Why Choose Terry Velour Golf Towels?

In the 16th century, golf gained popularity due to royal endorsement in England and France. You don’t want to be on the green with scraps from an old beach towel hanging from your golf bag, right? Well, we won’t judge you if that’s your choice, but we’d like to suggest something that might boost your confidence a little more. After all, confidence is a necessary ingredient in sports.

If you’re concerned about royal prices for a nice golf towel, you can rest assured. Our golf towels are both affordable and high-quality. And you can’t beat that, no matter how good your swing is.

You’ll also save money because our towels are durable, and you won’t need to replace them after a couple of uses. Lower-quality towels will have you running to the store in no time. You want a towel that does the job right. Our terry velour golf towels are designed to meet your needs on the course.


Are you wondering what terry velour is? First, let’s consider terrycloth. The word terry comes from the French word tirer, which means “to pull.” Originally, terry towels were made by pulling the loops out by hand. Terrycloth is made of uncut loops and usually cotton or a blend of cotton. Our towels are 100 percent cotton, meaning they are highly absorbent.

Terrycloth is the perfect material for soaking up moisture. The loops act like tiny sponges, and they help the towel dry faster. When it comes to choosing a golf towel, you want a towel that’s absorbent. Otherwise, you’ll be running out of towels quickly.

Velour is a French word that means velvet. Velour is made using the same process as velvet, but consists of cotton instead of silk or synthetic fabrics. Like velvet, velour has a soft, luxurious feel. You’ll feel like you’re polishing a gem when you wipe down your golf club or golf ball with velour. And there’s no better way to treat your equipment than to treat it kindly.


Which fabric should you choose for a golf towel? With our terry velour towels, you don’t have to choose — you get the best of both worlds. The terry side of the towel is perfect for absorbing moisture, while the velour side can clean grooves and gently shine golf clubs without scratching. Plus, they look and feel magnificent. Guests will feel like they are receiving special treatment with our terry velour golf towels. They’ll never know the money you saved by buying in bulk!

The benefits of our terry velour golf towels include:

  • Maximum absorbency
  • Soft and gentle cleaning
  • Fast drying
  • Soft feel
  • Durability

In short, terry velour golf towels are fit for a king or queen, minus the royal price tag.

How to Care for Terry Velour Golf Towels

Our terry velour towels are 100 percent cotton, so they need special consideration during the laundering process. Although our towels are easy to care for, you just want to keep a few tips in mind to preserve their qualities, such as:

  • Never use high heat when drying terry velour towels. Too much heat can damage their fibers.
  • Shake towels out before drying them to help fluff the terry loops.
  • Tumble-dry or air-dry towels. If you air-dry towels, hang the towels flat so they can breathe, which will prevent mildew.
  • Use a mild detergent to avoid stiffening towels.
  • Don’t use fabric softener too often, because it can cause a waxy buildup.
  • Use warm or cold water to wash terry velour towels. Hot water may cause fading or loss of softness.
  • Run towels through the wash twice with half a cup of baking soda to help reduce odors.
  • Don’t iron the towels, as this could lessen absorbency.
  • As with any towels, always check the label for care instructions.
  • Wash towels after every use.
  • Keep towels separate from other clothing. Terry velour towels may produce lint which could get onto other clothing.

Washing terry velour towels is easy. You just want to make sure the process is gentle, and you don’t use too many harsh chemicals to clean the towels. Here’s all you need to do to wash terry velour towels and make them last:

  • To set colors, use half the amount of detergent you would use for a regular load, and add half a cup of white vinegar to the water. The vinegar will also help remove detergent residue, act as a stain remover and soften the fabric.
  • Wash in warm or cold water. If bleaching, use warm water and color-safe bleach for colored towels or hot water and bleach for white towels.

If you take care of your terry velour towels, they can last a decade.

Get Bulk Terry Velour Golf Towels Today

It’s worth buying quality towels because a good towel will last for years. Our wholesale golf towels offer everything you need. Our towels are not only durable, absorbent and soft, but they are affordable, too. Golfers love our towels for their fluffy, luxurious feel and their high absorbency. Our terry velour golf towels are available in classy colors from royal blue to ruby red.

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