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Bath Rug VS. Mat - Are They Different?

Not many of us know the difference between bath rugs and mats. In fact, it has probably never crossed your mind that there is a difference. However, when looking to decorate your bathroom, it can be useful to know the difference between these two items. Bath rugs and bath mats have different aesthetic and functional purposes. When deciding whether to buy a bath mat or bath rug, it's also important to know the facts — What are the purposes of each? How does size impact their abilities to absorb water? We'll answer everything you need to know about bath rugs and bath mats in this guide.

Bath Rugs

While bath rugs can soak up water, their main purpose is to add aesthetics to your bathroom. Bath rugs can be placed anywhere in your bathroom — in front of the sink, toilet or tub, in the middle of the floor or right inside the door. Bath rugs can be coordinated with towels, shower curtains or other decor to create a pleasing look. More than that, bath rugs are all about comfort. Further, you have the option of changing out your bath rug if you want a new look.

Bath rugs come in a variety of materials, including:

  • Wool: Wool is a superior choice when looking for a thick rug. It allows more air to flow through it than other materials and can hold moisture quite well.
  • Microfiber: Microfiber can hold up to seven times its weight in water and is made up of smaller, more concentrated fibers. Microfiber rugs are seen as more durable and easier clean than materials with larger fibers.
  • Nylon: Nylon, as well as cotton, is made from relatively large fibers. Nylon fiber is resistant to stains and rarely fades. It is the most durable of all synthetic carpet fibers and resists wear and tear.
  • Cotton: Bath rugs that are 100 percent cotton soak up many times their weight in water, thus ensuring dryness and comfort.

Bath Mats

The purpose of bath mats is to prevent slipping, and bath mats are defined exclusively by their functionality — to soak up water and give you a place to step once you're done in the shower or bath. Unlike bath rugs, bath mats are usually only placed at the foot of the tub. Our cotton bath mats are ideal for preventing slippage. We recommend washing your bath mat regularly — once a week is preferable.

At Towel Super Center, we offer bath mats in various sizes and weights. You also have the choice of premium or premium plus bath mats. Plus, the more mats you buy, the more the prices drop by the dozen. The bath rugs we offer are:

  • Premium quality bath mats: These absorbent, white cotton bath mats are 20 by 30 inches and weigh seven pounds per dozen.
  • Premium plus white bath mats: These bath mats are 20 by 34 inches and are ideal for hotels and resorts. If you want absorbent, heavy cotton mats — these are nine pounds per dozen — premium plus is the way to go.

What Is the Best Material for a Bath Mat?

If you're leaning toward buying a bath mat, you'll want to know the different bath mat fabrics so you can make a smart selection. They come in a variety of materials. 

Cotton Bath Mats

Cotton remains a hugely popular type of bath mat fabric. Why? Cotton naturally has the thirstiness you want when it comes to picking up moisture. At the same time, cotton fibers tend to feel soft to the touch. In other words,  your cotton bath mat fabric will consistently pamper your feet and toes when you step out of the shower or tub.

Microfiber Bath Mats

Bath mats made from a microfiber material tend to have a cushioned spring to them. When you step on them, they seem to support your weight. Though they don't absorb moisture as rapidly or thoroughly as a high-quality cotton bath mat, microfiber bath mats can do the job adequately. The main issue with some microfiber bath mats, though, is that they will break down fast if they're poorly or cheaply constructed. Therefore, you should expect to spend more for a microfiber bath mat that will last.

Eco-Friendly Fabric Bath Mats

From bamboo to teak, some bath mat fabrics are made to appeal to buyers interested in purchasing all-natural materials that have a reputation for being green. Of course, cotton is also a naturally occurring bath mat fabric — so if you're looking for an environmentally safe, allergen-resistant bath mat material, you can opt for cotton in addition to bamboo and similar choices. 

Differences Between Cotton Bath Rugs and Mats

Bath rugs and bath mats differ by functionality, absorbancy and size. The two main differences between each are as follows:

  • Functionality: The main purpose of bath mats is to prevent slips and soak up post-shower puddles. On the other hand, bath rugs' main purpose is fashion and creating a friendly, cozy feel in your bathroom. For this reason, bath mats tend to be more popular if you are looking for a solution to soak up water upon exiting the shower. They are also the go-to item for preventing slippage and skin contact with cold bathroom tiles.
  • Absorbancy: Both bath mats and bath rugs differ by their ability to absorb water. While bath rugs run in larger sizes and, therefore, take longer to absorb water, bath mats absorb liquids much faster. Bath mats run anywhere from 17 by 24 inches to 21 by 34 inches, while bath rugs can run as big as 22 by 60 inches or even 27 by 45 inches.

Shop at Towel Super Center Today

Towel Super Center makes it easy to shop by size and value. We offer a premium selection of high-quality cotton and cotton-blend fabrics. You'll never have to worry about slipping, unnecessary fraying or shrinking. When deciding whether you should buy bath rugs or bath mats, it's important to know all the facts. Order your quality bath mats and towels today!

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