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How Do You Refresh Towels?

Sometimes, no matter how many times you clean your towels or how much detergent you use, there's still an "off" smell. Over time, fabric softener and laundry detergent can build up on towels and form a film over their fibers. Towels become less absorbent with this film. If water cannot seep into your towel when you're drying off, that means it's not soaking into the fibers to clean them, either. Thus, your towel's lack of absorbancy can then lock that mildew smell into the material.

Don't worry — it happens to the best of us. Fortunately, there are some surefire ways to combat this issue.

 Use the Vinegar and Baking Soda Method to Refresh Your Towels

Vinegar and baking soda are two of the most common household cleaners. Who knew they worked for towels too? Because vinegar contains acetic acid, it dissolves all sorts of grime and mineral deposits on your towels. Baking soda is alkaline, which helps to neutralize odors.

To recharge your towels, be sure to:

  • Wash your towels with 1 cup of white vinegar and hot water. Stay away from any fabric softeners or detergents.
  • Wash towels a second time with 1/2 cup baking soda and hot water.
  • To dry your towels, don't be afraid to use the hottest setting on your dryer. Afterward, hang them outside for that lovely fresh smell.
  • If the "off" smell is still on your towel, run through this method again. Use two cups of vinegar this time and let the towels soak in the hot water and vinegar bath for a few hours. Repeat steps two and three, and voilà.

Why the Baking Soda and Vinegar Method?

Both vinegar and baking soda can strip the residue from your towels. Vinegar can also act as a fabric softener. It's essential to stay away from fabric softener because it can coat the fibers of your towels with chemical oils — this prevents them from ever getting truly clean.

Also, when trying the vinegar and baking soda method, do not mix the vinegar and baking soda in the same load. The two substances will cause a chemical reaction that will make your machine overflow with foam.

Tips to Keep Your Towels Fresh

The above method is only the first step to refreshing your towels. The next steps involve maintenance and are relatively simple. To keep your towels smelling great, follow these tips:

  • Hang up your towel to dry immediately after drying off after a bath or shower.
  • Check to see if your towels are 100 percent dry before folding them and stashing them in your closet. Even the tiniest amount of moisture can cause towels to smell sour.
  • Measure out only the amount of detergent you need. Even trace amounts of excess detergent can make your towels smell sour.
  • Steer clear of fabric softener when drying towels in a machine dryer. Residue from the fabric softener will make your towels less absorbent. Pro tip: Add white vinegar to the rinse cycle. It will act as a natural fabric softener.
  • Wash all towels before using them for the first time. Most towels have finishes like silicone that prevent them from absorbing moisture. The coating makes them appear extra-fluffy when you buy them. Washing the towels removes these finishes and permits higher levels of absorbancy.
  • Wash your towels often (we suggest every three to four days). Wash colored towels with warm water and color-safe bleach. For white towels, use nonchlorine bleach if needed and hot water. Always wash white towels with other white items to avoid discoloration over time.
  • Wash towels separately from clothes for sanitary reasons. Plus, damp towels dry slower than clothes.
  • Shake out your towels immediately after removing them from the washer. Doing this will fluff the terry loops that aid absorbency and prevent towels from contorting into a ball in the dryer.
  • Keep the iron just for your clothes — ironing towels can reduce their ability to absorb moisture.

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