Bath Mat Size Guide

Your bath mats serve as both a functional and decorative item in your bathroom. When you’re shopping for bath mats, you’ll look at a number of different characteristics to find the right ones, like color, pattern and size.

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What Size Bath Mats Do I Need?

With a wide variety of differently sized bath mats to choose from, picking the right one may seem a little confusing.To give you a better overview of the sizes of bath mats available, consider the following standard bath mat and bath rug choices:

  • About 16″ by 23″: This is one of those bath mat sizes that you’re going to see quite often. It’s a perfect bath mat for a smaller bathroom because it can go under a compact pedestal sink or in front of the door of a corner shower stall. You can also put several of these small-size bath mats in various spots in a bigger bathroom or one that has several unique spaces for you to fill.
  • About 20″ by 30″-34″: The 20″ by 30″ bath mat size comes in handy when you need a mat in front of a regular-sized tub or even a smaller spa tub. You’ll also find that this size is available in tons of colors and styles. Make your bathtub area stand out, or add a pop of color or lushness with the right bath rug or mat.
  • About 24″ by 40″: You could potentially refer to this type of long bath mat as a “runner” because of its lengthy rectangular shape. Runners are excellent choices for outside of bigger soaker tubs or even in front of open showers. If you have a double vanity, a runner can serve the purpose of being in front of both vanities, meaning you won’t have to purchase a bath mat for each sink-cabinet combo.
  • About 27″ by 48″ (or greater): By far the largest of the bath mats, this size of mat is perfect if you have a roomy bathroom with lots of open floor space. Choose the biggest bath mats if your floor is big enough to accommodate it without the mat looking out of place or touching wall-to-wall.

Tips for Selecting the Right Bath Rug Dimensions and Rug Placement for Your Bathroom

Our bath mat size guide recommends the following four tips to help you choose the best mats for your bathroom.

1. Consider the Floor Space

Before you head out to the store, measure your available floor space. When you have a better idea of the dimensions of different spots in your bathroom, you won’t buy a rug that’s too big or too small.

Obviously there’s an issue with buying a bath mat that’s too big — you might just not have enough space for it. But, buying one that’s too small can also be a problem. If you have a nice open bathroom, a tiny mat in the middle of the room will look odd. If you have more space, why not get a bigger bath mat too?

Your bathroom may also be broken up into smaller areas. Drawing a small diagram for yourself and labeling the dimensions of each part of the floor can really come in handy when you’re out shopping.

2. Look at Different Shapes

Bath mats come in a number of different shapes aside from your standard rectangular one. Circular, oval, half-circle and other more uniquely shaped bath mats may be a great alternative.

With different shapes comes a different amount of space the mat will need. Rectangular bath mats are so common because they’re the easiest shape to work with. Since the room itself is based on a rectangular shape, this kind often works the best in the room.

The variety of shapes gives you additional options when it comes to finding the right bath mat. These extra choices may really help if you have an irregularly shaped bathroom or if the room is smaller.

3. Find the Proper Placement

Do you want one big bath mat, or do you want multiple smaller ones? How much of the overall floor space to you want to cover with the bath mat? These are a few questions to ask that will help you with the placement later on.

Deciding on the configuration of where and how you will place your bath mats will help you decide which sizes you need. If you did draw a simple mockup of your bathroom, that will be handy here, too!

Even before you head out to the store, you can look at common mat sizes and use those measurements to compare to the size of your bathroom. This can help you save time while you’re shopping because you’ll have a clearer idea of how many mats you need and what sizes will fit in your bathroom the best. Avoiding having to go back to the store for an exchange or return is an added bonus.

4. Get Creative in Terms of Bath Rug Placement

Generally speaking, most people put bath mats of all sizes in a few standard places in their bathrooms. The first, of course, is in front of the bathtub or shower. It’s a no-brainer. Where else are you most likely to need moisture absorption in your bath space?

The second place that you’ll usually see bath mats in any bathroom is in front of vanities and sinks. Again, this placement makes sense because a lot of people head to their sinks after getting in the tub or shower. Plus, you can easily drip water from a toothbrush or wet comb when you’re getting ready in the morning or preparing for bed at night.

Bath mats aren’t relegated to only those locations, however. For instance, some people put bath mats in front of toilets and even center nicer-looking rugs in the middle of the room. In these cases, the rugs bring together a cohesive room design, even if they don’t serve the immediate purpose of soaking up the excess liquid from the floor. Feel free to use your imagination when you’re mapping out places to put small and large bath mats, particularly if your bathroom is roomier.

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