towel display, try keeping all three towels the same color. Alternatively, you might choose three coordinating colors. As a final option, you can also opt to keep the bath and hand towels as the same color, such as white, and let the washcloth be the single pop of color in the display by choosing a different shade for it.

Additional Tips for Displaying Towels

Knowing how to fold and hang towels is just one facet of displaying towels. While it’s undeniably important, there’s so much more to think about when it comes to finding the most creative and attractive ways to show off your towels. On top of folding and hanging your towels in the neatest ways possible, you’ll also want to think about:

1. Location

Where will you display your towels? If you’re using a hook, bar or ring, then your task is easy, as this question is answered by default. If you’re folding or rolling, however, you’ll need to think of the best place to store your towels.

Stacking your towels in a basket or a bin is a great way to go. Not only is this an attractive display, but it also makes the towels easy to carry as you can just grab the basket as a whole instead of having to worry about carrying multiple loose towels. You can also dress up a basket by placing decorative items inside, such as a bamboo plant or even peacock feathers.

Another option is to place the towels on an open shelf. Stack rolled towels into a pyramid formation and pile folded towels on top of one another. Displays such as these always look inviting and make it easy for guests to grab a towel and go.

2. Color

While color doesn’t affect a towel’s function, it has a great impact on the way a towel display looks. A heap of mismatched towels all thrown together will still work just as well as matching ones, but they won’t look as appealing and won’t invite guests to use them.

If all your towels are white, or another solid color, this might not be a concern. If there is more than one color at play, however, then it’s worth thinking about. As you craft your towel displays and plan how to arrange them, one of the elements you’ll want to consider is the color. Try to group coordinating colors together. Keep colors that clash away from one another, and whenever possible, stick to simple color palettes. For example, try navy and light blue, or purple and white.

3. Accessories

Often, the best way to dress up what might otherwise be an ordinary stack of towels is by finding the right accessories. These accessories may be items guests will use, or they may be purely decorative and set out simply to elevate the design and make the towels seem more inviting.

For example, if you’re rolling towels, you might tie them with a ribbon or a longer and narrower towel. This makes the towel roll both more beautiful and also easier to carry around without it coming unrolled. Perhaps if you have a stack of folded towels, you might place something on top of the pile. In a hotel room, you might place a wrapped bar of soap or a candle on top, for example. If your towel is hanging from a hook in a bathroom, you might hang a shower brush on the same hook to invite guests to take a bath.

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