Why Quality Hotel Towels Are Important

A recent study of business and vacation travelers revealed 94 percent of guests list towel quality as important to their overall satisfaction. Towel softness and cleanliness were the top features on which they focused, and most even considered the quality of towels a primary factor in deciding whether to return to the establishment.


Dirty, dingy or scratchy towels create a poor first impression for your guests. This is just the sort of thing that can be mentioned on travel blogs and websites to tarnish a business’s excellent reputation. Promote a positive brand image and create a luxurious experience for guests by offering soft, durable and well-maintained towels and bath mats. Buying long-lasting, high-quality towels is good for both your company’s bottom line and reputation.

Just as important to guests as the quality of towels offered, are the sizes and varieties offered. Presenting guests with a crisp, clean stack of bath towels, hand towels, bath mats and washcloths ensures they have an ample supply and feel welcome.

Benefits of Purchasing Quality Hotel Towels and Bath Mats

There are numerous benefits to purchasing hotel-quality towels and bath mats. At Towel Super Center, we have a wide variety of sizes available, from washcloths and bath towels to pool towels. Both our pure cotton and cotton blend towels are meant to resist fraying and remain soft and absorbent wash after wash.

Whichever styles or sizes you choose, guests are looking for towels that are:

  • Quick-Drying: A frequent problem with hotel towels is that they take a long time to dry, which is frustrating for your guests and creates more laundry for your staff. Guests are more likely to hang and reuse their towels if they air dry quickly. Quick-drying towels also reduce the occurrence of mildew spores, which thrive in damp environments. Towel Super Center offers quality towels that air dry quickly.
  • Great Looking: The condition of the towels you offer your guests makes an immediate impression. Present your visitors with towels that look like they’ve never been used. Our hotel towels are designed to withstand several washings while remaining beautiful and pristine.
  • Luxuriously Soft: Our hotel towels, designed for inns, hotels, motels, inns, lodges and bed and breakfasts, are made to be soft and plush, offering your guests ultimate comfort and luxury. With our towels, you can be sure all your guests are enjoying their soft, comfy towels.
  • Super Clean: One of the most significant benefits of our wholesale hotel towels is their ability to be regularly bleached and laundered to remain sanitary for each guest. In fact, both our white towels and bleach-safe colored towels can be laundered together. Your guests will truly enjoy and appreciate having towels that are both clean-feeling and clean-smelling.


Hotel towels are subject to constant wear, bleaching and laundering during their lifetime. When you purchase from Towel Super Center, you can be sure the towels you receive are made to last. Throughout their lifetime, our towels remain looking great while ensuring guest’s comfort, health and safety.

Why You Should Buy Wholesale Hotel Towels and Bath Mats

It’s evident your guests will notice the quality of your towels and bath mats, so maintaining an ample supply of clean, soft and quick-drying hotel towels is a must for any overnight lodging establishment. Buying wholesale from Towel Super Center ensures you get the best quality and the highest value.

Our towels and bath mats are:

  • Made From 100% Cotton or Cotton Blend: Cotton is a natural material and made to dry quickly and launder easily. Cotton holds up to detergent and bleach and is also great for individuals with sensitive skin.
  • Useful for a Variety of Purposes: Towels are an essential part of the hotel industry and provide a multitude of uses. Their absorbent fabric content and assorted sizes make them ideal for many purposes, including showering, washing up, absorbing extra water or spills, wiping down surfaces and even for pool use.
  • Available in Many Sizes: All our hotel quality towels are available in varied sizes and dimensions, making them easy to tailor to your guests’ needs. Our options include:
    • Washcloths: Our washcloths are soft, absorbent and lightweight. They’re available in several dimensions and are perfect for a multitude of uses, including bathing, hand and face washing.
    • Fingertip Towels: Convenient for placing next to the sink for hand drying, our fingertip towels are super absorbent, featuring velour on one side and terrycloth on the other.
    • Hand Towels: Ideal for hand and face drying, our hand towels are soft, absorbent and available in several different dimensions. You can hang them on a towel bar or fold them neatly for guest use.
    • Bath Towels: Guest will love wrapping themselves in one of our plush bath towels. Available in several assorted sizes, our bath towels are made to be soft and dry quickly.
    • Bath Mats: Give your guests the feeling of ultimate luxury when they step onto one of our 100% cotton plush bath mats. They are super absorbent and designed to dry quickly.

Buying hotel-quality towels not only ensures your guests’ comfort and satisfaction, but it also protects and promotes your establishment’s positive brand image. A recent survey by Go Fish Digital revealed more than 54 percent of consumers use online reviews to make purchasing decisions. It also found that several negative reviews could cost hotels up to 70 percent of their customers. This just goes to show how important it is to keep guests happy by providing the amenities they desire most.


It’s no secret that impressing your guests can boost your establishment’s marketing-related success. With a large amount of lodging options available, customers have a lot of places in which to spend their hotel dollars.

Satisfied guests will remember your establishment fondly and are more likely to post a positive online review. Then, positive reviews will garner the attention of potential customers who are more likely to book when they know you provide high-quality necessities.

The Benefits of Buying Wholesale

Buying wholesale not only saves you money, but it also allows you to purchase towels in bulk quantities. When you shop with Towel Super Center, you get the best price since you’re buying directly from the supplier, with no retailer in the middle.

Buying wholesale allows you to:

  • Buy in Massive Quantities: When you buy from us, you can purchase towels in larger quantities for all your business needs. We offer all our towels in bulk sets of one dozen or more. Buying in bulk ensures you’ll have enough of any type of towel when you need it.
  • Purchase in Different Price Ranges: Our towels are available in many assorted sizes, dimensions and fabric grades, each with their own price point. Buying wholesale ensures you can purchase high-quality towels while staying within your budget or price range. Tiered pricing allows you to tailor your purchase to the exact amount and type of product you need.
  • Save Money Overall: Towel loss is high in the hotel industry, and replacement costs can be excessive. Buying wholesale from Towel Super Center saves you money in the long run since our towels are made to last. Also, the more you buy, the more you save, since your discount increases with purchase quantity. Plus, you’ll save on shipping and delivery charges when you buy wholesale.
  • Personalize Your Towels: Our wide variety of towel sizes and colors makes them perfect for any business’s needs and aesthetics. Available in white and 22 other colors, you’re sure to find the right look for your establishment. Buying towels wholesale saves you money you could spend on personalizing your towels with an embroidered logo to add an elegant, professional look.

Buying your hotel towels wholesale from Towel Super Center is a smart decision for your overnight lodging facility. Not only does it ensure you have an adequate supply of towels and bath mats now, but also in the future. When replacements are needed, buying in bulk offers deep discounts that help you stay within your budget and frees up funds that can be used elsewhere.

Wholesale Hotel Towels Are Available in Different Fabric Grades

Our hotel towels are available in several different fabric grades and many different sizes and dimensions. Each grade offers your guests high quality, softness, durability and absorbency. Our diverse fabric grades provide you with excellent value and quality for all your hotel towel needs.

Fabric grades we offer include:

  • Economy: Our economy towels are soft, absorbent and quick-drying. Made from 100% cotton, our economy towels contain longer fibers and dense construction — they’re made to maintain their size and shape through constant use and laundering. These soft and fluffy towels provide excellent value with a quality feel.
  • Premium: Our premium quality towels offer your guests a higher quality of towel than economy and are even softer and fluffier due to their tightly woven 100% cotton loops. They also feature premium stitching, which prevents fraying from constant use and laundering.
  • Premium Plus: Our premium plus towels offer the ultimate in value and luxury and are sure to impress your guests. Made of plush 100% cotton, these towels will envelop your guests in softness and comfort. Our premium plus towels are also durable and made to maintain their shape and softness through many washings.
  • 86/14 Blend: Our 86/14 towels are a blend of cotton with a touch of polyester, rayon or other material. They are soft, thick and absorbent, as well as fast-drying and stain-resistant. The touch of polyester or rayon gives these towels the ability to have a more prolonged laundry life while still offering your guests a luxurious feel.


The fabric grade you choose is merely a matter of preference. Whether you’re looking for premium bath towels that will envelop your guests in softness and comfort or economy towels made to quickly wipe up spills and keep your establishment looking its best, Towel Super Center has the right products for you. We help you stay within your budget while allowing you to offer your guests high-quality towels and bath mats they’re sure to enjoy.

Shop Towel Super Center for Hotel Quality Towels

When it comes to impressing your guests, no detail goes unnoticed. At Towel Super Center, you can purchase hotel-quality towels and bath mats that will wow your guests and save you money. We’re proud to be the leading supplier of bulk hotel bath towels on the web.

Visit our online store today to browse our extensive selection of towels. With our fast shipping and delivery services, your guests will be buzzing about your fabulous towels in no time.

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