Blue Striped Towels – A Classic Design

Blue Striped Towels - A Classic Design

Bath towels have been a staple in homes throughout the world for hundreds of years. Nowadays, towels have transformed from the once plain, white towels that served a very specific purpose to colorful, ornate options that are as decorative as they are functional. However, through all of the various design trends and the ever-changing popularity of colors, one timeless design has maintained its attractiveness throughout the years: the classic blue striped towel.

Blue striped towels have become an iconic pattern seen in many bathrooms in homes and businesses throughout the world. Blue stripes have become synonymous with thoughts of sunny days spent lounging near the ocean. It’s no wonder why millions of homeowners choose to decorate their bathrooms with nautical and beach inspired elements like the blue striped towel. So how exactly did bath towels and those iconic blue stripes get their start?

Towels – A Little History

Long before nautical themes and beach-inspired bathrooms, things like cotton towels and linens were made using a painstakingly long and handmade process. Cotton linens were once considered an expensive luxury that only the wealthy could afford. Luckily, that’s not the case today.

Cotton linen was once considered a luxury only the wealthy could afford.

Dating all the way back to 3,000 BC, Indian farmers began growing and spinning cotton fibers into yarn for things like clothes and other various linens. Because cotton was lightweight and breathable, it worked well as clothing for long days spent outdoors in the hot sun. Soon, the nearby Egyptians discovered that cotton would grow extremely well along the lush banks of the Nile River. They began planting more and more of it, and from there, specialty Egyptian cotton was born. Egyptian cotton is known as the softest and most sought after type of cotton to this day.

Early on, everything in the process of growing, spinning and sewing cotton was done by hand. Cotton was a fantastic material to work with and it had a number of uses, but it was time consuming and expensive to produce. It wasn’t until Eli Whitney’s invention of the cotton gin way later in 1793 that cotton really became a household staple. The ability to mass produce cotton fabric propelled its popularity by making it affordable and readily available for anyone to use. This new machine could produce cotton fibers ten times faster than if done by hand.

Soon after this groundbreaking invention, people all over the world started to take note of the practicality of cotton and began using the fibers in a variety of household products. Women ordered cotton fibers by the yard and would sew and hem the fabric by hand for sheets and bath towels. By the end of the 1800s, weaving factories were mass producing terry cloth bath towels, which eliminated the need for hand sewing and forever changed the way we purchase cotton towels.

Breton Stripes

The idea of putting stripes on clothing and linens originally began in 1858 as part of the French naval uniform worn by sailors. It was said that the stripes helped to distinguish men from the waves if they fell overboard. During this time, the French Navy hailed from Brittany (French translation: Bretagne), a small northwest region in France surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. So many navy sailors in the area wore the stripes that they eventually became known as the “Breton” stripes in honor of the region.

Soon, sailors all over the area wore the iconic Breton stripes, and the stripes weren’t confined to the uniform of those in the navy. It was said that you couldn’t turn a corner in Bretagne without seeing someone wearing those iconic stripes.

Nautical Inspired Fashion

Famous fashion designer Coco Chanel spent some time vacationing in the town of Bretagne in the early 1900s. From there, she was inspired by the Breton stripes seen on the many local sailors and subsequently launched a nautical line of apparel in 1917. This nautical inspired line was well received, and high-society women were seen sporting the Breton stripes in cities all over the world.

The Breton stripe reached new popularity during the film era of the 1950s, when Hollywood leading ladies like Audrey Hepburn and leading men like James Dean began donning the ever popular nautical inspired pattern. Over the years, the Breton stripe has not lost its popularity in the world of fashion, and it remains a staple in many closets throughout the world today.

Bathrooms With Nautical Themes

As the popularity of nautical inspired outfits grows, Breton stripes are showing up in other places of life outside of the wardrobe. It seems that everyone loves being by the ocean, so nautical-inspired home décor is an ever popular theme. Beach or nautical themes are reminiscent of relaxing, carefree times spent near the ocean or on a boat at sea, and they’re perfect for decorating bathrooms and guest rooms.

Nautical-inspired home decor is always popular.

If you’re looking to create your own nautical themed bathroom, here are a few ideas to get you started:

      • Choose a wall color – Soft, calming colors invoke memories of being near the beach on a relaxing, sunny day. Creams, whites, soft blues or pinks are common colors that create a soothing, ocean-themed atmosphere. If you’re looking to make a statement, opt for a navy blue or dark brown wall color. These bold colors will create a ship’s hold atmosphere that you can then lighten up with other accessories.
      • Display beach inspired furniture – If you choose to go the bold route with navy or brown walls, offset these dark colors by choosing a white vanity and cabinet. Further accent the blue and white theme by placing white subway tiles for the backsplash with white or light wood floors. If your bathroom has light-colored walls, offset the soft colors with furniture constructed of unfinished or distressed hardwoods to give it that weather-beaten feel of the ocean.
      • Breton StripePick matching artwork – If you have empty wall space in your bathroom, choose to add framed art with pictures of the sea, ships or even antique photography of a ship’s interior. To further add to the nautical theme, choose frames that are white or are made from natural, light-colored woods.
      • Add nautical accessories – Displaying accessories like antique gold anchors, wooden steering wheels and rope curtain tiebacks will take your nautical themed bathroom to the next level. Seashells and sea life can be featured on curtains, furniture cushions and shower curtains. Real seashells and driftwood can be displayed on counters or windowsills to bring the ocean theme to life.
      • Incorporate the iconic Breton stripe – Nothing says nautical quite like the Breton stripe. Hang blue striped bath towels, hand towels and washcloths in your bathroom. Add coordinating blue striped bath mats in front of the bath and sinks to keep your feet warm and dry when you step out of the shower. Displaying a variety of coordinating towels, shower curtains and bath mats will bring all of the small details together and complete your nautical theme.

Other Uses for Blue Striped Towels

Buying blue striped towels in bulk means you will purchase many towels at a great price. And trust us, you can never have too many nice towels on hand! Towels are useful for so many things, and here are a few ideas for other ways to use your blue striped towels outside of the bathroom:

      • Poolside luxuries – When lounging poolside, everyone needs an absorbent towel to dry off with after taking a dip. The blue striped pool towel is the perfect poolside addition. Whether you run a hotel pool or you frequently entertain guests in your own backyard pool, having a selection of quality pool towels on hand is a must. Since these towels will be used time and time again, offer your guests long-lasting 100% cotton towels. The pop of bright blue will make these pool towels anything but ordinary. Give your guests a little added luxury on their next vacation with soft, absorbent towels.
      • Picnic blankets – There’s nothing better than having the whole family gather together for an outdoor picnic on a gorgeous day. Make a super cute picnic blanket by sewing together four to six of your blue striped bath towels. Your new picnic blanket will be big enough to fit the entire family, plus the heavier weight of the towels will stay put and won’t blow away as easily as a lightweight sheet on a windy day.
      • Cleaning rags – It may seem strange to use your brand new towels for cleaning rags, but if you buy them at wholesale prices, it can be a great use for those extra few that you have nowhere to hang. Plus, because these towels are brand new, they will be super absorbent, making cleaning up messes easier and your household chores go by much faster.

Make a matching pool robe for your children.

      • Pool robe – Who wouldn’t love having a nice cotton pool robe to match your pool towels? If you’re handy at sewing, it’s pretty simple. Take one of your spare large blue striped bath towels and make a matching pool robe for your children.
      • Dishtowels – Blue striped hand towels can serve a dual purpose as a hand towel in your bathroom and as a dishtowel in your kitchen. The superior absorbency of 100% cotton will work great in both situations, and the blue striped design will add a little decorative flair to your kitchen décor.
      • Baby bibs – If you have small kids, you know how much food can end up all over your baby rather than in their mouth. It’s definitely worth it to have a multitude of bibs handy for all mealtimes. Instead of buying a ton of bibs, make your own using your extra towels. Simply cut your towel into a bib shape, hem the edges and sew on ribbon for ties or add Velcro to the ends. It’s as easy as that.
      • Dog bibs – Let’s face it, some dogs seem to make sleeping and drooling their full time jobs. If you’re fortunate enough to have a slobbery dog like a Newfoundland or St. Bernard, you know all too well that the amount of drool that comes out of their mouths is astonishing. If you’re tired of keeping towels strategically placed around your house for quick drool mopping, create a dog bib just as you would for a baby. Except for this one, be sure to add extra-long ties for wrapping around that big, fluffy head. The classic blue stripes will make your dog look dapper while simultaneously serving a very functional purpose.
      • Pillow covers – By using your extra blue striped towels as pillow covers, your throw pillows in your guest bedroom can now coordinate with your décor in your guest bathroom. High-quality towels will work great as pillow covers. If they get dirty, they can easily be washed along with the rest of your towels in the washing machine.
      • Superhero cape – Make your kids their very own super hero cape, so they can fly around and save the day! Superman’s cape has already claimed the color red, and Batman has his black cape, so why not make let your child be their very own super hero with a blue and white striped cape? You can easily modify your bath towels by attaching Velcro on both sides of one end for a safe, easy-to-remove cape. You can take it to the next level by adding your own symbol or patch to one side. Now, this fun way to use your towels!

With all of those additional uses for high-quality towels, this proves that blue striped towels are anything but boring. If displaying blue striped towels in your bathroom or guest room, this timeless pattern shows you have classic taste in home décor.

If you’re looking for towels that will stand the test of time, choose blue striped towels that are made from 100% cotton. Cotton is super absorbent, luxuriously soft and lightweight for fast drying, making it the perfect material for bath towels. You can enjoy a solid supply of a classic design to display in your home for years to come when you buy blue striped towels in bulk. You can have a clean towel for every day of the week without sacrificing your bathroom décor when you always stock a bunch of towels on hand. Never again will you have to bring out your old, plain towels!

Wholesale Blue Striped Towels

Purchasing wholesale blue striped towels is easier than ever at Towel Super Center. We offer a variety of sizes of blue striped towels. You can complete your nautical themed towel collection and stock plenty of towels on hand for a variety of other uses as well. All of our towels are made from high-quality, long-lasting 100% cotton, so these timeless towels are sure to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. Shop Towel Super Center for all of your towel needs, and browse our vast selection of other towel options for your business or home.

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